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  1. Not much in the way of progress, but finished up the magnetic grilles this weekend. There's something soooo satisfying about that snap when it clicks into place. Small neodymium magnets recessed into the cabinet and grille, using construction adhesive and wood filler.
  2. Seemed to work OK with a drill press, drilled through easy without wandering. With the battery drill another story
  3. I reckon everyone needs one of these, always a feeding frenzy when these come up!
  4. Weekend updates... Mostly finished stuffing pcbs. Haven't done this much soldering since shop class in school so technique leaves much to be desired.. But looking presentable at least. Chassis is coming along but trickier than I initially expected. Getting it all nice and square is tricky. Drilling into aluminium is also not as easy with a hand held battery drill. Have access to a drill press so I might try that next.
  5. Further information: Original RRP was $8000 USD for just the speakers. Pickup only as no boxes available. Price has considered damage, but feel free to send a sensible offer. Please note there is slight damage to one of the corners on the back, and some mdf exposed on the plinths. One of the grilles corners is worn. Aside from that the cabinets look good, with only the lightest scratches in a few places. Have tried my best to capture photos of damage. Damage was from freight, I've only ever babied these speakers and no one else but me has laid hands on them. Drivers all in great condition, and original accessories and manuals are included. Isoacoustics Gaia II feet are included in the sale. Bass on these things is fantastic, but even with the port plugs in they overwhelm my small listening room too much. Quoted frequency range has them going down to 28Hz and it definitely feels like it. Reviews below describe the sound much better than I can. https://www.tonepublications.com/review/elacs-fs249-black-edition-loudspeakers/ In fact, after several weeks of listening, I have to double-check the speakers’ price to make sure that Robb Niemann of Rutherford Audio, ELAC’s North American importer, hadn’t forgotten a zero. The FS 249 BEs are priced at $8,000 per pair. Having demoed my fair share of speakers 10 times that value, I am shocked to find that this level of quality can be had for a relatively inexpensive eight grand. http://www.audiostereo.ro/FS_249be_rev-6moons.html Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Thanks for the tip. I resawed the timber for the back plate to get a thinner piece but haven't tried fitting the rca plugs yet. Will give the Neutrik's a go if I need to do this.
  7. For the amp I've been getting together parts for the chassis and I'm reluctant to wait on shipping from overseas. Got heatsinks from element14. Tried Conrad's but they may be closed in this period. A little bit of perf sheet for the top and bottom painted black, and the front and back faceplates are from some tas oak. Wanted some more exotic timbers but I got impatient, and found a nice looking piece from bunnings instead. Test fit before trimming it down to size. Can't wait for the weekend to keep building 😎
  8. Next up is to sand the cabinets and pick a veneer, I'm thinking maybe Tassie blackwood? Anyone have recommendations on sources? Been looking at Briggs. Also routed out some rounds for the grille covers, spray painted black. Will try to attach them magnetically with little neodymium magnets from the Bay.
  9. Thought I'd share my ongoing builds for constructive feedback, as my wife isn't too interested 😄 Picked up a Pass ACA kit from here recently, and also recently built some high efficiency speakers to suit. Having lots of fun! First picked up a pair of Audio Nirvana 8inch drivers and got the plans for the biggest cabinets I could get away with, just a little under 1m high Built out of 18mm MDF. Got a large sheet of MDF and cut it down and routed out the driver holes Cut down to size and rabbets cut Cutting out the ports by hand so not perfect but good enough Ports cut Glue up Fitting the fluff in. Used earthwool from bunnings. It's nice and fluffy, almost tempted to drape it around as a blanket Test fit + wood filler to cover up a multitude of sins
  10. Item: Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Located in Melb, northside Used to house 8inch full range drivers, speaker cutout is approx 190mm across Cabinets are 70cm high, 36 wide, 27 deep Paint job is pretty average, they are painted black Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  11. Cabinets needing a sand and some new timber clothes, but here they are
  12. This is V1 without the phono stage, and I think without BT as well
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