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  1. Where is this in Saigon? I'm going there next year and would love to see this shop.
  2. vuman619

    Rental Atmos Setup

    Good Evening y'all, Little background before I introduce my ghetto theatre. Been browsing SNA here for a while and even went to my first Stereo Net hifi show this year. I got into home theatre about 2 and a half years ago, since then I've been reading and learning more and more each day. Condensing years of surround sound developments into the evolution of my system. Only heard about Dolby Atmos halfway into my journey and was instantly hooked on 3D sound. I wanted, nay, I needed it. Which brings me to today. I finally did it, not the most ideal arrangement (being in a rental and all) but I did it!!! I'm so happy with how it turned out. Movies are extra immersive, Game of Thrones is off the charts theatrical and everything is just a treat to consume. I'm putting this out there for the naysayers and non-beleivers, Atmos is such a good investment. (If you have the space/permission to) I'm smiling ear to ear (DTS: X is great too). My system is a 7.3.4 and is as follows: - Source: Samsung UBD K8500 - AVR: Marantz SR7010 - Power AMP: Rotel RMB-1075 - Front L/R: Bowers & Wilkins DM604 - Centre: Bowers & Wilkins CC6 - Surround L/R: Bowers & Wilkins DM604 - Surround Back L/R: Bowers & Wilkins DM601 - Top FL/FR/RL/RR: Sonance VP62R - Subwoofers: 3 x Jensen X-165 Calibrated with Audyssey and it got the measurements pretty close, maybe off by 3cm at most, manually adjusted and all is well. I've also ordered a calibrated U-MIK1 and going to run some tests with REW, keen to see how everything performs. Before this I had only experienced Logitech speakers and was gleefully ignorant. After much research I waited for the right gear to equip my system and these were all my first choices. Next upgrades will be a projector and screen, I was really impressed by the Optoma branded projectors but everyone here seems to advocate for JVC, so not sure which way to go yet. Eventually will swap out the subwoofers for what is most likely going to be 2 x SVS PB2000s.
  3. 1+ to unreliable ARC, tried forever to get it to working with my TCL TV and Pioneer/Marantz receivers. Tried changing every setting resetting everything to factory. Could never get it working. Ended up just using optical as suggested by@buffyslayer.
  4. Nice progress pics, keen to do what you have done one day!
  5. Hi guys, As per the title, I have a spare VIP ticket for the show. I'll be down in Melbourne from Saturday morning. So can grab the ticket off me at doors open. Kind Regards
  6. Hi guys, not sure if anyone else has experienced the same problem but my SR7010 gets really hot. I was playing music on my phone and sending it to the Marantz AVR via Bluetooth, playing 2 channel YouTube music, both main left and rights are run off an external amplifier; there's plenty of clearance for ventilation above (~3") yet the Marantz heats up quite a lot. It's so hot it's made me consider getting a laptop cooler and placing it on top. Is this normal?
  7. vuman619

    Lurker from Sydney

    Haha thanks for the warm welcome guys:)
  8. vuman619

    Lurker from Sydney

    Hi All, I have been dabbling in audio here and there since school. Mostly enjoyed a good pair of ear phones. Was always happy with my $20 Sony (only ones I could afford at the time) saved up and got my first pair of Klipsch, wow what a whole new world. I was always an advocate for any speakers besides TV speakers. Had my trusty Logitech 5.1 system for as long as I can remember. Handing down one system at a time until slowly all of my family members had a logitech system to call their own. Now after buying my first set of floor standers . I've well and truly fallen down the rabbit hole. I love making cables even though I'm a cabler by trade. I love calibrating, tuning, EQ'ing, positioning, anything really that has to do with recreating perfect neutral sound. Bowers and Wilkins are my babies. After a few years of fiddling around with integrated AV receivers am finally delving into the separates path.