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  1. Nice...... Any idea how these compare to Isoacoustic gaias?
  2. Yup.......or we will just keep chiming away here about fonts and colours!!
  3. Welcome Leon! As they say, old is gold! Do share some photographs of your setup Cheers
  4. Congratulations! How it sounds to your ears is all that matters - doesn't matter if it is the latest or the greatest or 30 year old speakers! Enjoy...
  5. Yup, just saw the new blueish screen - IMO the earlier colour was more true to Stereonet!
  6. Great looking speakers, but I'm intrigued by those speaker cables. Looks like they are shining away while playing music! GLWTS!
  7. Welcome to the forum...... that's one hell of a budget, and opens up a whole lot of options for you. I have little experience working with that kind of budget - so will leave to more experienced members to chime in! Good luck with finding your audio nirvana....
  8. Which model of Blueray player do you have? What is the rest of your chain like (speakers, AV amp etc)? Are you using the digital out from the Blueray player or the analogue out? If you are using the digital out - then it bypasses the DAC in your Blueray and uses the DAC in the AV receiver. Either way, a dedicated CD player will probably sound much better for stereo music. However, this investment will make sense only if you are also looking for a dedicated amplifier for your stereo, and your speakers are also of a similar quality to get the best out of the source
  9. Nice colour on those speakers - like the matt white colour. GLWTS!
  10. ATC speakers love good clean power - a high current amplifier will suit well. You can check out ATC's own amplifier. Primare, Bryston, Parasound, Musical Fidelity are other examples that can be considered. Best is to have a home audition (if the dealers permit) or take your speakers to your dealer to hear out the options. Good luck with your search!
  11. Hey Jai......welcome! Good to see you here. I'm also a member on hifivision (Indian audio forum - I go by the name 'apk') and we've met once in Mumbai before when I had come to check out a set of speakers that you were selling. Small world, eh? Enjoy your stay here.....
  12. Interesting looking speakers. Do you use them with the angular edge on the outer side or the inner side? GLWTS!
  13. congrats! extra cash is always welcome in this hobby
  14. Out of curiosity, what streamer did you upgrade to? GLWTS!
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