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  1. Hi Pegasus. I have fairly efficient speakers 94db open back speakers. The 15" woofers are rated 150w though for my listening volume ~85db with spikes of 94db im sure the 30.8 should be powerful enough. I did listen to both amps connected to xp22 pre but they were hooked to Kef Blade speakers at a store. Spent 15mins listening to each however the amps were not warmed up but somehow the x250.8 just sounded very open and much wider sound stage whereas the 30.8 was very centre focus and the sound did not surround me, it was a very noticeable difference. Again not sure if because the amps are not w
  2. Item: Pass Labs XA 30.8 or X250.8 Price Range: Item Condition: Used Extra Info: preferably in sydney Thank you
  3. Item: schiit aegir amplifier Price Range: reasonable Item Condition: Used Either black or silver is ok
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