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  1. Is it really that heavy? I am thinking of getting Harbeth or one of this Greg's speaker but with my backpain/prolapse, I am not allowed to do heavy lifting. I live close to you at Caroline Springs but will be moving to a new place by October or November. In case still available by that time, I will reach out. For now, good luck and feel sorry you have to let this one go.
  2. Hi, you can use the pre-out of the Luxman to connect to your subwoofer. I have not used any sub before but pre-out is normally where you hook your sub. I hope that help, thanks.
  3. Good luck with your new Luxman I also own one and loving it I actually own a rega P8 and to my ears, their combo is ok.
  4. Ok, thanks for the quick reply....I will keep on watching though, who knows the pickup only might changed later on GLWTS.
  5. Hi, if I may ask, how old is the system and does the price already includes shipping cost? Thanks.
  6. Good luck on your project When I first built one of Troels project I also tried using an improvised jig...not bad but on my second Troels build I decided to buy the Jantzen jig
  7. Speakerbug is selling the jantzen router guide....This is what I am using and I find it good. https://speakerbug.com.au/index.php?route=product/product&path=70&product_id=440
  8. Thanks PMAAMP. I agree it sounds good and musical. When I sent the original one for warranty replacement it took almost 4 weeks to arrive and during the waiting period I ended up buying EAR 834P so now this one is a spare which I think I will not be able to use and will just sit inside the box.
  9. Further information: Hi, selling my almost new Phonomena II+. Just received it last 17th July 2020. I purchased it from Recordclean last June but was sent back because the left channel died for whatever reason. This is the replacement now. I just opened it to test for few hours to see it is working properly then put to box again. Shipping is available at agreed cost. Got some sample youtube video when it was on silver color.... and have another one I just added yesterday at Youtube for the black one. Obviously has not been burned-in yet which I am
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