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  1. stunning speakers, I'm curious if a moderate wattage tube amp can drive them well..? Glwts!
  2. serious bargain here! ... 150 for a Rel?? Glwts!!
  3. unique mechanism inside... can be a fantastic transport for modern dacs.. bargain price...! Glwts
  4. I was referring to my specific circumstances and downsize in therm of footprint not sound performances. I do agree with you that a pair of bookshelf speakers paired with a pair of good subs can equal or outperform a pair of floorstsnders. Been there, experienced that.... A pair of excellent speakers like these listed here are definitely end of the game for many... BTW they look stunning!
  5. beautiful speakers, possibly my next target when I downsize... Glwts
  6. bargain price, great sounding( ice powered) receiver.. I got one... Glwts!
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