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  1. Pretty happy with how she sits for the moment. Accuphase E-203, Denon DCD-1650AR, EM-Audio DAC (Japanese boutique), Denon DP-47F, Epos ES14, Canare digital interconnects, Bill's pure silver analog connects, musical fidelity speaker cables, Cardas power. Maybe speaker cables are to be the next upgrade.
  2. Item: Boss Nova vinyl Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Recently listened to some bossa nova for the first time and really liked it. Would like some vinyl to try on the system to get more into it. Any essential LPs that you folks might be willing to pass on?
  3. I have one of these now (came with my turntable). What's the next step up from this if you were to upgrade?
  4. Item: Zeiss ZF (35mm or 50mm) Price Range: 500 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: After a F mount Zeiss lens (non-milvus)
  5. Oh yes, I can post them. The shipping options simply say 'pickup is available' but postage can easily be done too. I'll PM you now
  6. Further information: Clearing out some space so some of my excess CDs have to go. Lot 1: B-52s first and early pressings. The red one is missing its original jewel case and rear insert. All discs in excellent condition and play great though. $5 each Lot 2: Foreigner, Men at Work, Phil Collins, Pretenders, etc... Mainly 80s stuff. All these are early pressings, mainly Japanese or European presses. $5 each Lot 3: Free CDs, hits from 2000s. If you buy something else I'll chuck these in. Or offer a novel amount donated to StereoNET or a charity of your choice and they're yours. Lot 4: Vinyl. Take all 3 vinyl for $15. Only selling these as a bundle. Photos:
  7. I shall hold off on buying for now then 🙃
  8. Item: Power cable Price Range: 100-200 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Does anyone have a decent shielded power cable (RKcable, audioprincipe, etc)? Just checking before I buy new.
  9. Taken guys, that was quick. Will have more similar CDs listed soon for really cheap (maybe $1 each)
  10. Further information: Popular CDs from the 2000s. They're taking up space so need to go. Pickup or can post for cheap. Photos:
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