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  1. Great collection of audio equipment you have there.....what's your main speakers?
  2. The rega elex r is a stand alone integrated amplifier, and does not have a built in DAC. You would need to use the DAC in the CXN, which is excellent, BTW. The only way to connect is to take the analogue RCA output from the CXN and into one of the line inputs of the rega using a pair of RCA interconnects. Coax is a digital connection, and cannot be used in your case since there is no DAC in the Rega - so you are limited to just using analogue inputs from various sources
  3. Agree.....my current speakers are from LWA - I had picked up a used pair from them almost a year ago. Absolutely no issues so far, and the price was very fair. Definitely recommended
  4. Though I listen to a lot of Jazz, Miles Davis is not one of my favorites. 'Kind of Blue' is definitely his most popular work and the only album that I have of Miles. If you like Jazz - trumpet, do check out Wynton Marsalis
  5. Any idea how much a replacement stylus/cart would cost? From what I read (and I could be wrong about this), it seems that the stylus can be re-tipped, but not replaced. Most recommend replacing the cart once the stylus wears out Any other 'reasonably priced' carts that would fit this headshell?
  6. I was over at Len Wallis this Saturday and happened to see these speakers in the 'used' section. Though I didn't get a chance to hear them, they seemed to be in good condition
  7. Hi there......sorry to hear about your loss. My condolences to you and your family That's some really good audio gear that you have listed. Wish you good luck with the sale.
  8. Have read about the N10 pairing well with the Chord Hugo2 and Mytek Brooklyn. No personal experience though with either
  9. 1. raspberry pi3+cheap DAC? There is one listed in the classifieds, if I remember properly 2. Intel NUC+cheap DAC - some of the older ones can be had for cheap For a different direction altogether, how about a DAP (digital audio player) such as the Fiio X3/X5/X7 or the AK Jnr? A used one can easily be had for a couple of hundred dollars. The ones with android interfaces will support wi-fi, and allow you to stream. I use a FiiO DAP for my headphones and am quite happy
  10. Same here.......that one was a bit tricky
  11. Couldn't help commenting - the amplifier is in absolutely fantastic looking condition. Looks like it just came off the production line yesterday, leave alone 50 years ago. Good luck with the sale!
  12. Fantastic looking speakers, and superbly maintained! Good luck with the sale....
  13. I'll take the Donny Hathaway and James Taylor sets if both are still available. Would need postage to 2060. Have PM'ed you
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