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  1. This post may help, has some documentation on specs
  2. No takers so far! Maybe this is a sign that I should keep them...
  3. Jeez guys you're really making me question my decision to sell these the aurora 3s. @Cshez if you don't find anything locally pm me maybe we can work out some shipping options. I've actually not had any nibbles for the speakers amazingly enough... Maybe just the time of year?
  4. Item: Orpheus Aurora 3 Location: Melbourne, Inner North Price: $550 (will donate upon sale) Item Condition: 7.5/10 Some marks and scratches on cabinets from previous owner moving house. Some light fading of the veneer. Drivers and a little dusty but no damage or dents. Grilles also could do with a wipe down but no holes or piling in cloth. Comes with spikes Reason for selling: Never thought I'd sell these but change is good, and I get to try different things. Moving to standmounts for now. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I will sorely miss these, as they sound so beautifully composed and balanced. Even as I'm typing I'm unsure of whether I want to sell, but I want to rotate some Sonus Fabers into my main system for a time and I can't afford to have these just sitting in storage unused! Photos a little poor as I took them early this morning when it wasn't completely bright yet. Pictures:
  5. Looks like it's gone fellas!
  6. Got this in my email inbox but won't use anytime soon, if anyone can make use of it I'm happy to forward it on
  7. Thanks gents for the sage advice. Yes wholeheartedly agree that in the end, our big boy toys are after all just that. I should have consulted wife prior to purchase but this was one of those impulse buys that was heart first, brain second. Was hoping they would blend in with the room but who I am I kidding these are almost 2m tall. I am also a pragmatist at the end of the day and won't have the funds to take a big step up in amplification and/or room treatment to really make the ribbons shine. I hope I can a few more weeks out of enjoyment from these stunners, and then you may see them up in the classifieds shortly.
  8. Nearly got thrown out along with the speakers 😅 Oh boy...she was not too pleased when she got back over the weekend. Have had one argument already over them. I went through the 5 stages that night... Denial - no, they're not too big for our room (despite them being taller than me) Anger - why don't you understand that the soundstage is 50cm wider on either side!!! bargaining - cmon surely the wood frame makes them blend in with the rest of the room depression - oh god I'm going to have to sell these aren't I, the best set of speakers I've ever owned acceptance - haven't quite gotten here yet I had a play with positioning over the last few days and they definitely benefit from being at least a metre out from the wall, even 1.5m. Suffice to say they are very sensitive to placement...on some recordings the vocals sound very recessed and pulling the speakers out even further has helped. When people say give it a good dose of watts my question is how much do I need?? My marantz only does 100W into 8ohms so is that enough to get them going? Anyway gents it seems like a moot point if I have to let these go, if they will help keep the peace. I was probably a little too hopeful that they would work in the living room which is a shared space. In a room that small they really do dominate and make one heck of a statement. Also didn't have any luck with the terminal....took the bottom plate off but it's a completely enclosed cabinet for the woofer!!! I'll have to remove the driver and go in through the front which I don't want to risk for fixing up just the terminal. That's life folks. Not sure where to go from here. Try to find somewhere to stash them until I have the space? Sell?
  9. Honestly don't think I have the time or inclination to do this! But if someone has made the plaited version I'd be keen to get some feedback on how they sound.
  10. No photos for now, but I have made DIY speaker cable out of solid core CAT6 cable at the recommendation of someone who said that a certain high-end local speaker designer uses them as internal speaker wiring. Works well enough for me, although I've not gone down the path of high end speaker cables and probably won't be able to hear the fine differences between different cables. I'll tell you what though, there is a DEFINITE audible difference between my DIY cable and no cable at all 😝
  11. An absolute pleasure crog. Glad to hear it went to a good home and brought you much enjoyment. Sometimes we spend so much money and time to chase that extra 10-20% but a decent amp and set of speakers will get you most of the way there. Enjoy the music!
  12. They're here! Oh lord they're tall, wife gets home this afternoon let's see what she has to say. Moving them was tough, had to rent a van as my sedan definitely didn't fit them. As it turns out seller was 5 mins down the road how convenient! Would you believe it someone dropped these off at SAVERS, then he picked them up but didn't have the space for them. Cabinets have seen better days but most importantly everything seems intact except for one broken terminal, I've had to blu tak on one banana plug for the time being. Also the serial number is missing! Gave Tony a call and he said they can track down which model it is based on serial number, so darn! They seem to be regular 1800s I'm guessing based on height and also looks like a single bass driver. Will send some pics to Tony maybe he can tell me exactly. For now being driven by my modest Cambridge receiver. These are definitely not sensitive which leads me to believe they are the older 1800s based on what other members have said. Even so they're the best speakers I've ever owned. Just got them home and running them through their paces. Bass is grunty and punchy even without a sub, the highs have such clarity.... Cymbals and hi hats just shimmer and linger. Soundstage is amazing, it seems to be all around me and extends beyond the edges of the speakers. May have to do something to tame the bass in the future as it is a small room only 4x4m. I suspect their regular home will be pushed up against the wall, and I'll pull them out for critical listening. Very very happy.
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