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  1. Ok - thanks again. Shame; there is probably enough parts to rebuild a complete unit or two. Looks like I'll sell them unless there is any additional information provided.
  2. Thanks for the information. Would they be worth anything? Do you have any idea on the technical specifications, apart from being noted as 200watt amplifiers?
  3. I have had these amplifiers on my work bench for well over two years, however my office space is it a premium and I have many other projects to tackle! I'm trying to find some more information about them (I have three for repair) which potentially might assist with deciding if I should: 1) store then until I can repair them; 2) sell them to an interested buyer unrepaired; 3) scrap for parts. If anyone has any information, that would be great! I believe they were originally theatre amplifiers used in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. They were apparently manufactured by a company called Auditech - see the pictures for additional information. Thanks in advance!
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