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  1. Hey Alex I will take this one. Do you think I can have it this week? Fraser-Rise. Thanks.
  2. Hi, how does it work, is it like you connect your Amp's speaker connection to COMMON terminals then the SYSTEMs A, B and C is where the other 3 Speakers and then you select which system/speaker to use? Thanks.
  3. Hi, is this the one with upgraded DSP? Thanks.
  4. Hi, are you open to ship it to Melbourne? Does it still have a user manual? Thanks.
  5. Does the price include postage? Melbourne? Thanks.
  6. Thanks JulesOZ. If the sale did not materialize can I be second in line please. Melbourne, thanks.
  7. Will it drive an 4ohm, 87db speaker? Thanks.
  8. Hi, just ARES one....I'm currently using a loaner old ARES while waiting for the ARES II to arrive.
  9. I almost grab a D70 until I heard a denafrips
  10. Hey was_a, which DACs aside from Marantz did you compared it to? I'm tempted to grab this one Thanks.
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