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  1. Almost every electronics devices nowadays have memory/dsp, etc that can be updated. The Denafrips update is very straight forward. It just so happen that 08boss302 never used USB connection before and mainly a coax user hence never really used or installed the default USB driver to the PC before he followed the instructions.
  2. Hi, not sure why my first message get's hidden state. I'm interested to buy this one, thanks.
  3. Nice to hear you manage to get it working I have similar observations with you....it sounds wider and the bass gets better....it is tighter than before the firmware update. Initially I was thinking that I probably already reached the break-in period Also, the separation gets better esp. for dsd files BTW, are you using USB output or coax? For me before the firmware update I felt like coax is louder and a bit wider than USB, hence I resurrected my Oppo 105 from retirement. But after the update, USB sounds great again
  4. hangon...I take this that you already finished the installation of the driver and is now trying to run the firmware update?
  5. Lol....you posted a link earlier for the download of ARES II USB drivers....download it and install them first. After you installed those drivers then follow the instructions for the firmware upgrade
  6. I mean before you plugin the ARES II, just install the Denafrips_UsbAudio file.
  7. On this particular laptop/PC, have you already installed the Denafrips driver? If not yet, make sure it is installed first.
  8. Not sure about that but. Maybe Alvin can answer that.
  9. Playing ARES II in a bit high volume now since firmware upgrade last night and definitely the bass gets better and sounds a bit wider and crispier esp for dsd file. Still warm
  10. The mcu is for the usb whike the fpga is for the dsp.
  11. Yeah, that is what i remember the original settings was.....also once you downloaded the files and unzip it....make sure you rename the Ares......fmc to just Ares.fmc remove the numbers after Ares otherwise you won't be able to run the batch file that have the fpga and mcu in it
  12. I upgraded mine the other day and it was still running on the old firmware. Not sure though if it was just a coincidence but after I upgraded the firmware, the sound becomes better specially on the bass management.....It becomes tighter and almost the same now of the ARES I. Maybe, I already reached the break-in period....although I don't think that is the case because I reckon it is only running for 20+ hours so far
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