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  1. I am currently looking into DIY absorption for my Theater. I really like your design. Are the half tube panels Intended to be an acoustic absorber or more bass trap? Are the wall panels next to it absorption as well or just covered in fabric? I had intended on 90mm 27kg/m3 fiberglass in a 150mm deep frame on the wall reflection points. However I like the look of the half tube. Any drawbacks compared to the standard rectangle? Thanks!
  2. How does the sound differ between a 1D and ‘Skyline diffuser’? Its a shame there is nowhere I can listen to them in Canberra to get an idea. I don’t mind putting in the work, but if there isn’t a great deal of difference then the 1D looks way easier.
  3. Thanks for the offer, much appreciated! after Christmas I will look into it to see if I think it’s something I can undertake and get materials for. Cheers
  4. Thanks Mike, I will have a play with QRDude and plug in those details. Thanks for the help! If I find some foam material I’ll post a link
  5. Yeah I have seen a heap of DIY pine videos, but nothing for foam. Most of the retail panels I see are made from foam. It would be preferable due weight, wonder if there is a performance difference between the two?
  6. Hey everyone, I am starting to look into room treatment. I would like to add some Skyline Diffusers at the rear of my theater room. The single row of seats sits 1m from the rear wall. Currently running a 7.1.4 Krix system. As I have some time on my hands and quite handy, I al looking at doing some DIY diffusers similar to https://www.bindurecords.com/blog/DIY-wooden-skyline-diffuser I have had a look at QRDude ect. Any pointers in the size of the diffuser blocks would be appreciated, as I have read there are rules of thumb about sitting distances from these things. Just wondering if anyone has any experience in making wooden ones or foam (particularly what type of foam used). Cheers
  7. Does anyone know of a Canberra based company that offers this service? Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, I am trying to connect my computer to my X7900 for some gaming. I cannot for the life of me get the screen correct. Both the sides and top/bottom are getting cut out. i have tried multiple resolutions and aspects with no success. Any advice would be appreciated!
  9. I’m looking at getting the Sony 9500G 85’ for my parents home theater. Wondering if anyone knows if I got a Sony STR DN1080, would the single remote work for the TV and AVR? If not I can get a Harmony remote
  10. There is power back there so that is not an issue. They just did not want any cables run around the skirting ect. I think the joists run the wrong direction to run the cables though the ceiling. was hopeful that there would be a WiFi unit that I could connect to the rear speakers that would connect to the front amp?
  11. Hi everyone, I am helping my parents out by getting together a 5.1 system for their TV room. They are adamant that they do not want speak cable run to the surrounds, being a 2 story house I can’t run it in the roof either. Does anyone know of any WiFi boxes that can attach to rear speakers to avoid running cables? I am looking at second hand speakers as the budget is about 2k. Cheers
  12. So I just installed Plex on my Apple TV 4K. Massive difference from the PS4?! I’m swapping between the two sources playing the same file and it is night and day. Go figure hey. OLED is still better obviously. But I’m going to at setting the projector up properly
  13. No it was off a 1080P file played via Plex on a PS4. The same version and quality was played on both devices.
  14. I’ll check them out tonight and probably have a heap of questions 😂 Thanks!
  15. Anyone on here have similar issues, or compares that episode with their JVC to an OLED or similar?
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