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  1. Hi, does it have the new DSP? Thanks.
  2. Wow.....don't sell your TT yet my man. GLWTS.
  3. Just sharing terminator, comparing DSD and PCM I know it is not ARES though.
  4. Hello, just sharing my Denafrips Terminator and ARES. Love them both Thanks.
  5. I was actually thinking about getting a new decent record player or another delta-sigma DAC but decided to go on Terminator instead. I've been listening to DAC with AKM chip lately and though I am liking the smoothness of it's sound, it still sounds like digital to me. So I said to myself, ok let me meet what I want half-way.....Buy a Terminator and there, I get the cleanliness of digital while enjoying the closeness of it's sound to analogue. Happy owner of Termy and ARES I and II Those ARES are a keeper IMHO for their price
  6. Hi, yeah it is. Terminator is also like ARES II which is more of analogue sound but with more on every bits of ARES. Low end is more powerful as well. Thanks.
  7. Yeah, I agree with you, ARES II is not that too far from Terminator. IMHO, Terminator is like a bigger brother version of ARES II. A bit more on everything ARES II can offer. Thanks.
  8. Hi, in my experience, it does not make any much difference whether I am using a cheapo or a little bit good one. Also, can't hear any improvement when I used an Uptone USB regen....In fact IMHO, I prefer the one without. For SMSL and Topping Uptone gives some improvement though
  9. Just sharing my comparison between Terminator and ARES II. I know it does not make sense hearing it via Youtube but anyway still sharing it Thanks.
  10. Hi might be a silly question but just wanted to know if the power supply here is adjustable up to 15V? Thanks?
  11. I think the lenehan is using Scanspeak D2608 and Peerless drivers. In my experience they are very good in terms of mids and highs. Whereas the Osborn one is using Seas and I think a Focal driver and those Seas tweeter are really good and high price, IMHO. I have DIY speakers both based on Seas and Scanspeak (no focal) and to me they are both great speakers You can't go wrong either way. GL.
  12. Hi, next in line please, Melbourne, thanks.
  13. Hi, have you managed to compare this DAC with Denafrips Venus or Terminator? Thanks.
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