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  1. but i must admid, i do find my right tube V3 is always brigther than the V2 or V4. I'll take a picture tonight. regardless which type of tube. Maybe i'm just being paranoid after 2 set bad tubes experience.
  2. thanks. very interesting discussion there! so many possibilities and very difficult to pin point which is the culprit. having said that I have been using a 5U4GB 2 weeks after using the stock rectifier., Ever since replacing all 3 faulty tubes with new 3x 6H30pi along with the capacitors to mundorf (both obbligators and bennics), I have yet experience any faulty tubes for a month now (touchwood, touchwood)! So hopefully that sorted out any tube issues. also, the hum from the transformer is significantly reduced!
  3. Thank you. Much better now with pages sorting now
  4. Lol.. very nice. I'm looking for something in black. But that is nice
  5. how did you like the 12BH7? i listened to them for more than 3 week. I enjoyed it for a week or 2. they are far more tubey and rather "slow". but i still prefer the 6H30pi.
  6. Hahah.. i think I have unscrew the cover too many times with my unfortunate events with faulty tubes. Do you attached fit them with the coupling caps or the power filters? Thanks
  7. Further information: First owner and purchased from Klappav. I have been using the node for 1.5 yrs old now and decided to Upgraded to lumin transport. I see no reason to keep both streamer. Like new. Always stay inside a cupboard. Free from dust, kids, pet or oil. Sales included upgrade power cable from Audio principe and audioquest coax cable. I used the node 2i as a streamer to external Dac. Sounds fantastic. Price is firm. Thanks for viewing. Will donate if sold. Happy to pack and send via express post at buyers cost (I think approximately $20 but will confirm via PM)
  8. Really? Is it obvious? O man.. im not sure if I want to open the lid again.. lol.. another upgrade again... is this your new phono MrBurns84? Nicee
  9. Thanks snoop. I tried minimserver +, my windows 10 didn't like it for some reason. After installing it, it won't open or run. Will try audirvana too.
  10. no need hardware. Just install roon into yr PC or laptop and use that as the core to control Lumin device. you can tell roon where you save your library (NAS). If you have a NAS that is top of the line (i5 and 4gb Ram), you can install roon to your NAS instead and use that as a core. once it's installed, you can control roon via tablet, mobile phone or your computer.
  11. Lol.. yeah... especially when u try to change the view from thumbnails to list. It crashed. But as soon I installed minimserver to my NAS seems to fix it. However, still needs lumin apps to control minimserver. Not a big fan of the lumin apps. Alternative apps is Roon.
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