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  1. If you are open to buying used, check this out from the classifieds. Dot on your budget
  2. Totally agree.........there is much more to the art of making a good DAC than just the chip. Of course, having a good chip should be the starting point, after that there are many more factors. Having compared the Amanero USB input vs SPIDIF in the DAC which I use for my headphones, I feel that the USB interface wins in terms of sound quality. The days of the 'sub-standard' USB audio interface are long gone, and the modern day USB audio interfaces are very good.
  3. I too have an Aries Femto, and can easily recommend it - very happy with mine. I use it connected through digital SPIDIF to my Meridian DSP speakers, and run completely on WiFi. No issues with Tidal streaming or accessing music on USB flash drive. I control it using the Lightning DS app on an iPad. You can also use BubbleUPnP or the Linn/Lumin apps if you want to use an Andriod interface. I've seen these go for anything between $1100-$1300 in the classifieds here. Good luck with getting one....
  4. If the OP is keen on buying speakers from local manufacturers, lots of options including Krix, VAF, Osborne, Adelaide speakers, Legend Acoustics, Duntech Audio, Lenehan Audio to name a few. Check out this thread for a full list of Australian made speakers
  5. Sound advice.......buying used gear in good condition will help you get great value. I've made many purchases from the classifieds section here and have been very happy with the value I got - most of them were around 50% of the retail price
  6. Was it the standard Phantom or the Silver/Gold? A few on the forum use the Gold as a stereo pair (i.e two of them) and are very happy with it. If you are open to buying used - a good deal here in the classifieds section. Addicted to Audio also had some good discounts on a couple of Dynaudio Xeo models the last time I checked there. Having moved to Active DSP speakers a couple of years ago after using separates for nearly a decade, I strongly support the 'less is more' approach of Active DSP speakers. You can always try selling your amplifier in the classifieds here - otherwise will end up as an expensive 'paperweight'! Good luck with the hunt......
  7. Nice......the Gieseler is held in high regard on the forum - though I haven't had the chance to hear it yet. Curious to know which input sounds better - USB or coax?
  8. Welcome Mike. Have a look into the Dynaudio Zeo or Focus line of active speakers - they come in Black/White, and are active speakers with DSP which allows you to get rid of your amplifiers and DAC. So fewer number of components to manage. There are a couple of bookshelf models in both the lineups.
  9. have a look at this one for speakers - will give you good bass without having to go for a sub. You may need to use your entire room space though!
  10. looks perfect for winter with the 'headband' beanie.... GLWTS!
  11. Nice looking speakers there in the last picture. Yamaha? GLWTS!
  12. Welcome to the forum Harry! You have a decent starter budget and should be able to get yourself a nice sounding system, especially if you buy used. I would highly recommend going down that path - you can find some real bargains in the classifieds section. One point to note is that speakers and amplifiers need to be matched to each other. So you need to purchase both components keeping this in mind. I can also suggest exploring active speakers - which takes the speaker-amplifier matching out of the equation. What are your options for source? You may need a DAC (digital to analogue converter) somewhere in the chain depending upon your music source. Additionally, keep a couple of hundred for cables - speaker & interconnect Enjoy the journey.......it's definitely an addictive one, as most of our wallets have found out the hard way!
  13. Fantastic streamer, and a good price - I think they retailed for >$2K. I have one running on Wifi connected to my active DSP speakers - been running perfect for me. Great iOS interface GLWTS!
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