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  1. Have 2 at home myself, brilliant devices for not much money.
  2. While on this topic, I've heard it's generally a no no to run signal cable and power cables in parallel due to EMI. Is it then OK to run multiple power cables bunched together? Bear with me guys, I'm no Electrical engineer
  3. Item: As below Location: Melbourne, Inner North Price: As listed Item Condition: As listed Reason for selling: Too many speakers Payment Method: Pickup only please. Donation to SNA on sale. Extra Info: Axis LS-39 & Matching centre HTLS - 1C $420 for the set firm These are the set in black on the left. Please note screw holes on the back of both speakers, very good condition otherwise. Centre is quite large! Comes with original spikes. Orpheus Nexus 2 $300 This is the set in the centre with the funky slanted grilles. Has had one tweeter replaced with matching Audax tweeter. As the terminal layout was different to the original I have had to route out some of the mdf to get it to fit. Was the exact same model of tweeter so I'm not sure why they've changed up the physical configuration. As I understand it the Nexus are very similar to the Auroras, with the later utilising real wood veneer and new cabinet designs. Drivers appear to be similar to my Aurora 3s and seem to retain the sonic signature of the Auroras I enjoyed so much. Please note that one of the woofers has a dent in it near the dust cap as per pics, not sure if this affects the sound. Cabinets and foam lining are in excellent condition, especially considering the age. Trevor Lees floorstanders $275 Picked these up on a whim from SNA a few weeks ago and they are really fun. Sharp imaging and great sound. Cabinets are filled so very heavy. Have given the cabinets a nice touch up wax and they look pretty good again. These are the pair on the right. Comes with original spikes, but one set of terminal jumper plates are missing. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Only the leyline left now, surely it's good someone's entry or second setup?
  5. Ah apologies, saw them without the wires and assumed they were. Still good headphones though!
  6. Using a set of these almost daily at work as a decent, affordable pair of headphones. I like that you can use it wirelessly for convenience, but also run it through an amp/dac via the supplied cable for a bit extra SQ.
  7. Item: Cables as listed below Location: Melbourne, Inner North Price: See below Item Condition: See below Reason for selling: Cable clear out Payment Method: Paypal or cash Can deliver at buyers cost. Chord Company Silver Screen 3m pair - terminated with banana plugs $120 ***SOLD*** Very good cable, retail is a few hundred bucks here in Oz. Have terminated with generic plugs myself hence the amateur effort. Chord Company Leyline 2 - 7m single unterminated - $20 Chord Company Leyline 2 - 5m single unterminated - $15 Chord Company Leyline 2 - 1m single unterminated - free with any purchase Good budget cable, retail is $8/m here. Have an extra set of plugs and heat shrink tubing so I can terminate them in the style of the Carnival cable above say for an extra $10. Let me know and we can work something out. Ignore the plugs already there, I was going to remove them. Tara Labs Prism Omni ST Bi-Wire 1.5m pair - $50 ***SOLD*** They're pretty banged up to be honest but they are good solid cables, very stiff as well. Can probably be tidied up and reterminated if you can be bothered but they are quite short cable lengths as is.
  8. Have had several offers, but price is firm for now. Thanks for looking
  9. Item: SVS SB12 Plus (BASH) Location: Melbourne, Inner North Price: $600 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Have upgraded to another SVS Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Pickup only please Extra Info: Very good sub and compact too owing to its sealed design. No cables included. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. I like the look too. Also what do you call those 4 way splitter plugs and where do you source them from? I've tried looking up cable pants / cable boots but with limited success.
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