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  1. Yeah I saw it sitting on the shelf at JB and was curious how it would look on uhd. Was a classic in the day. Probably wouldn’t let the grand kids watch it. you probably have watched it guys but watched the uhd of Moahana ( spelt wrong) with the g/kids man that was a great transfer.
  2. Would love to see one. A bit scared though. Great 👍🏾 review.
  3. Another fantastic transfer is below pictured Al, not a fan of these normally but with JB having 30% off all discs run out of movies that I don’t already have and was very impressed with both video transfer on the N7 and the soundtrack was fantastic.
  4. Sure is a good transfer, watched it Sunday night with my grandson, TWICE.
  5. Thanks Jim, I am also assuming it should be a simple mod, if any at all. After reading and youtubing some of the reviews it is almost a shame you cant watch a full movie running the projector with the batteries with what it does to the sine waves compared to what we get from the wall.
  6. Jim, Does it have the US or Aussie sockets? Have all US plugs in my system to go into an old PS Audio Power director I am still using. Regards Bob.
  7. Man this projector has some great colours and detail.
  8. Thanks John, Noted that you live in Perth, would like to catch up sometime in the New Year if available to see how you have hooked it up. Will PM my details if ok.. Cheers. Bob.
  9. Since the calibration getting happier with darker scenes now. So impressed with detail.
  10. They are a very fine projector. I sold mine to get the N7 , I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss it compared to the N7 but I do miss those blacks.
  11. Might leave this one. It’s that old I can’t find anywhere online to get new batteries. TR, can u send some details of what your using currently. Thanks.
  12. Been digging around in my shed. Used to use this ups for my system years ago. Might dust it off and give it a go for peace of mind.
  13. Had my N7 calibrated last night by Mick from Avical. Looks great. He hadn’t had much to do with frame adapt but was impressed with it. Over the moon with the detail what these pj put out, must admit still missing the contrast I was getting from eshift models but that unfortunately is one of trade offs. ☹️
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