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  1. Usch such a machine must have in the north cables it's so faint at the very thought, luck i have put in smaller capacitors in my 500W so i do not have to bet in giant cabinets. Copper price has gone up !!! But, of course, you have the liquid funds so !!!
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    YouTube Spinning

    Mums mums!
  3. 13000km

    Current of Amp

    georgehifi Members  1,170 3,316 posts Location: Manly nsw Country: Australia  Donor I believe in him, know what he is talking about. Even if I do not know it soooo! It does not matter that the base is "like that" because people are so tolerant. My gosse belongs to those who say the tube is crazy, but then you can not be the way I think they are doing well for me. You may not have too much education on the subject. Citat: "This fundamental difference of physics between Valve and Solid-state amps is rarely understood or referred to by the majority of self proclaimed audio experts, audiophile reviewers, text books, web sites or forums. Almost all explanations about differences between Valve and Solid-state amps is based on romantic subjective twaddle." Let me point out that I do not notice any difference between my amplifiers and it may be because I only use max. 0.08W to my 95dB as max to small ear. And that applies to both the tube and the transistor. On the other hand, it's just the "gratifying effect" that I compare. Do not we love the picture of my current? For me, I cheer as soon as I see the Picture. Because it's good sound.
  4. Does it give the bass as a big amplifier, so there is no problem with this one would think. The only thing that can be suffering is usually the base. But then we are so tolerant in the case of bass, how many times is the pure bass and in the amount that is in the game and yet it sounds good. What was it wrong before it was ....?
  5. Citat: How loudly we listen to any given recording is yet another factor. This would be easier to deal with if recordings were mastered at a reference volume level and that information was included with the recording, but they're not and it isn't. In determining the "correct" volume for a particular recording, we audiophiles are on our own. I suppose the more obsessive among us could note down their own personal reference levels: the volume level or setting they prefer for each album or tune they listen to. Then again, as system components come and go, there's no practical way of ensuring you playing music at the same level every time. The volume of sound is of great importance to the experience. For my part I measure it to the small ear. This is the volume volume that has allowed Dac to be sold on a regular basis. Actually, it only raises the volume and then it gets much better hehe. I have a cheap dac but also have a volume control. Also have a comparative material around bugging me in the form of expensive hifi that others have. If you are wrong and believe in it, no one can even bother one's faith. A lady who bought Meissen on the beautiful street in Mynchen was completely impossible to change. I pointed out that it was not porcelain without other ceramics and they would not have done that. It is probably the same with the necessity of dac in relation to the one in the computer.
  6. Music is available online so I can handle it. Too much because it was a long time since I checked Amsterdam. There they had broadcast from the deas concert hall which was great! Now it's a bit semi-dashy Emmylou Harris but good anyway. You must not be poor and high-grade!
  7. @13000km I think you might change your mind if you heard vinyl done correctly, and it doesn't take that much money if things are well thought out. I have the chance because I have left everything in vinyl. For some, then I'm going to start a machine but had no room for it. Ok i enjoyed vinyl time too but got happy when cd came. May see if I can fit, but it's a difficult upturn. I have plenty of place but none available. Cream is a word of power here. More power on apple ... thank you lady.
  8. Obviously you listen to better sounds than me. I do not have the "compulsion" to listen to such a high "change" because I think it sounded great with eg. 128th I walk enough on the stitch (speed). And good recordings. All I know is that the vinyl I heard was not that impressive on me. They have some foolish dirty vinyl here in Svedala (some exaggeration)! And then I have my cables, it'll be good enough half of the sound available? I hope I have some extra cream behind it, otherwise it would have been down to 40dB 200-5000Hz.  Music can also be that you span a big rubber band next to your ear and sound it, then you will get a natural bass !!! A little enjoyment !!!! You have such a base on your vinyl (speaker) of course?  Like me, be surprised almost every day that sounds so good. Well now I do not have the time to be surprised because I'm so busy here, have not opened the music. It's not easy to be the best or the worst. Just to choose! Citat: I think I am more like you in as much as while I appreciate the bling I want the music to sound like I think it should. However for me it is a lot about detail. I want to hear the decay of a crash cymbal gradually fade off for seconds into silence. I want to hear the hi hat close crisply without sibilance. I want the scraping sound of the bow against the violin/cello etc string. I want the impact of the kick drum prior to the boom. I want to hear the rasp of the reed in the instrument. I want the instruments to sound like instruments. I find that this does require better than average equipment. When I hear all of that I am hearing the music. Edited 2 hours ago by crisis I want to hear a fis in space! 
  9. It sure works with vinyl as well. It's just that there's so much bad just vinyl dynamically etc. Have also been involved in very bad recordings technically on vinyl that people have sat and listened to. You wonder how people can listen to such bad things? It could be better at a 78rpm. One more thing, put a lot of money on the player when the speakers always need that money or work. But I also understand that a Vinyler looks quite impressed. Far from everyone who is as practicing as I think. In my case, it is the function that is No: 1. This means I do not need any special cables etc.
  10. 13000km

    Paper machè horns.

    So somebody may have noticed it has been a bit loose here and it made me take my chance !!! Can it be hoped that it has not taken too much on the power? You do not mind this statement about drugs? Or you thought it has an intimate connection with horn speakers? One has to ask because it seems strange if only "mine" is perceived as "something odd". Could it be so that there is a small click of drug traffickers? In that case, I am prepared to accept this !!! Had it been a Kris, I would not have had to ask but now it's a certain difference. Thank you for all that!
  11. 13000km

    Paper machè horns.

    Lord God, shall it be so difficult for people? Have you seen such a knife and know where it comes from? I know there are wooden shells but so much wood do you not have in Australia?
  12. Can there be other factors that affect and make mp3 a bit difficult for the vinyl gang? For my part, I have not heard anything from a vinyl that somehow convinced me of its excellence. Looks like they can be something extra! Something ridiculous yet !!
  13. Citat: Most of them sound great on the rig. I rarely listen to any mp3’s now, after listening to my records again, as I definitely notice the inferior quality. It sounds amazing, I do not have such problems. That means I do not have any sound approved by you in general. I get out of your writing that mp3 is bad in comparison, is it so? For my part I am very surprised !!! Or I've misunderstood it all? Okay, if you think the sound is so much better from discs, it may be. We are allowed to run the advertisement for discs and let the subject matter. The sound of the tube is safe compared to the discs we know now. It's only now that I've got it, thank you for this insight !! Wondering if it's a storyteller who thinks vinyl is so good in relationship? Or do not you find a storyteller here? Clearly there is everything to sell "****" !!!
  14. Some climb mountains, others as I climb "a business deal" in the pursuit. Most of the time it takes 3 days before the rush breaks off. Ok it can be a kick with hifi but there is another.
  15. Infinity Renaissance 90 were good speakers that are probably yours? They were a worthy supplier of the sound from my Crown. The owner of the speaker was allowed to interrupt the coffee cup and turn down the volume. He was a little scared of his speakers. It was the first and only time I heard a difference in cables. Krell was a cable-sensitive rack, but not Crown