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  1. Frankenphono... have not done the “Thorsten” mods to this yet, I was interested in hearing what the big deal was with better and matched capacitors etc.
  2. Well, I have had a decent run with this. I think it’s time to play with some mod’s to hear what else can be done. At least the optimised RIAA values but I plan to go the whole lenco heaven list (note:- reflection of dog not an attempt to rip off HMV logo)
  3. Tung sol Ecc803s gold pin for v2 Ruby 12ax7 AC7 HG for v1 and v3
  4. This is nice, not sure what I was expecting actually. The gain alone was worth building this for, the sound is nice and clean and the channel separation seems to be a little better than the integrated preamp on the Yamaha. I’m not sure of the correct audiophile wording... some sound really appears to be coming from a separate speaker in the centre that doesn’t exist and the music sounds a little more “complete” than it did before, only 3 albums in so far. I am definitely going to keep this and build the rest of the enclosure. cheers for the advice
  5. IN FOR A PENNY, IN FOR A POUND... Board ordered, transformer, ordered. My initial plan is to have a box made from mirror polished stainless... if I am going to build bling, it may as well shine. The 834p really does have a cult following....
  6. I think that I will try one of the slightly better cheap chinese kits (minus tubes and transformer) first, and order the parts required to modify to how I think it will suit me by Thorsten recommendations. If it looks possible to solder-suck and remove/replace components easily enough on the board it will be interesting to listen to the 2 versions. the kit/board looks neat enough and I can already imagine it in an enclosure with a clear cover. I think it would be wise to mount the power supply completely separate in another enclosure am I wrong in thinking this? (I’m hoping the 2 boards can be split) otherwise the transformer at least in another enclosure...
  7. Electrician, but haven’t played with an amplifier build yet. The basics and all the pitfalls are all fairly well laid out for the EAR834p on the internet - a very popular build, and one that can be tinkered with. I will be reading up about this one
  8. Having another look at this, I only briefly typed in details into google and my German is amateur. This looks possible, but will involve a little a little more dedication, I suspect it will be the better option.
  9. The more I read about this, the more I think it will be the kit I choose It will probably be good enough for me to get an idea/insight cheers
  10. I actually hadn’t even thought about modifying something, not sure why I didn’t consider. This is something that could pop up second hand from time to time cheers (logic :- if bought secondhand and not bastardised by myself or others, it will hold value and may be sold if unhappy)
  11. I know I am not going to get audiophile quality for cheap, I was looking for something different, something that will give me a different sound - perhaps even better than the phono stage in the Yamaha Amp. So far I have had a lot of fun researching and just playing around with different gear and seeing what really gets my attention, (I would not have ended up with a set of Ascension Summoners if I hadn’t spent a few months reading about them first). I don’t really like the idea of putting a $1000 -$2000 phono stage on a $600-800 amp, I am looking for something that someone has put together that is “better than it should be for the price”... the whole philosphy of being a “Beerbudget Audiophile
  12. This has probably been done to death by now... but does anyone have any advice on a good inexpensive DIY tube phonostage? Who has built one and has actually compared to an off the shelf item? I have enough confidence to DIY, and would rather get the satisfaction of building something myself, but don’t want to pay a premium for a kit that is just as good as an off the shelf item. I would budget $50-250 - looking for clever/smart bang for buck I don’t actually mind the Phono stage in my Yamaha AS501, but I am not really comparing it to anything... rest of my system - Pioneer PL15 with AT95E with hyperelliptical stylus upgrade and sometimes an AT11E
  13. His sound quality on vinyl seems to be better than average on all of the albums I have (Mercury label in particular) this was one I was chasing for the best copy of “I need a lover” that I could get (the 7 inch singles are AM radio sound quality)... turns out that the tracklisting was wrong on discogs. This is still the cleanest, flattest album on vinyl I own and it survived airmail.
  14. And just because I had to know... Metallica Black 4 x 45rpm
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