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  1. It’s so awesome what can be down with automation now. Thanks for the info on WiFi switches. I’ll check them out for sure. looks like the Harmony remote should be able to replicate what my LED strip lights remote can do. So I should be good on that front. With a WiFi switch readily available that’s even better that replacing the down lights👍
  2. No I havnt seem IMG. They look good! Where did you get them? I’ll have to try and track one down to have a sit in. Are they similar price to the RowOne and Manhattans?
  3. I have kept my eye on the second hand market for a while now. But nothing of quality has come up. Or they are selling just two seats when I need 4.
  4. Well down lights are not the end of the world. But the dimmable driver for the RBG down light switch was dam expensive. It would be a real shame if I couldn’t convert that to a smart switch.
  5. That’s awesome. I have been holding off on Harmony for a long time due to this issue. I have a dimmable RGB strip and some standard down lights in my cinema just controlled by a standard light switch. Any locally recommended smart switches that I can use to make these compatible to the Harmony?
  6. I actually haven’t checked out Plush yet, they look good. I’ll go and check them out, thanks
  7. That’s perfect. I can’t find anywhere that stocks it though, frustrating!
  8. I can see the switch will turn off one side of that board. I was hopeful of something that turned on the respective plugs when I turn on my AVR. I’ll look further into the manual of that board to make sure
  9. I current have a Behringer NX 6000D & 3000D running subs. These Amps don’t have trigger outs unfortunately. So I’m wondering if anyone knows of a Master/Slave power board (they seem to have disappeared these days) or a smart power board with similar function. Plan is for them to turn on with my AVR. Thankfully my Amps don’t suffer the Thump on power Up/Down. Thanks
  10. Yeah that’s what I was thinking. I’m willing to spend money on quality. But as you said, what I have seen so far doesn’t come close to quality, particularly at the price being asked. How did you find the price between Manhattan and RowOne?
  11. Hey everyone. I’m thinking about upgrading with the EOFY sales. Would like to get a 4 seat straight electric recliner with head rest adjustment. A few months ago I had a look at Amart, FocusonFurniture and Harvey Norman. I wasn’t really impressed with what I saw. Cheapest was $4K for cheap looking leather. Harvey has some nice recliners but $6K was steep for 4 seats. Anyone seen some good deals out there? I know Manhattan and RowOne are out there, they seem expensive. Do they do sales at all? Never sat in one, may have to check them out.
  12. I know I was surprised as well, I thought it was going to have a heap of work to do! Got a Denon X8500H, recently upgraded. Running Krix Megaphonix Inwalls LCR and Symetrix for surrounds with Hemispherix A2 for Atmos. 7.4.4
  13. So I had time to run Audessy tonight. I must say I am impressed with the initial results. The Green is Audessy and Red is REW. I have used Dynamic EQ with Audessy and then adjusted the curve to be +10dB at 20Hz gradually lowering to +0dB at 100Hz. The HPF have been set at 18Hz with a 48dB roll off for all the subs. I am playing around with them, I know I have a lot more potential sub 20Hz if I want it (or the wife allows it hahaha). Im going to have to read up on what to expect from about 100Hz to 1000Hz in respect to what is a good response. So far I have just been concentrating on the Subs and how to align them.
  14. It was purchased December 2018, so it is a little over a year old now. Still plenty of Warranty left on it. Has not had much use it was driving 4 ATMOS speakers. Upgraded my receiver so no longer require the power amp. It is in perfect condition, coming from a smoke free home. No scratches or dents to be seen. Comes with all original paperwork. Unfortunately a demo is not available in the current virus circumstances. I can however provide a video of fully functioning amp. The CI 940 has 4 channels of clean low distortion power set up in a 2 stereo zone configuration. Boasting 35 watts of continuous power per channel, the CI 940 is designed to drive low impedance speakers and long wire runs. Vanishingly low distortion and near absence of noise allow the music to emerge from a ‘black’ background that enhances stereo perspective and allows the subtle details of the music to be heard clearly. Four channels of clean, low distortion power set up in two stereo zone configuration 35W x 4 @ 8 Ohms/4 Ohms 70W x 2 @ 8 Ohms in Bridge Mode Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  15. So I had time today to do the Behringer NX fan mod. Very easy in the end. The result is simply fantastic. This things sound like jet engines in my room. Now I can’t even hear them!! Ordered some Noctua NF-A8 PWM fans. Expensive but dead silent, not sure if they push as much air but plenty of success been hand on AVS with them. I just cut down the 4 pins that they come with. The Behringer stock fan has a simple two pin connection. Just pull them out and connect the new fans Very easy mod, highly recommend!
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