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  1. Can't imagine these are still around! For 800 bucks for the pair, you won't get a better bargain. These are active speakers with built in DAC. I have a very similar model, and would highly recommend these - I paid far far more for mine when I bought them used around a year and a half ago.
  2. Amazing set of speakers for throwaway money! I own a similar pair (DSP5000 smileys) for the past year and a half and have been very happy with them. Very good buying! From memory, these are around 32 kg each I am guessing these are the earlier version - with 16/48 digital? GLWTS!
  3. Welcome DT! This is a great forum to discuss hi-fi and music. What is your music setup/system?
  4. Welcome Robert! Do share some details of your system - stereo/home theater etc., along with pictures
  5. Welcome mate! Do share your system details - stereo, home theater etc. Some pictures will also be nice
  6. I'll probably take both the above advise........., but wait, that's what my current setup is! go figure!
  7. Another great option........a few of the members here have this setup as a stereo pair and are very happy. Way within your budget too! Here is one more.....heard these at the Melbourne audio show last year and was very impressed
  8. Sound advice. Used Sansui's do come up often in the forum classifieds. In fact, there is a sansui au 101 listed right now. Other vintage amps to consider include Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony and Yamaha. Good luck with your search. What's your budget? that might help get more focused replies
  9. If you have a digital backup of the CD - it might be worth just burning a copy (if your CD player will play these)
  10. Welcome aboard Tal. Yes, these are tough times...... Some elaboration about your budget will help. You will also need to figure out your source (CD/LP/Digital/Streaming) as well as amplification and cables in case you haven't thought about these yet. Of the speakers that you mentioned above, I've heard the Osborns and the Maggies (different model though). I personally preferred the Osborns between the two - but again, the setups were different which could have influenced the sound. Going roughly by the budget of the speakers you have shortlisted, there should be more options available. You could potentially check out the below speaker manufacturers also to name a few - Mike Lenehan Audio - Legend Acoustics - Dynaudio - B&W - Focal - PMC - ATC It might be worth thinking of active speakers also - from the likes of brands such as Meridian (used), ATC, Dynaudio etc. Saves you the worry about matching amplifiers Good luck with the search. Cheers! P.S - if you are open to buying used, there are some real bargains to be had in the classifieds section of the forum
  11. One more for you to consider - very good value for the asking price of $800. The link shared by @Bunno77 above is also a stonking bargain! The Dyns would be my preference but do need a good quality amplifier that can drive 4 ohm loads
  12. Congratulations mate! You are one patient man - it seems from the 'linked' post that these speakers have been in the making since 2015!!
  13. Just love those coloured VU meters! Good on you mate for breathing fresh life on a cassette deck. Rare to see anyone using cassettes these days
  14. Ah.....brings back old memories! I've had many of the cassettes listed here. Don't own a player or cassettes any more. GLWTS!
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