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  1. Update - One very kind member on this forum sorted me out with some Triangle Zays. Not going to lie, I was a little worried when the white van arrived and his 6 foot 5 mate emerged. But we got them hooked up I immediately knew he had brought me something special. Suddenly, we can now hear the monkey's footsteps on David Attenborough's Planet Earth revealing its position. Strangely, the accoustics of every recording is now blaringly obvious.The wave of sound these old speakers deliver is amazing in its clarity, soundstage and presence. Sadly, the missus won't let me crank up some Metallica and stress test these beauties, guess I have to wait till she falls asleep. Thank so much Max123!! They will be be much loved for years to come. Legend status reached.
  2. In Vic sadly Can see if they will post i guess, shouldnt be too much.
  3. There is a KEF coda 9 in Vic? Ex demo for 500?
  4. let me clarify, 30cm from the wall after their 20cm or so depth.
  5. Just noticed the rear port, will that be a problem as the max they could be from the wall is 30cm?
  6. Ooo nice good find! Looks like a drive might be in order
  7. Saw these on the fourm for 700$. Would they be suitable? If so would offering 500 be insulting? See below post for siuation, thanks!
  8. Hey guys just found this site, what a wealth of knowledge i've stumbled across! Hoping for some advice for a floorstander on a $500 budget? Tight bass from 40hz upwards is important. Second hand or diy kit (quite handy) ideas prefered. Would like to listen to music (all genres) with no sub at medium volume in a medium sized room. Currently have Orphues Aurora 1 bookshelves which are amazing but bottom out at about 80hz, will move them to the rear. Sony str-dg700 amp, only 100 watts so floorstander needs reasonable sensitivity. Elac debut 2.0 c5.2 centre speaker (great but find their towers in my price range low on bass) Old Marantz sub (little boomy buy goes low will use for 20-60hz on movies only) Anyone got anything suitable they want to move in Sydney? Or can highly reccomend a diy kit or something they saw for sale? I know i should go listen but i cant really compare in my situation and no point buying new considering 500 budget. Also please dont say save more for etc. etc. my ball and chains happyness and therefor my sanity requires $500 only. Cheers for your help and understanding, Nick
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