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  1. When playing around with EQ I get a significant degrade is sound quality. Not sure whats up. Just trying to tame highs and stuff -3/6 db. Ah well
  2. And just like that, Roon took my money. I forgot to cancel, but I guess I'll cop the near 200 it cost for the year. Thinking about it now, I'm glad I get to keep using it. The number one thing I like about it is that it helps me find new music I would have never listened to if I was just using Tidal alone. That said, there's some niggles like... - Despite getting Roon Radio to work, I can only see one track ahead (not a deal breaker) - Trying to search for songs not in my library or saved in Tidal is a little weak (Sometimes all you know is a few bits of the song and Google will find it but not roon) - I wish there were easier presets for the EQ to change up the sound (Give me some basic DSP - the advanced is well, too advanced for the effort to reward ratio at the moment) - I thought I could do whole house sound but I can't include my Google devices for technical reasons - When doing whole house sound I get a bit of delay and so it doesn't sound as amazing as I thought it would for parties. I just end up running on set of speakers louder. All in all I'm still super 50/50 and think that as time goes on streaming services will improve their UX and there will be no need for Roon except for fancy streaming in the house set ups. But what if you had Sonos already?
  3. I'll post a mini review of Roon so far as I'm just on the trial - I'm involved with IT on the daily so here's my take Pros Very fast to set up. I work in IT and when it just worked, it worked! Roon Radio and the discover feature are nice touches. I'm finding a lot of new music and actually found myself listening to hours rather than just a playlist or a few songs Connects to my Google speakers around the house which is neat When Roon Radio works, it works really well Information overload, you can just find info and its very cool Love how I can control everything with my tablet or phone I love how I can put tunes on across the house, its amazing (living room, office, outdoors ect) It keeps a history of what music I played. Just incase I liked a song but need to find it again for later DSP stuff, I haven't got to use it yet but I like that its there HQ player integration (Up sampling) A little bit of WAF there. The missus likes getting muso information out of it Metadata and information is good - mind you, I haven't gone hard on looking over my library in roon. I just use it to find new songs and enjoy the music. I'm more into organising my actual music files. Dark theme? Yes. 50/50s Everyone praises the interface and how it looks. Its alright but nothing special (In terms of raw UX - other apps it walks all over) A like interacting with my files, so not being able to get hands on with them is a bit odd but its alright Not sure if what I like or save is going to translate over to my Tidal subscription or not It isn't a revalation. Like, I've gotten into World/Japanese music lately, and its not going to connect me to that is it I never use the radio features, but it cools to have in there. I do wonder if there is any advantage to using this (As I do know there are stand alone apps for 30 dollars that allow you to EQ streams coming into the PC to improve on the Radio sound for your system) The up sampling, I've used HQ player on its own and this is a huge boon to have roon - that said, even with my DAC with a nice ESS Sabre implemenation and DSD and blah blah blah I can tell no difference between my 5 year old mobo dac, my yamaha avr and the DAC when upsampling. Maybe if I had a Chord Mojo or something. Kareoke is nice but it could be better Cons I can't seem to find a simple EQ. You know what I'm saying folks. Give me some presets? Why you ask? Because if you dont have a proper mic, REW, audessy, ypao, minidsp+ or a deqx you're going to be relying on speaker positioning (inc subs) - room treatment - and whatever eq you can get your hands on. I've found a product Audiophiles hate but it actually tames things right down whilst preserving a lot. Sounds very good to my ears. But hey, some people might love that Klipsch sound signature - I prefer the fact I have big bad speakers that can do well with programming The price. 500 dollars? Maybe when it kicked off. 100 a year? Nothing really comes close but I don't want to pay 100 per year. When I can just use all the seperate tools just fine. But this is more convenient overall I think. I get the feeling that another player might come into the game, such as Microsoft improving its Groove music or even the stream services getting better by adding more features. What I would like to see Simpler EQ More hands on with Tidal (I'm not sure if what I do in roon saves across) Roon Radio working without fault Maybe a visualiser Maybe better "party tricks" for TV. I like to have my TV on as a dashboard/monitor and I usually have custom rainmeter add ons running with my wallpapers to give it a real effect in the room. I get a lot of compliments. I'd like to see Roon be more visually orientated like that. Improvement to the Kareoke Overall This is a product where if I forget to cancel my trial and I get billed I will be OK with that. For a lot of people though, Roon is a god send and is the best that there is out there for this kind of thing. I feel I'm more connected to my music which is a good thing and finding more new music which is even better.
