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  1. Placed most of my gear on Honeycomb Lava Basalt. Immediately noted sonic improvements to tightness in the bass, more resolute detail, background black, and better transience.
  2. Latest Duntech Senators speakers being produced. 😍😍😍 According to Duntech's Facebook website- "We look everywhere to find similar looking veneer in order to retain a consistent look. Very happy with this latest production run". www.facebook.com/Duntech-Audio
  3. True. You might get lucky and all drivers hold out, but those specific drivers haven't been made in ages. Otherwise, it's an expensive barge that difficult to shift. I have absolutely zero regrets since replacing my Duntech Marquis with brand new Senators. The Senators blow away the Duntechs of old. Night and day difference.
  4. Over 30 years ago, and no spare drivers if one needing replacement.
  5. Some videos I recorded of the new early Duntech Princess.
  6. Enjoying my Duntech Senators over the weekend. Apologies for the poor lighting, but it helps us focus on the sound 🙂
  7. Thanks to YouTuber Hammy Technoid for uploading. All time classics for sure.
  8. Just to clarify. The 8TC pair with the attached spades is 0.7m pair. The 4TC pair with the attached spades are the 0.8m pair.
  9. Item: Kimber Kable 8TC/4TC cables (Various lengths). Location: Newcastle, NSW Price: 50% off the new online price per meter👉 (online new price per meter 8TC is $139/m, and 4TC is $78/m). Item Condition: Most new, some used. Reason for selling: Project never completed. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Up for sale are Kimber Kable 8TC (3 pairs) and 4TC (3 pairs) of various pair lengths at half the online Kimber Kable sale price per meter price. Obtained from JD Audio, Sydney (Kimber's importer in Australia). I have proof of receipt from JD Audio and will be proved with sale. For sale is 2 x 1.15m, 2 x 0.9m, 2 x 0.7m of 8TC. Plus, 2 x 0.8m, 2 x 1.0m, 2 x 0.3m of the Kimber 4TC cable. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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