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  1. mexicoke68

    FS: AudioTechnica ATH-SR9 Headphones

    Ah yep, forgot about that one. Still, having heard both, this is near the same performance for a fraction of the price.
  2. Item: AudioTechnica ATH-SR9 Headphones Location: Melbourne Price: 450 (negotiable) Item Condition: Like New Reason for selling: Moving to speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Flagship closed back headphone by AudioTechnica. Has <2 hours use, like new condition. Comes with original box and all accessories. Selling at half of RRP so grab a bargain. Pictures:
  3. Looking to expand my collection of old school j-pop albums. Any suggestions? I currently have Fuyukukan by Tomoko Aran, Love Trip by Takako Mamiya, Mangekyou by Yoshico Sai and a bunch of others. So would like stuff with a similar style. Bonus points for rarities and hidden gems.
  4. mexicoke68

    WADIA 171i Transport for iPhone/ipod

    Potentially interested but may I ask what the advantage is using this over connecting via the lightning USB camera connector instead ?
  5. mexicoke68

    Connecting iPhone to DAC

    Thanks, ended up buying a camera adapter. Don't think it's genuine though...hopefully it works
  6. Just wanted to check if this idea will work to send digital output from iPhone to my Audiolab Q DAC. 1. Connect lightning USB cable to iPhone (standard USB cable) 2. Connect USB cable to female to female USB connector 3. Connect the other end of the female USB connector to another USB cable that feeds to the DAC So basically a chain of USB cables. A quick google search suggests to buy an Apple lightning to Camera USB adapter like this: http://a.co/d/eLKHJA9 Wondering if this is really necessary?
  7. mexicoke68

    Any film shooters on here?

    I've considered it many times before and while I like the added versatility and larger neg size of the M7, the Mamiya 6 is more well built, better lens glass, faster averaging meter (vs M7 spot meter) and is way more compact when folded ... even more compact than my previous Fuji GA645 which many people consider a MF point & shoot. It also looks better in black compared to the grey mamiya 7 and is more rare - I have a soft spot for rarities. I'd consider a Mamiya 7II in black but they're like 3 times the price... Pentax 67II ? *thunderclap* Not a fan of SLR medium formats but it's got some very nice lenses indeed. Great photos I've seen out of them .. must be the lens character. Beyond optimistic... straight ripoffs for someone who can take 5 mins of their day to browse ebay or gumtree. But, knowing the guys who run it, the prices make sense given who they market their cameras to (brunswick hipster folk with daddy's trust fund money)
  8. Film photography seems to be in trend again, wondering if there are any other film shooters on here? What gear do you use and what film do you like? I'll start. Been shooting film for a couple of years now, never shot digital before other than on iPhone. Been through over a dozen film cameras over that time ... finally settling on a Mamiya 6. Favourite film would have to be Provia 400X but sad to see that they discontinued it this year.
  9. mexicoke68

    Post some pics thread...

    Tried long exposures early in the morning with high speed film to see what's the worst that could happen. Ended up mildly pleased with the result. Mamiya 6 | Kodak Portra 800 | 9 sec at f/16
  10. mexicoke68

    Post some pics thread...

    A couple of long exposures in Sydney taken on film. Kodak Portra 400, Mamiya 6 with 75mm prime, for those who are interested Any other film shooters on here?
  11. I'll take Play, if you can post to Melb?