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  1. So I just installed Plex on my Apple TV 4K. Massive difference from the PS4?! I’m swapping between the two sources playing the same file and it is night and day. Go figure hey. OLED is still better obviously. But I’m going to at setting the projector up properly
  2. No it was off a 1080P file played via Plex on a PS4. The same version and quality was played on both devices.
  3. I’ll check them out tonight and probably have a heap of questions 😂 Thanks!
  4. Anyone on here have similar issues, or compares that episode with their JVC to an OLED or similar?
  5. No I haven’t calibrated it, past playing with some setting in the menu. I will take a look at your post on autocal tonight. Any idea on what a professional calibration costs? cheers
  6. Hey everyone, I watched Game of Thrones Ep 3 the other night on my x7900. I struggled with some of the dark scenes to see what was going on. I watched it again last night on my LG OLED and the difference was massive. I know OLEDS have the best blacks. But I am wondering if there is something I can be doing with my x7900 to be a bit better? I have not modified anything. I was on Cinema mode, Low lamp, Auto 1, Contrast 0 and brightness 7. its not calibrated at all. Would that make a big difference? I was watching a 1080P version through Plex on a PS4. Cheers
  7. Hey all, Having some issues with setting up my amp and power amp. When I turn on my 777 the CI940 doesn’t turn on. I have to physically go turn the power button on. I’m assuming there is a setting I haven’t switched on? I have the CI950 running my 4 atmos speakers and they were running fine for the DIRAC setup. But I haven’t really noticed them when running atmos tracks. The 777 is indicating it is playing atmos on the front display. Is there a button I can push to show what speakers are active? My old denon has one, but I can’t find one on the NAD remote? Cheers
  8. I’ll give it a go. Was you faulty HDMI port displaying the same for all devices? Just seems odd that’s its only the PS4 doing it. The PS4 displays fine on my LG OLED.
  9. So I just hooked my PS4 up to my 7900 via a NAD 777v3 for the first time and the image I get is attached. The colors are all messed up. I have high speed 4K HDMI cables from EZYHD hooked up (2M to Amp and 5M to Projector). My Apple TV is passing 4K HDR 60HZ fine. I swapped the HDMI cables and no change. Any one come across this before? Cheers
  10. G’Day all, With the last season of Game of Thrones approaching, I’m looking for the beat way to access it. Im looking for the beat quality available to go with my new 4K Atoms home theater. I haven’t got Foxtel boxset installed at the house, I’d prefer not go down that road if I don’t have to. Just wondering what everyone else has used in the past. Cheers!
  11. Anyone got one that works for Vudu on Apple TV?
  12. Hey everyone, I just got my X7900 in and running courtesy of Rich at OzTheaters. very happy with the image it is throwing, much better than I had of hoped for. I watched the first movie Avengers Infinity Wars last night and I noticed something. In some panning scenes I noticed that the image ‘paused/slowed/juddered’, almost like the projector was catching up with the panning in the scene. Is this a setting I have or haven’t got set, or can I expect this from the projector. First time so I’m unsure what to expect. Cheers
  13. Just wondering if anyone has a way to access VUDU in Australia. I’m looking for access to 4K and Atmos content. iTunes seems to have limited content with older movies (greater than 6months) that VUDU still has 4K and Atmos available to stream. im using a Apple TV 4K if that helps. cheers
  14. It would seem the OZTheaters acoustic screens are very popular. Has anyone had any experience with the Elite screens AcousticPro4K?
  15. The Krix modular systems look great, but they are a little out of my price range! I will check out some of their inwall/on wall Home Cinema speakers. I like the idea of Aussie speakers. If they offer better bang for buck and are designed for Home Cinema, even better.
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