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  1. Simon1916

    FS: Thiel 0.5 Speaker

    These baby Thiel sound amazing. Especially great for a rather small and medium sized room. GLWTS.
  2. Simon1916

    EXPIRED: FOCAL electra 1038 be

    I have seen and listened to these loudspeakers. The bass is awesome. In excellent brand new condition. GLWTS
  3. Simon1916

    SOLD: Kimber hero xlr 1.5 meter

    Mat is a nice big guy. Buy with confidence
  4. Simon1916

    SOLD: Audio research ls27

    Beautiful sounding unit. Excellent condition too. GLWTS
  5. Simon1916

    Hello from Sydney

  6. Simon1916

    Hello from Sydney

    Sure[emoji3] [emoji3]
  7. Simon1916

    Hello from Sydney

  8. Simon1916

    Hello from Sydney

    Hi all. My name is Simon and I am glad to be part of Stereonet forum. I have been getting useful info from other forum members, learning a lot about this wonderful hobby and making new friends as well. Cheers Simon