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  1. I got one too, ordered directly from Music Direct two weeks before it's released. Really enjoy it!
  2. I would like to buy the extras to upgrade my DC if you sell them separately...
  3. Thanks for the info! Already browsing...
  4. I've decided to take Sea Change. Can you put it aside for me please? Thank you.
  5. Could I have Beck's Odelay please. Will add some more from your list in the future:)
  6. Can't agree more, best work ever and makes him an incredible legend. But I believe that it is thinking about the life and death at the edge of Bowie's life that gives Blackstar great depth.
  7. Just got David Bowie's Blackstar, Goldfrapp's felt mountain, Coldplay's A rush of blood to the head and Blue Velvet ost LP version from amazon australia for buy one get one free. It was a great deal:)
  8. 😀 I see your your point. Thanks!
  9. Hi, I'm new to the site and have just moved to Melbourne to start a new life here. Collecting CDs and LPs is my biggest hobby. Look forward to make friends here. Cheers!
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