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  1. What driver to use for this one if I use the USB to computer? Thanks.
  2. Asedillo

    FS: (Melb) Pair of Tube Mono-Blocks

    How do you adjust the bias for this one? Thanks.
  3. Item: Jabra Speak 710 and Plantronics C520 Location: Melbourne Vic Price: $400 nego Item Condition: Almost new Reason for selling: No longer needed, only used at the office for testing then sourced Cisco phones instead Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Selling almost new Jabra Speak 710 and USB headphone Plantronics C520. Only used it at the office for testing purpose but then later on the company decided to go on different vendor. Items are almost new specially the Jabra 710. Thanks. Pictures:
  4. Asedillo

    Odyssey Audio Kismet Amplifiers

    Thanks for the feedback.....I will most likely grab the stereo version of it instead in case I go this path.
  5. Asedillo

    Odyssey Audio Kismet Amplifiers

    Thanks psychometrics1. If you don't mind, which one you prefer between Kismet and Electro?
  6. Asedillo

    Odyssey Audio Kismet Amplifiers

    Thanks George. How much did it cost you overall including shipping cost? I've been reading some discussion at Audiocircle and can't remember it correctly but someone says the Kismet stereo comes with a separate power supply. Maybe I read it wrong. Or maybe that is for the Integrated version. Thanks again.
  7. Hi Nada, I have few HiRes files (24-88, 24-96, 24-172, 24-192 and DSD64 and DSD128) and based on my hearing they are really very good compare to ordinary CD quality. There are some HiRes files though like the MFSL that are recorded/cut low so you need to up your volume a bit. Enjoy your music
  8. Hi, just wanted to get some feedback from those VA owners here what tube have you tried so far. For me, I tried GL gold pins, JJ gold pins, EH gold pins, Tungsol gold pin and non-gold. So far I am happy with GL and for whatever reason JJ is my least favorite
  9. Asedillo

    Odyssey Audio Kismet Amplifiers

    Hi psychometrics1, how much did you pay for the shipping cost of those Kismets? I am also thinking of getting Kismet monos + Candela preamp. Thanks.
  10. Good luck....Honestly, for me the more stuff the better
  11. Hi everyone, Been reading several posts here already for a while so I realised might as well intoduce myself. At the moment I have few entry level setup. My manin setup is Vincent Audio SV237 + Oppo BDP105D + a DIY Troels Gravesen ekta mkII loudspeaker. My other setup is an old Marantz PM17 mkII KI + AVI Monitor DUO Loudspeaker + a new aquired Project Debut Carbon Recordmaster HiRes. I have couple of DACs that I've been toying for a while now, Topping D10 and D50. I tried using 8920 MUSES on D10 and I think it sounds good. By next year I am planning to build another DIY speaker based on SBAcoustics Satoris and Be tweeter. Also, looking to have another TT but this time will be on a higher end of entry levels or entry mid levels. At this stage contemplating between Rega P6, Technics SL1200G (Though can't find any dealer here so far), VPI Prime Scout and Acoustic Signature Primus. Also planning to add another Amps and eyeing between Odyssey Audio Kismet Monos with Candela Pre amp or Int amp from Consonance Cyber 880I. I've heard the consonance already from Greg's (Osborne) place (just close to mine) and acquired few power conditioner and cables from him already. So far I am enjoying this hobby and my wife keep on asking me how many stuff will I keep....Lol still no answer on that one As many as I can have is the right number I guess as long as I will not starve the family Thanks.
  12. I know the feeling cause I've experience the same. The danger on this one is if you are an impulse buyer....You might end up owning several stuffs....which I guess is good if you have the means I was trying to study myself last whenever it happens to me and I think sometimes it is the mood or the ambience....
  13. Hi, just wanted to seek some advise about TT. I bought my first TT last month which is Project Debut Carbon Recordmaster HiRes with 2M red cart. I am loving the sound of it and starting to collect my records and I'm planning to have another TT for my other integrated amp. Unfortunately due to my schedule ( most of the time on-call) and location, I don't normally have the luxury of time to audition hence most of my purchased are just based on reviews. I am thinking between Rega P6, Technics SL1200G (Which unfortunately I cannot find any dealers here so far), VPI Prime Scout and Acoustic Signature Primus. Anyone had a change to listen to some of these and compare them? Thanks in advance.
  14. Item: AVI Monitor DUO Loudspeaker Location: Melbourne, VIC Price: $1,500, negotiable Item Condition: With few scratches other than that in very good working condition. Reason for selling: I have few speakers and is wanting to do DIY. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Selling my first speaker AVI Monitor DUO. It sounds great specially the mids and the highs. It can play the important range for the lows but if you are looking for very punchy one, this is not for you. drivers/tweeters used here are Peerless and Scanspeak. Some info about the loudspeaker https://avihifi.com/legacy/legacy_duo_review.html Thanks. Pictures:
  15. Hi Kasman, from Topping's website they said for Android and MAC there is no need for driver although I have not tried it myself yet. I am only running my D10 and D50 on windows.