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  1. I have tried 1tb not powered and 3tb powered HDD on my OLED65C7 and both work perfectly. You may have to format the drive to NTFS, as EFAT is not recognised by my TV
  2. Hi, I am interested in this item, please reply
  3. Hi, can I have your contact or can you contact me
  4. Thanks Irek and Snoopy 8. I will try to sell the TX-NR727 and grab one with pre-out for peace of mind. I think
  5. Thanks, snoopy8. I will try the second method. If it is not working i will upgrade the avr then. Cheers
  6. I dont think this AVR has preout. I listen to music 80%. Is there a solution to keep this AVR and buy an amp for music?
  7. Hi all, I have an Onkyo TX NR727 set up 5.1 with Polk Tsi 500 as 2 main speakers and others Tsi c20 and Bookshelf Tsi 200 and Yamaha YST515 Sub. I now would like to upgrade 2 main speakers for music. I listen to New Age and Flamenco 80% and 20% vocals. I have in mind a pair of KEF Q900. The questions i have are: 1) Do need an extra amp for 2 channels music and if yes, what is your recommendation? 2) I am not sure if the Onkyo has pre-out 2 channel, if not what is the solution? 3) Can I change Monitor sub or add one more sub for the kids to watch movies. The sub I have in mind is JBL LSR310S. Can I use that studio sub (JBL) for home theater. Thank you for your help
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