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  1. I am now the very happy owner of a Cayin M-50CD player. Bought from a fellow member, in as new condition. Hooked up to my modest Nad 368 and Mission e54's, with " Bill's " rca leads and bi wires. Beautiful results so far. Lovely layers and depth in the soundstage. Vocals are crystal clear. Bass is smooth and deep enough for me. The Missions do surprise, but the mids and highs are where they shine best. The rca and balanced rca outputs on the Cayin are both passed through valves. The unit weighs in at a hefty 16kg. Plus it is wide and high. The remote is solid brushed alloy. The only gripe is the tiny markings on the remote. So now it is a new journey back through all my cds to hear the subtle differences that this monster of a player can extract
  2. Hi. Very interested. What are your thoughts on this unit ? Were you satisfied with the performance. What connections were you using ? Thanks, Paul.
  3. I, like a lot of others, am never satisfied with what I have. I just bought a new amp. Nad C368. Very happy and like having the onboard BT facility. Also bought a Nad CD player so that I would only have one remote. Am currently running them into a pair of Polk Audio RTi800. But. I think that the amp is capable of producing nicer sound than what I am getting from the Polks. I love the sound from British speakers. Have had 2 pair of Missions in the past and loved them both. So I am looking around again. Have come across 2 pairs that have my interest. Orpheus Aurora 3, and Mordaunt Short MS906. I have not yet listened to either but would like to hear from anyone else who has , or may suggest anything else that would be of interest. Regards Paul.
  4. I feel a bit like the "poor" kid on the block here, but I wanted to share my excitement. After weeks of searching, reading, and auditioning, I finally came down to the Marantz CD5005 to replace my ageing Denon SACD 1920. Would I detect any improvement . In a nutshell. Chalk and Cheese. What a difference. I could not believe the differences I was hearing. Through my old Denon PMA 880R, and out of my modest Mission 773e's, I was hearing things that were truly blowing me away. First the overall sound seemed to have been washed and cleaned up. The entire soundstage is now higher in my listening vision. If that makes any sense ? On a lot of tracks you would swear that there is a high quality center speaker, with beautiful L&R back up. Every favourite track is new again. Fresh and more alive. For such a reasonably cheap upgrade, the sonic difference is awesome to my ears. I am certain that the high quality connects that I purchased from Bill125812 here on SNA have had a big influence on the outcome as well. Thanks again Bill. I can only dream of what some of you lucky folk are listening to with your state of the art equipment. But for the time being. I could not be more happy.
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