  4. I asked about how I could continue to improve on the design and got shot down. So I think they're quite happy to take it all to the grave. I've never heard Martin Logans, but I would be willing to bet that the trade off for Aussie character for a panel that doesn't care if its wet, touched and can house multiple woofer designs by intention (And not just one of specials) is where people will be going to next. I do remember reading about the ribbon design in a cheap book which is online - can't find it now though. But all the information is out there somewhere.
  5. I'm very keen to see the reviews for these bookshelf speakers myself. I could never afford the 5000's but surely these would get you in the ball park. I'm curious to see how they perform based on being able to play with the height and due to their size if there is an imaging improvement. I imagine playing around with some subwoofers you're going to get all that gravitas perhaps even the larger speaker may be missing. This all said, I was curious as to how the new space age material will fair in a bookshelf speaker in comparison to something from Legend Accoustics like their Kuree. http://www.legendspeakers.com.au/products-kurre/ But just as I've typed this I realise that they're inverted - but I was thinking about the battle between a waveguide and a spider vs Yamaha's tech!
  6. Hey mate, Maybe reach out to the folks over in Perth that make ESL speakers. Something I've been looking at with a bit of interest. http://www.eraudio.com.au/index.html They do kits and what not and I'm sure they've got the noodle upstairs to fix anything. Fingers crossed
  7. I have a pair of 1800s. Let me say they are a great speaker. I'll give you 10 points to consider. 5 Goods 1) Ambiance. This speaker creates it. No other speaker I've heard can do what this speaker can do. 2) Bass, 7" woofer should not make the amount of bass this does. Is it slam? No that's against the character of the speaker. Can it plumb? Can you hear notes? Yes. 3) Gentle on the ears. The natural roll of means that these speakers do not fatigue listeners as much as you'd expect say, horns to. 4) Loudness? This speaker can get loud. Loud enough for a row of town houses, loud enough for the you and your neighbours 5) When you get the combo going, it really gets going. I'm talking right room placement, right tracks, it's many steps up the audiophile ladder. 5 not so goods 1) Using the default box speaker placement works, but you won't get most from them 2) Best I've ever heard them? 1.8 off side walls, 1.8 apart, at least 3 meters into the room and with loads of space behind me. I'm talking large open plan. That's when they were super audiophile in presentation. Don't get me wrong, you can get away with having these speakers pretty much anywhere - just know you can keep pushing the performance due to the design with good placement 3) Repairs and support. Never got on well with the manufacturer or the dealer. I had problems with my "new ones" turns out they were from the first series of 1800's he ever made and the dealer had them in his living room. 4) No slam, just doens't do it. Look the bass is good. But it's doesn't compete the something like the RF7 iii (In fact, these haven't got the slam they reputation gives them online either) 5) Not the best WAF for a few reasons, mostly placement demands, height ect. But that height gives you 2 horizontal planes - one for standing, one for listening, and the amalgamation at right distances giving you the "huge sound stage" that no speaker I've heard can reproduce. Reason why I'm keeping them? Missus has certain Elton John albums, folk albums and stuff that she can fade away into the ambiance with. Only speaker she's ever said "I'm not sure what it is about the song? Is it the recording? Is it Tidal? is it the speakers? I just want to listen to this on the Ambiance" And then I have to set the buggers up. Like other members, i'd love to get parts and do a semi resto or upgrade before they're gone. It a lofty dream of mine to one day have the Grand References, that's how much I like these speakers.
  8. I'd have to say on my list are... Klipschorns Ambiance Grand Reference Yamaha NS 5000s I currently have the rf7iii and the super slim 1800s so dream upgrade paths for me. Honorable mention: A UK speaker. Not sure which yet.
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