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  1. Absolute stunning craftsmanship! (Any response curve measurements done?)
  2. Got it. Seems a tricky way of making good contact but on the other side if it worked like this on the original speakers it's proven to be the right concept
  3. Hi Vic, You're half Dutch reading this 😉 I do know the Azura horns, actually I contacted Martin before I got my mid horns and he actually recommended to order similar horns in Europe to keep the shipment costs low....what a great man!
  4. I will. Any topics or specific questions?
  5. Curve incl THD/2nd/3rd (F3 low side varies wrt position, most reliable 300Hz and up))
  6. Feel free to ask. Backloaded horn 40Hz design, DX4 Lowther cut out whizzer, 35Hz measured. Filtered at 1kHz (2nd order LP) taken over by TD2001 with 350Hz Tractrix up till 8kHz (3rd OrderHP, 1st order LP) taken over by RAAL lazy Ribbon (first order but with internal transformer 2nd)
  7. Almost as sunny as Austrialia nowadays 😉 Best introduction with a pic of my project, I think.
  8. I would like to understand better how the "Tweeter Energy" selector makes a reliable contact. I see the bushings in the back with components soldered to it and the metal frontplate. Does the pin make the short between this metal frontplate and the bushing in the back? If so, how is the pressure applied to have a good contact on both sides?
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