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  1. I was tossing up between the 7704 and the 8802A but in the end went with the 8802A and am pretty happy with it. I didn't like how the 77xx series comes out with a new one each year (7705 coming out at the end of this year). I heard the DAC in the 88xx series is better so went with that in the end. I mostly listen to stereo but will be eventually using if in a HT setup.
  2. Any reason why you're set on the KEF Reference 5? Do you have a budget in mind? I made the mistake (?) of buying a good set of speakers...which then requires a good set of components. Just ends up costing a lot more than I had planned haha. Don't want to gimp yourself with a good set of speakers and sub-par components.
  3. lol I've noticed that too. OP I think it's really got to do with luck too. B&W is such a popular brand and that model being the latest rendition helps. Also I guess the speakers are easier to move than full floorstanding ones? And yes, resale value does count for a lot too...
  4. Anyone know when the Marantz AV7705 is releasing? I heard later this year?
  5. Some here too: https://www.cablechick.com.au/cables/bullnose-wall-plate-with-deep-recessed-entry-for-cables.html
  6. Did you end up deciding on a new speaker? How is the MA7200?
  7. Hi All, Anyone own a pair of these speakers? Nice looking set! How do they compare to other Magico speakers and other floorstanding speakers in a similar price bracket? Thanks!
  8. Ahh ok. I didn't know you didn't have to match the cabling with the socket. In that case I'll just keep the 10A sockets but use thicker cabling behind them on a separate circuit.
  9. Thanks all. I think I'll get a separate 15A circuit put in. Appreciate the responses.
  10. Hi All, I was just wondering who here runs a separate electrical circuit for their Hi-Fi system? Is it really necessary? I'm currently renovating our home so have the opportunity to do so but it can be quite expensive if I'm changing 3-4 double GPOs to say 15A sockets and then the extra cost for a separate circuit. If you do run a separate circuit do you run a 10A, 15A, 20A or higher? Cheers!
  11. I've only listened to the 804 D3s which I thought were nice. I like the D3 series but in the end went with something else. Yeah I'm not a huge fan of their looks either...they're okay, but not really my taste.
  12. Nice thread, interesting to see all these set ups.
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