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  1. poppybob

    2019 projector releases ?

    Likewise Woofer thanks for posting and keeping us updated. I too looked at images on my 24” monitor and definitely a difference in image detail. Would kill to see the real thing especially your Z1 too, haven’t had the opportunity to see that either. [emoji106]
  2. They are simply stunning out of the box. When you have it calibrated after a few more hours it goes to another level. Enjoy [emoji6].
  3. poppybob

    2019 projector releases ?

    A lot of detail there considering 180”
  4. poppybob

    Sony VPL-VW570ES

    Enjoy your new pj.
  5. poppybob

    Sony VPL-VW570ES

    No comparison I would have thought maybe the n5 or n7 would be comparable.
  6. poppybob

    2019 projector releases ?

    So Doggie, If I have had my x9900 calibrated for HDR and turned off the HDR in my OPPO would I still get the BT2020, excuse my ignorance, just with some HDR disc it is too dark.
  7. poppybob

    JVC autocal

    Are you running your lamp on high for HDR?
  8. That’s a great price. You will be oh so happy.
  9. I’m on wife no. 3, took me a while to work it out. [emoji2][emoji182]
  10. Very happy with mine too. Keep me going until new NX9 comes down a tad in price.
  11. poppybob

    2019 projector releases ?

    From what I understand they will be, but the dollar ( USD ) will make the pricing different here. NX9 in the US is $17990 but apparently $27000 in Australia so I wouldn’t think it will change terribly much to the current pricing, which is still very good value for what your getting. Still a guessing game but.
  12. I used a ISF qualified calibrator. Used a brand new program from ISF specifically for HDR. First calibration in Perth with this program. Andrew Poole is the techs name, got from Tasso, thanks Tasso. Very pleased with the outcome in particular the HDR. I understand all the short falls with not enough nits however is pleasing. I thought about getting Spyder5 etc but I know my limitations and it would do my head in. Adjust one area then puts another area out, **** I’m melting down just typing about it. [emoji24]
  13. Some picks after calibration. Loving the shadow detail.
  14. Hi there, I’ve owned the x9900 for only a short period (140hrs) it is fantastic. I owned the x500 for about 3 years and two globes with a Panamorph lens very happy with that also. I have read on this forum that the x900 is better sharper across the screen and others aren’t convinced with eshift4 as apposed to 5 however I personally haven’t had the opportunity to compare both side by side. Having said that the chap who was bagging the x9900 seems to be fairly knowledgeable and did have the two units side by side. Didn’t make much difference to me as you can’t get the older unit now anyways and I’m sure he would have paid a lot more for the older unit than what I picked this one up for so hmmm let me think about that. Who cares. I don’t really look for too much at what is not right in the corners I’m more concerned at how it’s making me feel when I put in a HDR disc and that is WOW I’m happy. Sure I would love [emoji178] true 4K however I like my contrast a lot more. The only new JVC I would consider is the NX9 but the price ain’t right yet. I could have got one for $20800 but even that is crazy. And the contrast still isn’t as good as what I’m experiencing right now. I know anamorphic lenses are a thing of the past however I am getting a little more brightness which makes the HDR pop even so slightly more. Again there are some guys who don’t go crazy over HDR, with very good reason, a member by the name of Owen hits all the nails on the head, however he runs more with HTPC which is too confusing for me. I may eventually get something like the NX9 in the future but at the minute loving my pj so will stick with it. Unfortunately not a young bloke anymore but would love to still be around when they have Projectors that can push 4000 nits. Here’s hoping 🤞
  15. poppybob

    2019 projector releases ?

    You won’t regret that the x7900 is a fantastic machine. I just had my x9900 calibration done after 140hrs and it’s bloody magnificent. I have a mate who has the x7900 and I can’t tell the difference. Sooo happy [emoji2].