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  1. Item: Marantz NR1508 Location: Gleneagle, QLD Price: $550.00 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: as new condition, this is a slimline unit rated #1 in its class, best bang for buck slimline AVR on the shelves. Selling on average $780.00 +/- new! This AVR has been out of the box less than a month as I was upgrading my entire AV system to 4K UHD. It has 50wpc/5.1/HDMI,(ARC)/USB/BLUETOOTH/HEOS/AUDYSSEY/SPOTIFY + INTERNET RADIO. It easily drives my 4 x Klipsch R-28F towers and RP450c centre. My reason for selling is I wanted more wpc and upgraded to the bigger SR5012. This unit is flawless and has the original packaging/manual/warranty/remote/Audyssey tripod/AM-FM antennas. Price is firm as not fussed if sells or not. Pictures:
  2. Jaffa the Great

    Can I use two AVR's?

    Yes others have recommended amps and integrated amps but I still go back to the main issue I believe that is the speakers are not getting the maximum juice they required to get to 98db.
  3. Jaffa the Great

    Can I use two AVR's?

    Agreed, this is why I'm constantly questioning my outputs and I use 4 x Klipschs R28f's which are I believe quite efficient speakers.
  4. Jaffa the Great

    Can I use two AVR's?

    So I'm aware of this now and the SR5012 being the one with the most power has the multi channel preouts
  5. Jaffa the Great

    Can I use two AVR's?

    My SR5012 has multi channel pre out but my NR1508 doesn't.
  6. Jaffa the Great

    Can I use two AVR's?

    Sorry about that, but it's the other way around I want to use my SR5012/100 wpc for 2.1 and NR1508/50wpc for 5.1
  7. Jaffa the Great

    Can I use two AVR's?

    I apologize if this topic has been covered recently. Is it possible to run one 2.1 out of one AVR and 5.1 out of the other. I have 2 Marantz AVR's one 100 wpc and the other 50 wpc I want to use the 100 wpc for 2.1 and the 50 wpc for 2.1. My understanding is that you can split the pair and the 100 wpc AVR can be the mains AVR. A friend told me in the day it was a simple switch to split the channels from 2.1 to 5.1. using two AVR's. The reason being is again it's my understanding that when in 2.1 mode is being used the remaining channels are still drawing power minimising the possible maximum output of the 2 speakers being used. I'm trying to gain more db output from my mains. My current set up max's out the main speakers at under 84db metered. I have all the speaker levels close to maximum so can't get anymore out of the 100 wpc AVR. Thanks in advance!!
  8. Jaffa the Great

    HDMI (lesson learned)!

    Well I don't know what planet you live on, but the one I live on deals with facts, at the end of the day your opinion and your colleagues opinions are on one side of this argument regardless of how long you've been in the industry. The other side refutes your argument. It's pointless having ago at me when I didn't write the reviews did I, but I will still recommend people checkout the info for themselves because there getting ripped off if they pay high end prices when they don't need to. End of story!
  9. Keen to get peoples views on this Marantz especially for a music.
  10. Jaffa the Great

    HDMI (lesson learned)!

    It was my experience and as mentioned there is plenty of information regarding this topic out there. Cnet.com which I believe to be a credible source cover it in great detail and as a result of the information I took on board fixed my issue. I'm always learning and more than happy to be enlightened.
  11. Jaffa the Great

    HDMI (lesson learned)!

    Thanks Rawl, very interesting though I guess there's an argument for and against. It was definitely an exercise worth noting. Cheers!
  12. Jaffa the Great

    Respected Speaker Brands

    I'm loving my Klipsch centre!
  13. Jaffa the Great

    Respected Speaker Brands

    I can't fault them, don't know why some run them down must be a Ford & Holden thing. Plenty of style though that's what caught my eye. I'm happy with the ones I got at the moment, just need to juice up my AVR now.
  14. Jaffa the Great

    Optimum performance or thereabouts!

    Thanks for the advice I'll give it a go Cheers
  15. G'day, I just recently upgraded my old TV when it passed away to new Hisense UHD, that then set off a chain reaction. I ended up buying new a Panasonic BDUHD a Marantz slimline AVR a pair of Klipsch's R- 28F's the Klipsch R- 12SW subwoofer and I'll be picking up my Klipsch RP- 450c centre speaker on Wednesday. I have this system in my 5 x 2 living room which is full of furniture and a slate floor and my lounge is about 2.5 meters from the system. I've read a few post's regarding people's wanting advice about setting up there systems and could see there's some pretty switched on people here, so here I am looking to get some help getting the optimum setup for my room. My main use is music 90% and movies/TV 10%. I use my surrounds as fronts when I'm playing music using Dolby Pro Logic ll and switch to 5.1 when watching flick's. My AVR is a Marantz NR1508 with 50 wpc output, I used Audyssey for the speaker set up I think I got that part right but then I kind of played around with other settings, actually I had no idea what I was doing, +/- db, hz/khz is all chinese to me. I sought to adjust bass on my front's prior to getting the Klipsch's and gave up after I couldn't find it in the settings of the AVR, so I left it as is. The terminology is what does my head in but I'm learning little bit's each day. I'd like to make sure I have the whole system functioning at it's best when I hook up the Klipsch centre. My sub is set as per instructions but considering the woofers on the towers add the bass I'm not sure if I need to back the sub off a wee bit, the bass sounds fine to me the mid and treble sound fine to me. But I have no idea how to set the crossover and I would like to make sure it's set correctly. Thanks for your patience reading this and would be grateful for any advice. Cheers