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  1. SQRT((2015/25.4)^2 + (850/25.4)^2) = 86 inch
  2. Heard them when I bought your Rotel 1552 MK2 - Great Sound and highly recommended seller! Good luck with the sale.
  3. Neowatcher

    Rotel amps as a pre-amp

    Yes, never thought of such a combination myself, but was an opportunity too good to pass to try it. Yes, the B&W are the original ones. Was made in England and so much nicer looking too with the little dome outside the box. Ended up making a little shelving rack too:
  4. Neowatcher

    Rotel amps as a pre-amp

    Just for anyone's information. I ended up with a second-hand Linn Majik Kontrol as a pre-amp to the Rotel RB 1552 Mk ii power-amp hooked up to B&W 703 Speakers and I must say this is an excellent combination!
  5. I wish my wife would have let me ...
  6. Neowatcher

    SOLD: FS: Yamaha RX-A820 Aventage

    No longer combination sale and a price drop!
  7. @a_recording I think you're right. I have the A-35 as well, but only the A-40 can be used as a USB DAC.
  8. Neowatcher

    SOLD: FS: Yamaha RX-A820 Aventage

    Combination discount with the Dali Blue Series speaker set (see my other post): $1000 for the whole set.
  9. Combination discount with the Yamaha RX-A820 (see my other post): $1000 for the whole set.
  10. Found the manual: Dali blue if that helps.
  11. You can tilt the tweeter slightly for a small adjustment, but that is up to around 20 degrees. You might be right if you use the rear on a book shelve with the tweeter upwards, it affects the sound imaging.
  12. When placing the rear speakers on the wall, the tweeters will be facing downwards, projecting towards ear-level. You can use these rear speaker in a book-shelf but then you would put them upside down with the speakers facing upwards and with the grill mesh flipped. I've only taken a picture with them upside down such I would not damage the tweeter.
  13. Neowatcher

    Rotel amps as a pre-amp

    @stereo coffee Thanks for the message. Now you got me really excited about LDRs. Seriously considering the DIY kit!