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  1. Have this setup with aftermarket sub platter and can confirm sq I think is comparable to a friend’s P6. What’s the board between the pavers?
  2. Wow. Excellent value given all the upgrades. Someone will get a bargain at this price! GLWTS
  3. I’d love to buy the stands if the speaker buyer doesn’t want them, or, you’re open to splitting?
  4. Had one of these briefly. Really lovely sound and great first table for someone.
  5. Thank you. Where did you buy the stands originally?
  6. I know these stands are awesome as a friend has some identical. Any idea where I can get some of these spikes from?
  7. I too am a +1 for WTB CB 250 circa 1984 or whenever Naim switched from the bolt down top to the CB sleeve. Certainly in no hurry but receptive to buying at a fair price.
  8. Someone’s going to get a bargain. Fantastic first amp for putting a first system together👍👍👍
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