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  1. Signed up yesterday evening and was up and running on Qobuz for the free trial in a few min time. Not done any critical listening yet - so difficult to compare with Tidal. Will listen more over the weekend
  2. RP3 is an excellent TT and so is the brio amp. If you are open to buying used, have a look at the classifieds section - lots of speakers on sale now. What kind of budget are you looking at? You may need a reasonably efficient speaker since the brio is not known for driving difficult loads Cheers!
  3. Nice looking unit. You might want to post in the classifieds section along with the expected price if you are looking to sell
  4. Welcome to the forum Neil. Lovely place to chill out, though your wallet may not agree once you get hooked on this forum and all the hi-fi possibilities! What's your current setup like?
  5. Have heard these speakers a couple of times and they punch way above their asking price. GLWTS!
  6. Great to hear that your parents are enjoying streaming. Sometimes the simplest of solutions might be all that you need!
  7. There was a shortage of Clay's (Gieseler Audio) DACs because he uses the AKM chips and these chips have been unavailable for a few months since a fire broke out at the AKM factory in Japan As per a recent post from Clay, he's now producing a new batch with Wolfson chips. Might be worth reaching out to him. I think he has a 30 day return policy - so you can safely try out in your system. I've heard of great synergy between Auralic streamers and Gieseler DACs, and Clay himself uses one of the Auralic streamers
  8. Congratulations on the Hulgich speakers!
  9. Another happy user of the Auralic family - though I have the older Aries femto. Highly recommended brand. I use Andriod mostly through BubbleUpnP. Not the best solution compared to the iOS interface, but you can live with it. You do need an iPad/iPhone for the first time configuration or if you need to make any changes to the settings. I have my Auralic streamer connected to a WiFi setup and have had no problems over the past year or so running Tidal. No buffering/lag - I do have a reasonably fast wifi setup though!
  10. A google chromecast audio or a used Bluesound node 2i will be ideal. While a raspberry pi is an inexpensive and great solution, it requires a bit of initial tinkering and setup
  11. Though not local to you, Anthony from Grizzlyworks @Grizzly do make excellent stands. https://grizzlyworksracks.wixsite.com/home
  12. Congratulations! Which color did you go for? Will be great to hear your thoughts on these speakers.
  13. If budget is a constraint for the Node 2i, have a look at the classifieds section for a used one. You can get one for around $700. Here is a good example from the classifieds (unfortunately sold now) As an alternative, you can also look at the Yamaha WXA streamer-DAC for around $400 new, though Yamaha's interface is far behind the Bluesound one https://www.radioparts.com.au/product/01614724/wxc50-expand-dac-pre-amplifier-airplay-bluetooth-musiccast
  14. My bad - meant to say A500. How to they sound? and pictures too......think you're the first here to get your hands on these
  15. What about one of the Nagaoka carts - the MP110/150 or MP200 depending upon your budget? Nagaoka carts are usually known to be on the warmer side
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