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  1. Pair of Vintage Goodmans Axiom 301 Drivers : https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Vintage-Goodmans-Axiom-301-drivers-speakers-12-Excellent-Condition-Wembley/173462407084
  2. Dear VanArn & LPG, I wired up the speakers based on your help and they sprang into life - thank you so much for the advice. The amplifier needs some work, I suspect the tuner is deceased too - I ended up using an amp I have carried around the world twice with me even though all the other bits are in a lift in the UK (sentimental) and an iPAD to generate an input. My wife was (as expected) not impressed in the slightest. Phil
  3. Thanks for the offer LPG, I might take you up on it - I think though I need just connect the DLM to the treble outputs and the 301 to the bass outputs on the cross over ?
  4. Thank you VanArn - that is really helpful. To double check (sorry , I am new to this) - the 'sealed back paper cone tweeter' is the grey thing in the bottom left, that can be ignored as the DLM-2 does the same thing but better. The 50 ohm pot is the round dial thing and can be ignored too. So , if all things are working I need only to connect the amplifier to the crossovers and the crossover outputs (Bass and Treble) to the drivers. I can feel myself getting attached to this stuff already................ Phil
  5. Hi, My name is Phil, have joined up with some specific questions on something I came across (old speakers) and have received a great response on that post already. Some really interesting content and amazing knowledge in these forums, I am looking forward to hanging around. Phil
  6. Dear LPG, Thank you for taking the time to provide such an insightful response. I'll not put them out with the rubbish quite yet (my wife might though). Do you think that the crossover boxes are part of the speaker setup ? I'd like to wire everything up and see if they work, do you know of anywhere I can get a wiring diagram or guidance on which of the 3 outputs on the crossover should go to which of the (3?) drivers. I say (3?) as I am not sure what the grey metal thing on the bottom left is. As you can tell I have no idea about this stuff. The amplifier is a Sansui AU-317 - as yet I don't know if that works. Phil
  7. Hi all, I bought an old amplifier at a house auction this week and ended up with two giant speakers to boot (I thought it was a table the amp was on and a separate lot) There seems to be a few unconnected wires and some bits I don't know if they are part of the speakers or not. Do any of you have any advice as to what needs to be connected to what , are these things even worth looking at (are they better off being used as firewood) All comments welcome. Cheers Phil
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