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  1. can you sell separately? i have a copy of the sketches of spain
  2. i used one of these https://www.bunnings.com.au/craftright-11-piece-precision-screwdriver-set_p6060080
  3. Not familiar with XTZ but i set my mytek Dac+ minus 6 gain and preamp setting at 4 and i don't go pass 9 0'clock volume pot when listening. maybe between 9 and 10 is my reference listening volume. you can change the dip without removing the cover. that was what i did. the only time i remove the cover was when i rolled the tubes.
  4. very good. my Primare Pre32 is now demoted into my office system.
  5. Hi everyone. Just beware of using Courier Please to send items to buyer. I sold a brand new 5.1 definitive tech cinema pro600 to a SNA member here and the package never arrive to they buyer. contacted courier please and they were couldn't trace the package at all. We were lucky we purchased insurance but still require to pay excess fee to get a refund plus refund to the buyer. Avoid COURIER PLEASE at all times. Raph
  6. I suspect its those Beijing tunes are making noise as the sound is coming from that area. But thanks anyway. I have just ordered 3 GG tunes. Hopefully arrive tomorrow or Friday.
  7. I suspect it could be those chinese tubes. I think i'll swap the tubes and see if it's still humming or buzzing. then will try DC Blocker. i think there is one member here makes it too.
  8. Thanks. I have emailed to Garry and see what is his response first.
  9. I think so. It sound like coming from the rear of the pre.
  10. any of u guys experience a buzzing noise coming from the MP-701 MKii? mine has a buzzing noise when it's turn on. not from the speakers but from the Preamp itself.
  11. XLR. I was surprise i have no issues with it. I think i read somewhere from the net the XLR is "soft sounding". i didn't have that issue so i kept my XLR and no need buying new cables.
  12. I have Myteks Amp on Monoblocks and it does have a low pop when turning on/off my amps. yes, there is a soft hiss /noise when close up to the speaker with MP701. only when close up. listening position i can't hear it or notice it. with the Pre32 it's dead silence even if i crank up the volume. but again, it doesn't bother me as long as it is unnoticable in my sitting position. what annoys me most is the screws at the front and the remote! LOL.. other than that, i'm quite impress with this preamp. it's soo airy and lush. like a soft pillow. LOL.
  13. will do. i'll take note on that. Will give it a month on the standard stock first. and then roll the tube before i roll the caps.
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