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  1. Hi. I am interested in your player. Is it possible to hear it ? Paul.
  2. Item: Denon PMA880R with remote. Location: Brisbane Price: 200 Item Condition:Very good. Works great. Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Will deliver around Brisbane area. Pictures:
  3. I have mine off because the 2 mids and bass drivers have gold solid "bullets" protruding from the centers. They look cool.
  4. I feel a bit like the "poor" kid on the block here, but I wanted to share my excitement. After weeks of searching, reading, and auditioning, I finally came down to the Marantz CD5005 to replace my ageing Denon SACD 1920. Would I detect any improvement . In a nutshell. Chalk and Cheese. What a difference. I could not believe the differences I was hearing. Through my old Denon PMA 880R, and out of my modest Mission 773e's, I was hearing things that were truly blowing me away. First the overall sound seemed to have been washed and cleaned up. The entire soundstage is now higher in my listening vision. If that makes any sense ? On a lot of tracks you would swear that there is a high quality center speaker, with beautiful L&R back up. Every favourite track is new again. Fresh and more alive. For such a reasonably cheap upgrade, the sonic difference is awesome to my ears. I am certain that the high quality connects that I purchased from Bill125812 here on SNA have had a big influence on the outcome as well. Thanks again Bill. I can only dream of what some of you lucky folk are listening to with your state of the art equipment. But for the time being. I could not be more happy.
  5. Hi. Is this player still for sale ? Cheers
  6. Hi Phil. Am very interested in the 300se. Would you be able to give me an all up price, posted to Qld, 4184 ? Cheers Paul.
  7. It has only been a couple of months since I decided that I wanted to sit and listen to some nice clean stereo tracks again. I came upon a fella in Brisbane that had a Denon CD/DVD player for sale cheap. I went and bought it. While there I mentioned that I was just setting up. He said that he had a Denon PMA 880R that he would part with as he had found a 990. I went away and did some searching on the 880. Mixed reviews. Lots saying the bass could sound "cloudy". I decided to go for it anyway. Was a great price. Then I found the Mission 773e that I was looking for. I LOVE the 880. The bass to me is just fine. Phil Collins' drums sound tight, but not over bassy. Think I am going to replace the Denon CD with a Cambridge [ like what I have read ]. Sure can find some excellent bargains in the second hand hi fi scene.
  8. A Huge thank you to Bill125812 for making me some excellent connects for my modest system. My Missions are now soaring to new heights. James Taylor is now right in front of me in my lounge room. Amazing . Personally meet Bill ( as we live close by ) and he is a very nice person indeed. I had the added pleasure of hearing his beautiful new Spendor d9's. Thank you again Bill. You are gong to give me many wonderful hours of listening pleasure.
  9. Lucky you. I just read up on the dcd3000. It is now on the top of my list. Did you get yours on here. I saw one in google that was on here. It looked immac. Cheers.
  10. Thank you all for your wonderful advise. I love the "feel" that Mission speakers give out. I had a pair of 737's back in the nineties and they were awesome. Am finding the 773's are growing on me. They do have some lovely bass for their size. I'm sure the new cables that Bill is making me up will help to improve them some more. What a great surprise when I found out that Bill lives in the next suburb to me. Will meet him this weekend to pick up the cables. Will keep my eyes peeled for a good cdp , in the models that you have all suggested. Cheers. ps. Do you think that a European cdp would suit better with my Missions than say a Japanese one ?
  11. Is this player still for sale ? Paul.
  12. I am running a simple system and am slowly upgrading. I have a Denon PMA880. Mission 773e. Denon SACD DVD player. Am going to purchase a good set of Bi wire cables and rca leads. I am looking for a second hand dedicated cd player. Welcome any advise on makes and models which may suit my set up.
  13. Hi everyone. My name is Paul. A music lover for a very long time, and just getting back into the stereo hifi scene. Hope to learn some things and contribute where I can.
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