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  1. If you are open to buying used, there are some really good amplifiers that come up in the classifieds section and can give you a greater value proposition than buying new. Might be worth checking out if you are interested. What speakers are you planning on pairing the amplifier with?
  2. Smooth and warmish sound more like the Marantz. Have not heard that particular model, but previous models from the PM series that I've heard fit the 'smooth and warm' bill very well. What budget are you looking at?
  3. I've owned the previous model mentioned here (CD6003) for many years and have to say that it gave me many years of fuss free service. Punched way above it's price point, did not skip any CDs and was rock solid. If the model listed here has quite a few upgrades from the one I had, definitely a bargain at this price!
  4. Ended up going the past weekend. Wasn't too impressed with the CD collection. Found a few books though and a couple of LPs. Overall, not as great as last time but that could be because I was there towards the end of the 10 day fair
  5. Nice......which one did he/she get? Some really good deals on amps & speakers in the classifieds section too
  6. That's quite some work to bring this amp back to top spec! Beautiful looking for something that's a few decades old
  7. Just came across some really good deals on Music Hall turntables at Shelby https://www.selby.com.au/electronics/turntables/turntables.html MMF 2.1 available at $299 (with Magic 3 cartridge) MMF 5.1 available at $579 (with Magic 3 cartridge) MMG 7.1 available at $849 (no cartridge) Really tempted to get the 5.1. Any idea how this compares with an equivalent Rega or Project? Thoughts on the Magic 3 cartridge? Seems like this is custom made for Music Hall by Ortofon.
  8. That's some nice looking gear! looks in mint condition for something a few decades old GLWTS!
  9. Thanks. Was on the look out for a 5 series processor - hence the question. I have the DSP5000's. If they are anything to go by, your 5500's should be in a different league altogether and well worth the asking price. .....and congratulations on the baby! Good luck
  10. That's good to know. I was planning on going this weekend, but was hesitating thinking that the good books were probably gone by now. Seems like it's still worth checking out. Thanks for the update.
  11. Nice......cool looking speakers for the daughter. Lucky her! Are you running a Sansui for the amplification?
  12. did you get a chance to check out the fair? I was out for the long weekend, so will probably try going this weekend
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