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  1. I have owned the M40x for quite a few years now and would definitely recommend them for the money (around 125-150 AUD - can be had for less during a deal). They are a fairly neutral headphone for what you pay. They are also fairly easy to drive and do not really need a dedicated HP amplifier - though they do sound better with an amp. I also own the Focal Elegia, which are better, but I had to pay a lot more to get there. In my opinion, the M40x is a good buy at their price - and sounded better (to my ears) than similarly priced HPs that I have heard from Sony, JBL, Senn, Beats Stud
  2. An audio technica ATH m50x will be a good closed back within your budget. Slightly bass heavy, if you prefer that sort of sound. Alternatively, the ATH m40x is a more neutral sounding. I own the m40x and have heard the m50x extensively. I can easily recommend either of them based on your preferences.
  3. Sounds spooky! Maybe a late Halloween effect....
  4. Heard about the Proacs pairing well with Simaudio Moon and Primare amplifiers - might be worth checking these out
  5. Since you're in Syndey, might be worth checking out a few of the Hi-fi stores in the city and hearing the Rega planar 6 with a few cart options. I've dealt with LWA (len wallis audio) in Lane Cobe, and can highly recommend them
  6. Great Album - one of my favorites in soul music. I have the CD version. GLWTS!
  7. I have this same lens and can highly recommended this one. Very sharp macro lens
  8. Come away with me - Norah Jones Cafe Blue - Patricia Barber
  9. One more option from the classifieds if the seller is open to splitting the combo in which case the amplifier should come close to your budget. Both the Rega and the CA listed in the previous post will give you very good performance for the money spent.
  10. if you are open to buying used, a couple of good deals can be found on the classifieds section of the forum.
  11. I have the Rega Fono mini and can definitely recommend this. For around $100 (used) or around $180 new, it's a great buy. Other options around this price range which are good include the project phono box and schitt mani
  12. If your son is interested, Nikon is offering a free online photography course covering various styles of photography. https://www.nikonevents.com/us/live/nikon-school-online/
  13. Agree with that completely. If your son in mainly into street photography, it's best to have a small, discreet camera paired with a 35 mm or 50mm (full frame equivalent) lens. I would suggest against going for a expensive or new camera for a beginner. The cameras from a few years ago are just as good and you don't need the latest and greatest technology. A used 2-3 year old camera off e-bay or gumtree along with a good 35mm/50mm prime lens will help your son cut his teeth on photography, understanding aperture & shutter control, depth of focus, ISO etc.
  14. Headphone preferences are very personal - what float's ones boat may not for another - all the more reason to hear these out before you take the plunge. I haven't been to A2A for a while - best to call up and ask if they stock Beyers. Yes, the T1s do need a bit of juice to drive them. Good luck with the search. While you are at it, you may also want to check out some other options such as Focal, Aeon, Audeze etc. Many of these come up for sale in the classifieds section at good prices
  15. If you like the Beyer house sound, the T1 is the next upgrade to the DT series. You might be able to get a used Gen1 or 2 within your budget. I heard the T1 Gen2 vs a couple of the DT series and found the T1 much better overall. This was more than a year ago, and only a short comparison. If you are in Sydney (your location only shows NSW), a couple of good places to hear headphone options are 'minidisc' in chatswood and 'addicted to audio' in Newtown
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