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  1. Are they in .alac format or something else when you import them onto iTunes?
  2. mexicoke68

    How to use CD player as a DAC

    Umm I don't see a digital input via USB or COAX on the back panel, but there's an ethernet port? Not sure why that's there, but my guess is you can't use it as a DAC.
  3. Mhmm this setup could be good for someone with a portable charger then
  4. What does the camsol cable connect up to?
  5. I can hear the static noise with my IEMs too, I thought resolution was very good for the price and a bit beyond. I don't, however, think that USB u audio dongles are better overall.
  6. mexicoke68

    FS: Audiolab Q-DAC

    Bump. What's the record for the most bumps on a post bc at this rate I'm going to beat it...
  7. I'm telling you folks, I think this dreaded issue can be fixed with a software workaround to trick the iphone into thinking it's a low power device. That's essentially what happens when you use the USB-hub trick I mentioned earlier. On another note, how do you rate the sound compared to the Dragonfly RED?
  8. mexicoke68

    FS: Audiolab Q-DAC

    B to the top
  9. mexicoke68

    FS: Audiolab Q-DAC

  10. mexicoke68

    FS: Audiolab Q-DAC

    Bumperoo , make me some offers
  11. mexicoke68

    SOLD: FS: Border Patrol DAC

    @Donald Trump
  12. mexicoke68

    FS: Audiolab Q-DAC

    Big B
  13. Just got mine today actually! Yet to test it out. Hopefully it works Edit: Just did a bit of testing. It works with iPhone if you connect it like this: iPhone -> Lighning camera cable -> USB 2.0 Hub -> Bitstream DAC via USB to microUSB connection. Power requirement isn't a problem this way. Was just using it with my iPhone on 5% battery and worked a treat. Sounds more airy and open than connecting earphones through the lightning audio connector (which was pretty damn good for it's size anyway). Overall, probably the best value audio buy thus far for me.