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  1. Yamaha WXA-50 streamer/DAC/amplifier should do it based on specs, if you don't mind class D ICEpower amplification, very good metrics on ASR and < $600 new.
  2. GLWTS! How noticeable is the difference between this and R2C? I am planning an R3 LRs + LS50 for centre due to the point music source and smaller size, but could accomodate an R2C in a pinch.
  3. Still have very fond memories of my Sony TA-F519R purchased in 1993 new, they made the Sony SS-E211 large bookshelves sing! My first dabble with real Hi-Fi. GLWTS, this will sound awesome at 105db SNR and 0.004% THD with a damping factor of 100.
  4. If you don't get anyone interested in LCR but someone is interested in a pair of speakers I would be interested to buy your centre speaker, for integration in a future R3 or LS50 Meta LCR setup. Thanks!
  5. Thank you, I am also eyeing the SVS 1000 Pro as it does everything I need at a good price, and with a 12" to boot! What room position did you end up with, and what frequency do you cross at? Thanks in advance.
  6. I may be interested, but without some good objective review (ASR, Stereophile or similar) and no audition possible it is hard to justify this purchase. I also believe physics dictate 27Hz is impossible in a passive speaker this size, though of course that is Magnat's claim.
  7. Item: KEF R300 or R3 Bookshelf speakers Price Range: $1000-1700 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking to complete my stereo setup with good quality bookshelves. I have auditioned R300 3 years ago but could not justify the price new. Based on everything I have read, R3 are just as good.
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