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  1. Recently, added tubes to the HiFi system. Why didn't I realise how cool tubes were before? Out of the box new the Primaluna Evo 400 Pre amp absolutely steamed rolled my Pass Labs XP-10 pre in every way. The Aqua La Scala Dac, comes with two Genalex 12AT7 tubes in the output stage. Rolled six new Genalex 12Au7s, and two new Genalex 5AR4s into the Primaluna pre amp- Audio nirvana! Tubes compared with Solid State- Holographic, open wider sound stage, deeper tighter bass slam, beautiful top end shimmer, sweet natural thick mids and vocals, whisper quiet noise floor, and in
  2. MF amps are generally good considering their price. The same can't be said about their pre amps. Over 20 years, I have owned many MF amps and a few pre amps. Primaluna pre amps are a game changer, especially for their pre amps. All the draw backs of tubes are negated, at the lower lower voltages of pre amps. Transience, tonal accuracy, decay, low noise floor, holographic, musicality, ambience, and even a prominate bass slam! Makes, solid state pre amps sound, relatively thin, digital, brittle, noisy, and lacking in natural solidity in voice and instruments.
  3. I own the Musical Fidelity M8 700i monos and also the M8 pre too. The M8 700i monos are fantastic. Clean, accurate, powerful, holographic, and warm. The M8 pre amp was rather disappointing. I sold it since it was inferior to the Pass Labs X2.5 pre and Pass Labs XP-10. Recently, I sold the Pass Lab X2.5 pre and Pass Labs XP-10 too. A mate brought over his old Primaluna Prologue Pre amp. The Primaluna was better in ever single way, by a very big significant margin of improvement. Hence, now I have bought the new flagship Primaluna Evo 400 pre amp. Absolutely, killed the
  4. Item: Innuos USB Phoenix reclocker Price Range: $3,400 Item Condition: Used. Extra Info: One just sold for $2,900 on SNA and I missed out. Happy to pay (if good condition), up to $3,400, yes a $500 premium to the last used one sold. Prefer in Silver, to match my Innuos Zen Mk3. But, will take the black model too. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  5. SoundStage! Australia editor-in-chief Edgar Kramer talks to Duntech Audio’s CEO, Kiat Low, about John Dunlavy’s legacy design philosophies and how they apply to the drivers, crossovers, and overall design of the company’s new Senator and Princess loudspeakers. Kiat Low also touches on the future reinvention of the iconic Duntech Audio Sovereign loudspeaker.
  6. What happens when you play your Duntech Senators during the day with the windows open for fresh spring air!
  7. I had purchased a new MF M6 500i in the past from Len Wallis. Beautiful sounding MF integrated amp. Nice improved warmer tonal balance compared with recent past iron fist in velvet glove cold steel tones of MF amps.
  8. Don't get me wrong. The Innuos sounds absolutely amazing as a Tidal Streamer. Tidal is where 99% of my music collection lies anyhow, and well and truly worth the money I spent on it alone. I will contact Innuos in the UK for a more detailed explanation about the CD ripping and storage SQ issue. Perhaps it is the disk drive letting it down and not a problem with the more expensive Zenith and it's solid state drive?
  9. I own the innuos Zen Mk3 (2TB). I find the CD ripping process seamless and smooth (direct from the Innuos onboard CD slot). However, playback SQ I've noticed is significantly inferior the the SQ from streaming Tidal over the same Innuos. To the point, I don't bother ripping and storing CD's anymore.
  10. I've got these exact same Inakustik NF-202 RCA pair. Had to import mine direct from Germany, since this particular cable wasn't available at the time from Oz. Out of curiosity, where did you source yours?
  11. Wow! I have monoblock amps. But, monoblock DACs? Now, that's the business!
  12. I own two of these lovely MF headphones. I bought them new for $990, hence this is bargain used sale price. Lovely MF designed headphone amps, with Class A amp circuits. Detailed, warm, and surprising holographic sound presentation with HD650 headphones, especially when paired with a quality external DAC.
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