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  1. musicmc

    Just built these Bookshelf Desktop Speakers

    Enjoyable thread, well done there. Good work.
  2. @Upfront These look cool Mate
  3. musicmc

    DIY - HiFi Racks - Stands - Cabinets

    Drilling and tapping the heavy all thread allows for a neat flush top shelf with countersunk bolt heads. 😀
  4. musicmc

    Voltage Optimisation

    @Assisi I utter agreeance with you. You actually cannot argue when confronted with a dead silent rack of linear supplied power amps that don't growl on and off during the day and night. Not only that but a full 3 dimensional sound-plane that envelops the listening position. Anyway, nuf said, but there is a "better way" that is sure. Users just have to get over the cost and ignorance towards this aspect of HiFi.
  5. musicmc

    Voltage Optimisation

    Very interesting, have experienced almost exactly the same improvements with using not "that" particular device, but something else that provides instrument grade mains supply. There are definite benefits to this path of choice in high purity mains supply to the true die hard Audiophile.
  6. musicmc

    Voltage Optimisation

    W/o a doubt it would be a switch mode re-generator, with a nice little computer (probably a Rasberry PI 3) and glossy power monitoring software interface. Would be interesting how much power can be pulled through it. You are right though, there is nothing about the 1, How it works, or, basis of operation 2, Rating 3, Eligibility to Qualify for Australian Standards Might not be medicinal or instrument grade
  7. musicmc

    Voltage Optimisation

    Is a very inclusive topic Voltage needs to remain within 5% of nominal for a device, there are some accept ions however with devices designed to be muti voltage, generally switch mode drivers. Over voltage will kill a favourite piece of audio gear over time. DC on the mains at different times of the day will upset transformers causing the device to become audibly noisy. Waveform crest clipping is another big problem that can upset some power supplies to audio causing in bad cases noise on the outputs. There are many negatives to a poorly maintained mains supply waveform. The edge device looks grouse, how much are they offering it for ? Some have side stepped the issue completely and derive a supply from batteries and power inverters in the most extreme cases. Most go to re-generators and even the humble mains dc blocker circuit or isolation transformer reap remarkable steps in the sound quality, stage dimensionality, bass clarity , physical noise from transformers, lower noise floor and much better reliability from Audio equipment. Speaking from experience and the proof is in the pudding.
  8. musicmc

    Unbalanced interconnect question...

    Yea it will work. Use heat shrink to stress relieve each pair of wires, with a second sleeve of resin inside shrink at the breakout point of the main cable, Have fun and ensure your polarities are correct and cable verified after soldering. Saves a witch hunt later EDIT, drawing for reference
  9. musicmc

    My System this morning

    Can do but will take some time as that's not my system Would believe the owner would be happy to take a couple more pics though, sure. Something I can say about it he raves about the imaging and sub 50Hz bass timbre/character and I have to agree. Put it this way after a listen at 100 dB ish tried to emulate it later on another system, bad move.
  10. musicmc

    My System this morning

    Neo motor large cone drivers are grand things never heard a bad one, just excellence. Is a big ask of a 15" to get to 1100Hz smoothly.
  11. musicmc

    My System this morning

    @mwhouston nice coaxial s Mate.
  12. musicmc

    My System this morning

    I'll have what you are having anytime Have seen the Azura horn system in the odd rare photo, nice as. EDIT, Also had the pleasure of listening to a set fairly regularly, no disappointments there in yet another small room with OS horns :)
  13. musicmc

    My System this morning

    @frankn Ouch looks sore needs the Ugg Boot on the foot. Wish you a speedy recovery.
  14. musicmc

    My System this morning

    Yea go the feet update
  15. Cheers Have this exact device embedded in the digital source end of the system. Already updated mine. Highly recommended for those going down the FIR Filter full active DSP road.