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  1. Ramesh read my earlier post. I had few new production both 6H30pi and 6922 gone microphonics less than a month all. All 3 of them. use a pencil and lightly tap on the bottle and see if u can hear the tapping sound coming out from your speakers. remember, V4 is a balance (buffer) output. i would start with V2 and V3 first. i was lucky the seller replaced all 6 bottles and i never had any issues after that.
  2. Yeah. I dont go pass 9 o'clock. The most if no one is at home I'll go 10 o'clock to rock the house. But won't go anything beyond that. It will be uncomfortably loud. I don't enjoy listening to high volume but happy at 9 with this pre. What amp are you pairing it with?
  3. HI shahrin Just push the dip switch to 4 up and dip switch 1 down for both.
  4. Item: Looking for a proj-ject speedbox Price Range: depending on the condition but happy listen to any offers Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  5. my 2 cents.. whatever caps you decided to roll (all the mentioned caps above), it will be an upgrade from the existing obblics. i think like everything else in this hobby, u need to listen to it and decide which is best for u.. I may enjoy and the mundorf SGO (which i really like) but u may feel there is not enough meat on the bone. Just like tube.. some ppl dislike the certain tubes and some willing to pay for it.
  6. Further information: Purchased this from A2A like 2.5 yrs ago for my small office system. This is the standard modi 2 (not uber) but really good. As you can see from the picture there are minor scratches on the top but doesn't affect the performance. The Sys is something I was not willing to sell but it has been sitting on top of the Modi for more than an year after decided to use a preamp tube. Very transparent preamp just volume pot and source selector. No power require ( both the modi and sys) means less cable hence its a perfect office system IMHO. Happy to post interstate with addit
  7. but i must admid, i do find my right tube V3 is always brigther than the V2 or V4. I'll take a picture tonight. regardless which type of tube. Maybe i'm just being paranoid after 2 set bad tubes experience.
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