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  1. Yeah, lets hope that Ang Lee makes some more movies with 60 fps, my Mrs gave me a WTF look when I commented it almost looks too sharp.
  2. You have to compare apples with apples. Not comparing a projector with a scaling device and most likely a HTPC unit, both of which you won’t get much change from $15,000. Would kill to have both the units and the knowledge on how to use them with my old eshift JVC to get those blacks back but happy with my Plug and Play N7 and Panasonic 9000.
  3. History tells me it shouldn’t be until later in the year around Septemberish?? However I can’t remember when the last time was that they kept the same model on for another year.
  4. Brightness wouldn’t be an issue with the N7 it’s rated higher than the SONY from memory. I did see the Sony before purchasing the N7 it did struggle at the dealer home cinema room, however in fairness it was a huge screen, 150 inch if I remember, mine is only 120 and I do use an anamorphic lens which squeezes a bit more brightness from the pj. Although I live in Perth Rich from oztheatre has been very helpful sending me info and even samples of his material that he uses, a man with a lot of knowledge in regards to screens. Good luck with your purchase.
  5. Have to admit still missing blacks level from the previous 2 e-shift I’ve owned, but one thing I have learnt in the audio/video game over the last 30 years or so is the words, TRADE OFFS. The frame by frame adapt is a game changer.
  6. Have to agree with Al, it is a big investment so I would suggest more than 3 days research. I think most reviews I have read the Sony has been a go to also, but I think that would be the same if a reviewer was reviewing the SONY. As I see it SDR is very similar but the HDR image, with frame by frame adapt has been rated as the best by any projector to date. Having said that I’m sure SONY won’t sit on their bums too much longer and are as we speak moving along with their own tone mapping tech. Hopefully, we as the consumer, can also benefit from this with hopefully another firmware update??
  7. Hhmmm. From what I’ve seen the N7 has a superior picture compared to the Sony. I am really feeling the frustration from Jim, have had similar issues in the past with assorted kit. I don’t see any evidence anywhere that Sony would be doing it better than JVC.
  8. Watched it last night. Wow. Almost too sharp.
  9. Yeah I saw it sitting on the shelf at JB and was curious how it would look on uhd. Was a classic in the day. Probably wouldn’t let the grand kids watch it. you probably have watched it guys but watched the uhd of Moahana ( spelt wrong) with the g/kids man that was a great transfer.
  10. Would love to see one. A bit scared though. Great 👍🏾 review.
  11. Another fantastic transfer is below pictured Al, not a fan of these normally but with JB having 30% off all discs run out of movies that I don’t already have and was very impressed with both video transfer on the N7 and the soundtrack was fantastic.
  12. Sure is a good transfer, watched it Sunday night with my grandson, TWICE.
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