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  1. After looking at everything in my area there was really two options. Cheaper seats from Amart & Harvey for between 1-1.5k each. Or RowOne and Manhattan quality between 2-2.5k each. The price is crazy, but if you use them, the cheaper seats will just not last. For me I figured you will buy 2 cheaper seats over the 10-15 years a good quality leather chair should last. So I went quality to enjoy now (RowOne Carmel). I may be wrong, time will tell I guess. But they are dam nice
  2. I ran Auto Cal for the first time on my x7900 a few weeks ago. I found that I had to get the meter very close to the projector (about 1 meter) to get the meter on the right border of the box as recommended. I was surprised at how close it was and how much I had to elevate the tripod to get it in line with the center of the projector lense. Does that sound right or have I done something wrong with the setup? The color in the project seems quite flat now. I loaded Javs curves and HDR is a massive difference!
  3. So it’s been slow going but I finally have some panels up. the large panels are very difficult to keep the sides square after stretching the fabric. Even with cross bracing. I think if I were to do it again I would use thicker ply wood for the large panels. I like the look so far, just cleans it all up.
  4. It’s a slow process that’s for sure! But this was the most cost effective and light weight option I found to construct them.
  5. Yeah there is no issue with woofer clearance at all. I can run some measurements in REW after I put it up to see if I can see anything I guess
  6. Hey teams, I have started making frames up to place some Trillogy 1 fabric around my room. Frames are Mdf Trim on a ripped down pine backing, glued and nailed. The hardest part I have is covering my front left and right LCR. As you can see they are placed right between my screen and wall. The first frame I have made does cover part of the woofer. The tweeter is not covered for any of the listening positions at all. Thoughts on this adversely effecting sound?
  7. I have just received my light meter and I am measuring the light output of my JVC X7900 on my 160' Scope screen. I currently have a 16:9 100% white MP4 from AVS running to measure my light output and adjust the DI. I'm thinking though I should be using a 2.35:1 white image to measure the output as most of my viewing is movies in scope? I cant seem to find any scope white patters, anyone got any advice on where I can find one? If not will white screens on movies be just as good for taking measurments? Thanks
  8. Finally got my hands on a Spyder 5! Man it was hard to find Any recommendations for a tripod? I have a old mic stand that I have been using for my Umik1, don’t think it will hold the Spyder though.
  9. Well that really limits me then as they are not available to purchase new as far as I can see. Thanks for the heads up
  10. Item: Spyder 5 Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Seeking a Spyder 5 for JVC AutoCal. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  11. No good, sold a while ago. If anyone is looking to offload one please let me know
  12. Has anyone got any idea where I can get my hands on a Spyder 5 in Aus? Seems like they are not sold anymore, may have to wait for a second hand one to turn up.
  13. After a very long search I have finally settled on RowOne Carmel’s. I couldn’t go past the quality and comfort (even though I tried my hardest to avoid the price tag!) I figure that they should last 10+ years, so it’s like buying two pleather couches over that time. Ill post a pic and thoughts when I get them next week
  14. Further information: 7 Seat Leather Modular Lounge 100% Leather, was purchased from Harvey Norman a few years ago. In as new condition, and has always been cleaned and conditioned. Has been in my previous Home Theater so had light use. Too large for my new room, so down sizing/upgrading to 4 recliners. Can form a L shape (the longer section can be either side for flexibility) or straight lounge as seen. Two end chairs recline flat. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, y
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