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  1. 13000km

    what's goin on

    I've always said that cables are what we need !! If I have time, I will rename them for "romantic" names and not as now.
  2. 13000km

    Single Ended amplifiers

    I have a question: Harmonic dist. is well offset from the original audio curve. And if that's the case, there might be MUCH which is more disturbing from an amplifier. So a% harmonic ... here or you can put in.
  3. 13000km

    Single Ended amplifiers

    Very difficult: Impedance in speaker 8ohm. Impedance in Crown 1000 runs less. 8/1000 = 0, 0 8 ohm. There are talk of differences in sound at facilities, but not differences in people's imagination. I have good imagination, but I do not mind using it so much about my facilities as I think it's good enough. One problem may be that my Peavey only has a damping factor 15 and it sounds as good as Crown fixed in another way that I do not understand. It has a bit of background noise that makes me believe it imparts even better treble. Which, of course, does not of course do.
  4. 13000km

    XH-1 Users?

    If f14mm is counted in a 24 * 36 format, if that sounds a bit too wide, unless you have more lenses. I have two Fuji old cameras that both still use. They have a "test" in Copenhagen which means it was the cheapest there in the world just when I bought it. However, do not picture me.
  5. 13000km

    Sound deadening

    Citat:Then Clive pointed out the harsh sound which we all experienced. Until we changed over to vinyl, it seemed to be obvious that the Lexicon must be at fault. Once we heard the wonderful sound coming from the LPs (through David's "Cornet 2" tube phono stage) - with:  For my part do I not understand this with loud noise? How do you manage to get it? For my part, it sounds like in reality when the instruments are in front of me. I may be unaware in all future!
  6. 13000km

    Sound deadening

    Do you only have problems with everything? Now it's the fan of a computer and the sound from the computer. Allow me to wonder what creativity you have, is it very negative? No animal outside the dwelling that drops a little methane and dämed is very disturbing?
  7. 13000km

    Show us your tubes

    2A3 amp .. do not have me and I do not get it but maybe I would like ?? Dives up there a used so !!! Very happy you can join a lot.
  8. 13000km

    Sound deadening

    Use signal from the computer directly to the power stage and see how it gets? That's how I check preamplifiers, they can not be "heard" but they're fun to have for the most part.
  9. 13000km

    Sound deadening

    Does hum have a bigger volume than on the fan so it's time to do something for the electronic recycling or something ..... Citat:Sadly for me 90% of my listening (vinyl and Cd) is classical chamber music and jazz blues.. so if I am to buy it I have to lessen this noise.. i have access to some rubberised acoustic fabric that I currently use on 4 frames 180 cm high X 40 cm wide as great bass traps. so it seem I could : 1 build another similar horizontal frame to place immediately behind the amp which is on the floor below my rack. 2 cover the top of the amp with a "wrap" of the acoustic fabric - Seems likely to activate the temp controlled fan more often?! There are long cables so you can have the amplifier far away so you only need to see an athlete's approach in some cozy mass. Solved the problem, for the most part, I believe? In the worst case, is it a nice neighbor who may get up?
  10. 13000km

    Show us your tubes

    12au7 is not so high at courses on my broad streets. I checked Dynaco Pam like I had before and it had 12ax7 which, in turn, makes me maybe now to buy 2p Pam. There are 2s here that can be mine. An error with my Dynaco was not enough base and it probably depends on the power stage. We'll see how it goes on. Can you say something negative about Tuben and Line M? Good at the beginning but late that's gonna be a joke. Are there people without self-criticism who posted it ??? And I know it's not Line magnetic error that sounds monkey, have heard this amplifier with real loudspeakers and proper recording. Fy bubble what bad it sounds here !!
  11. Här har vi kinaglas! Have too few beer related images, have I drank them? An unseen glass that might fit in Australia? But you must take a certain account of where you are.
  12. 13000km

    Show us your tubes

    Sorry here! Since I have so many tube amplifiers, I've noticed that changing tubes is not something for me. In addition, I do not hear a difference when I switch amplifiers (generally). But, of course, I can regret your "imaginations" which I think it's mostly. Unless there is anything else "substandard" that records, I do not know? That's a lot you do not know!
  13. 13000km

    Sony Ta3650

    Always excited when power cables are cut. The probability in this case indicates that the machine works when it is powered. I'm the Probability Man !!
  14. Beat a signal and they will come and play for you.
  15. 13000km

    Show us your tubes

    I think it's necessary at least 20pcs 12au7 for them to do it because they're a bit like that I've heard. But in my Dynaco not so many were needed. So frightening is if you can trust what you hear (from people). Ok now, I do not have it so something suggests is OK !!! ?? Do not be fun type because you go on a reprimand. Tassa extremely carefully !!!