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  1. Item: atlas hyper symmetrical xlr 1.5m Location: brisbane Price: $340 Item Condition: good used condition Reason for selling: used for monoblocks, gone intergated Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or EFT Only Extra Info: These are by far the best xlr's ive tried in my system and are great for monoblocks at 1.5m in length Purchased from lifestyle store and sell for $1130. Pictures:
  2. These are the first thing ive ever listed on gumtree and will probably the last... 😂 Stereonet is a much nicer format to sell on.
  3. Yeah im surprised they haven't sold.. 10hrs old and 7k off retail.
  4. I did notice my older w4s dac was really letting my system down once I added the .26's, they didnt work well together at all and really showed the shortfall. Like you say it really depends on what you already have and personal tastes. Unfortunately im going to part with mine untill I move to a bigger, better space a bit down the track..
  5. What were you driving them with? I haven't spent a lot of time with my .26's but I never encountered this? Although they're quite revealing so average recordings did sound, well average..
  6. Item: chord chorus 2 xlr 1 meter Location: Bris Price: $250 Item Condition: good used condition Reason for selling: surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cashl, eft, COD Only Extra Info: original packaging, can post at buyers expense. Pictures:
  7. Item: wyred stp-se preamp (silver) Location:Bris Price: $1400 Item Condition: good working condition, has a few light marks on top. Reason for selling: going integrated Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT, COD Only Extra Info: Has original packaging and remote, can post at buyers expense. Pictures:
  8. Not a lot sorry, the arc is gone now. I have a 70wpc rotel or you would be welcome to bring your own, maybe even bring them to you if you're close and a serious buyer.
  9. They seem a bit wasted running off a small surround amp and the theater bypass/multiple amps was too much for the rest of the family to workout.
  10. Item: Pmc twenty5. 26 diamond black Location: Brisbane Price: 8k Item Condition: near new 10hrs approx Reason for selling: Gone back to a family friendly 5.1 system and no longer required. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Extra Info: These are as new and have only done about 10hrs before the amp was sold. I would prefer a local pickup, but I do have all the original packaging and could ship at buyers cost and risk. These really are a beautiful speaker already and haven't even started breaking in yet. Pictures:
  11. Item: PMC Twenty5. 26 Location: Brisbane Price: 8k Item Condition: About 10hrs since new behind ARC ref 75 Reason for selling: Downgrade, going 5.1 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Anyone that has heard the 25.26's knows these are something special and they will be missed... Would prefer buyer to inspect and local pickup, though I do have all the original packaging and can help ship at buyers cost. Pictures:
  12. Yes the 23's would suit, tbh the room is probably big enough to house the .26's.. But im not a a rich man so the .26's are a bit overkill for my family lounge/kitchen area especially as its a high traffic area with children, I'd be permanently stressed they would get damaged out there.
  13. Im looking to go the other way from the 25.26's back to the 25.22's due to a smaller listening area, If I sell the 26's I might be interested.. The Twenty5.26 will be hard to part with though they really are a beautiful speaker, mine are not even close to run in with only about 10hrs on them but with the audio research ref75 behind them they were really something special.
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