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  1. J54T

    Worth repairing? Sub-800

    Oh well, no takers hey. Anyway.. Ran my system for few days minus the sub and now im noticing a distinct lack of L channel again. Tested it with 2 sets of speakers and same thing. So looks like my sansui au-5500 amp is having problems. Im going to try calling a few hifi repairers.. Then i guess I'll find out for myself the going rate for repair work
  2. Hi All, I have a dayton sub800 powered sub that has suddenly dropped sound out of the left side. I.e. little to no sound out of the left speaker when going through the sub from the amp. Im thinking its just a connection thing, because i got some sound back after trying to remake the connection.. Maybe the alligator clips or whatever the term is aren't holding down? Anyway i have no electrical/audio skills so it would probably need to go to a pro. Would it be worthwhile? You can get them for about $130 now new.. Would i spend more in repairs? Appreciate anyone's insight or advice Cheers
  3. I really shouldn't. This would be my 3rd decent dap.. But ok you got me I'll pm today
  4. J54T

    SOLD: FS: Marantz CD48 CDplayer

    I'll take it. I'll shoot a pm in a sec. Thanks
  5. Allthumbs, would you consider posting the TU3900 to brisbane? Happy to pay postage costs
  6. Awesome, I'll send you a PM. Cheers
  7. J54T

    Hi from brisbane

    Thanks guys.. When I've had a bit more of think about things I'll probably spring up with some specific questions, but right now I'll just keep lurking around and learning. 🙂
  8. J54T

    Hi from brisbane

    Haha, Cheers for the advice! I am happy but i guess i have this dream of some sort of ultimate sonic quality. I know tuners and cds are pretty old school, but i do still like my radio and i still buy the odd CD. The current amp is just a tiny box with a knob for volume.. One 3.5mm input and a single speaker pair out. I'm thinking that might be the place to start upgrading. Thanks for the advice re classifieds, might start there Jack
  9. Hi All, Total newbie here.. Last year i made a very simple/cheap system using a dayton dta-100 amp, dayton powered sub and some mission 731i speakers. I just run my fiio x1 through this and pretty happy with it. Now i'm curious to see/hear if theres a lot of improvements to be had maybe upgrading speakers and or amp, but the amount of choice has my mind boggled. Also looking to add a tuner and cd player at some point. So yeah basically just signed up to learn from those more experienced Cheers Jack