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  1. Item: Pair of Paradigm ADP-390 v5 (White) - 5-driver, 3-way surround/rear adaptive dipole speakers. Location: Melbourne Price: $500 Item Condition: Very faint/dusty mark on one of the white speaker grilles, otherwise great. Reason for selling: Bought them from the original owner before I bought the new house, and don't fit in the room due to speaker shape & mounting requirements (it's a weird shaped room). Would rather them fit as opposed to selling, but WAF is low 😞 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Can post at buyers expense. Extra Info: Includes original wall mounting brackets. Increasingly rare to find white ones for sale. LINK: https://www.paradigm.com/products-hidden/model=adp390-v5/page=specs Pictures: Currently travelling internationally, however pics can be made available as of Saturday 21st July.
  2. Cheers @:) al I appreciate the advice and effort giving it! All great stuff πŸ™‚ Definitely looking at getting the best projector I can afford, and after that the screen (once I figure out the size of screen is comfortable). BTW there's already a bar there πŸ˜‰
  3. 4.5m wide by 3.5 tall. At this stage I reckon I'm going to buy the screen last after test driving whatever projector I end up buying to see what feels right for me and the other half.
  4. @rocky500 Just so you get an idea of the wall size, here's some monitor 11's that have been resized to scale. Big wall is big πŸ™‚
  5. @rocky500 I figure that's what's going to factor into the decision on screen size.I wIll likely have the floorstanders out the sides (I have Paradigm v6 Monitor 11's & a CC-390 center up front). Nice mock up BTW πŸ™‚ @Tasso Room will be multi-purpose. Likely have pictures on the wall, and don't really want a screen to be the focal point of the room (probably why we're going to get the screen headbox a custom colour to blend with the wall). Screen will have enough clearance to cover the pics when extended.
  6. I forgot that she's the Minister for Love, War, and Finance. I have a set of white Paradigm ADP-390 v5's that are sitting in a box meaning I get "We're not buying any more speakers..." 😞 Good luck!
  7. Tempting... will consult the Minister for Love & War...
  8. Arrjo


    Greetings! Arrjo here, based out of the Macedon Ranges (about an hour north of Melbourne) πŸ™‚ Just bought my first home and have decided to get a bit more involved with my home entertainment setup and this seemed like a good place to start! My current kit: AV Receiver: Yamaha RX-V1071 (LINK) Speakers (In use): Paradigm Monitor 11 v6 (LINK) Paradigm CC-390 Center (LINK) Paradigm DSP-3400 v1 Sub (LINK) Speakers (Awaiting Love, Attention, and Installation): Paradigm Atom v7 Bookshelf (LINK) Paradigm ADP-390 v5 (LINK) Paradigm Micro v2 (LINK) Screen: Samsung PS50A650 50" Plasma (LINK) Aspirations: AV Receiver: TBC - Something that will drive my new HT setup Screen: Some awesome projector to fit on my very large wall (Up to 180") Speakers: Using the above speakers as well as some new floorstanders. Atmos/DTS-X somewhere down the line as well because.. why not! Look forward to sussing it all out with everyone here! πŸ™‚ Arrjo!
  9. I’m about to pull the trigger on some CustomArt FIBAE-1’s. Great reviews online and by my boss who owns a pair (although his are the FIBAE-3’s)
  10. @:) al Just shy of 5m, so I'm thinking somewhere around 140" to 150" given this calculator (LINK). @Kaynin Definitely - I've already got some indicative pricing on Screen Technics screens. Somewhere in the vicinity of $2k for a motorised screen (w/ custom colour headbox) is what I'm thinking. Then there's the new projector, cabling, additional audio kit... I like projects πŸ˜„
  11. Cheers @Kaynin - Yeah I've been looking at those pics and agree... the temptation (for beginners like me) is to attempt to create your own [email protected] πŸ˜›From the reading I've done since posting, I think the screen will be the last thing I buy after testing & seeing what's comfortable (don't want to end up with an eye that looks like your avatar πŸ˜‰)
  12. Ahoy! In my previous (rental) home, I accumulated a fairly decent Paradigm audio setup in the hope of setting up my "dream kit" one day. Then I moved into the new place and saw... "The Wall". Due to the slope of the property, the rear extension was built on an elevated level. This meant the use of a skillion roof (yep, I had to look that up) and a large blank 4.5m x 3.5m wall at the end of a 6.2m long room... It's projector time πŸ˜„ Given these dimensions, apparently I have room for a 180" screen... however given the sitting distance of 4.9m this is going to give me a viewing angle of ~44 degrees which is apparently about 10 degrees more than what's recommended (from what I've read). My questions (keeping in mind this is all new territory for me): Can anyone advise from experience on whether I want to avoid this viewing angle and go with something like the THX recommendation of 140"-150" What brightness of projector should I be looking at for a 6m throw distance (the room gets pitch black at night apart from the fire) vs. I only get to do this once, so I want to get it right. My feeling is I'll be pulling the trigger about the time of the Australian Hifi Show (October) to see if there are any decent deals going for kit. Happy to take any and all guidance! Cheers! Arrjo πŸ‘ PS. Ignore the butchering of the wall. That was the previous owners who (among other things) attached a TV mount to the wall with tek screws 😐Clean up happening soon... PPS. Ignore the colour. It's going to be repainted a deep, dark (but dusty) blue (you can see the swatches if you look closely) PPPS. Ignore the retro UFO light fitting. That's going away as well.