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  1. Hi all, I am looking at updating my screen, my rep at the local AV store has suggested the black Diamond, my room is all but a section at rear of room ceiling is black ( carpet, curtain and completely sealed from ambient light). Reading the blogs it raves how good it is in rooms completely opposite to my room regarding ambient light. My question to the rep originally was if he knew much about HTPC and MADVR tone mapping frame by frame to try and achieve better contrast for HDR given my projector (JVC x9900) struggles in the nits area that is when he suggested the black diamond as he knows my limitations with computers. The screen is damn expensive. Would I be wasting my money or be better served with a different scenario? Look forward to some suggestions from you all. Thank you in advance.
  2. I’m having the same thoughts with my x9900, luckily bought the JVC at run out so shouldn’t lose too much.
  3. I would try to squeeze the cash from somewhere.
  4. Finally got a replacement Panasonic. Thanks to Steve and team at Westcoast HiFi Rockingham.
  5. Tend to agree with Owen on this one. I have stopped watching HDR it has its benefits however is outweighed by its downfalls. When we have projectors that can give the required oomph that you get from smaller displays then I will revisit. Enjoying the SDR, as long as I can get immersed in a large screen with reasonable detail and good sound I’m happy.
  6. I have a Sony HAP-Z1ES with 1 TB storage works really well, not sure if they make anymore paid about $1400 second hand.
  7. Unfortunately it’s the pana. Swapped my OPPO 103 which was hooked to a Samsung in living room. No issues in my Theater on the 9900 but same issues in my living room. Appears I’ll have to go back to Westcoast and get another. It’s a shame as the 103 Oppo is a little less detailed. [emoji17]
  8. It loses sound and pixilates, just throws all these colorful squares and distorts the picture. I can skip a few chapters and it rights itself. Don’t know how else to explain.
  9. Hi all, Just bought the pana UB9000 great picture and sound but I am having all sorts of issues with it doing this pixilation thing. Thought it was 4K disc I just got ( Bohemian Rhapsody) took the disc back a got another sealed one but exactly the issue in the same chapters?? Anyone else having issues?
  10. In Perth Westcoast HiFi don’t stock JVC but still can get them and have to say Steve from Rockingham Westcoast is fantastic and always looks after his clients. [emoji106]
  11. Must admit Javs I was nervous reading your post before getting delivery of my runout 9900 but all good. [emoji26]
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