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  1. Welcome to the forum Harry! You have a decent starter budget and should be able to get yourself a nice sounding system, especially if you buy used. I would highly recommend going down that path - you can find some real bargains in the classifieds section. One point to note is that speakers and amplifiers need to be matched to each other. So you need to purchase both components keeping this in mind. I can also suggest exploring active speakers - which takes the speaker-amplifier matching out of the equation. What are your options for source? You may need a DAC (digital to analogue converter) somewhere in the chain depending upon your music source. Additionally, keep a couple of hundred for cables - speaker & interconnect Enjoy the journey.......it's definitely an addictive one, as most of our wallets have found out the hard way!
  2. Fantastic streamer, and a good price - I think they retailed for >$2K. I have one running on Wifi connected to my active DSP speakers - been running perfect for me. Great iOS interface GLWTS!
  3. Good luck with setting up in the new place.....and whenever you want to upgrade your AV, just come here for advice and we'll help you blow up your budget!
  4. congratulations! they do look imposing! and a nice veneer too - which one? have read very good things about this brand though I have never had a chance to hear them. The SB acoustics drivers they use are quite good Is that a yamaha amplifier that you are running them with?
  5. Congratulations! Did you buy online or at a local dealer?
  6. Good question. Even I was wondering how to apply the EQ after downloading the pdf
  7. Another happy buyer of the Elegias during the A2A sale period. Running them through an Audio GD DAC/Amp combo and very happy with the sound. Was very tempted to buy the Clears since I don't own any open HPs and was keen to try one out - but 'sanity' prevailed in the end! Thank God the sale is now over - so no more temptation...
  8. Welcome to the forum. What's your budget like for the bookshelves? If you are open to buying used, there are lots of good options around in the classifieds section of the forum. Another option is to look at active bookshelf speakers - will save you the trouble of speaker-amplifier matching. Good luck and enjoy the ride....
  9. Hope you manage to sort out the shipping. I've heard the ML2-reference, and they are absolutely fantastic speakers. You won't regret the buy! There is a forum member travelling from Brisbane to Sydney, and was offering to drop off any equipment to Sydney. Might be worth contacting - if you have not already done so.
  10. Welcome to the forum. What is the rest of your Audio-video like - speakers? amp? You can check out the 'home theatre' section of the forum - will be of interest to you
  11. Nice.....a few familiar songs - some haven't heard of. Thanks for sharing
  12. Here is one listed in the classifieds - just over your price range with stands
  13. okay.....then the speakers will have to be in front of the bookshelf, with a bit of space between the bookshelf and speakers for moving around. Consider slim floorstanders too - something like the PMC below. They are very 'decor' friendly! https://www.lifestylestore.com.au/pmc-twenty5-23-floor-standing-speakers.html
  14. Even I had no idea that you could buy music from Tidal - though it seems that the 'download' experience didn't go down very well! Hope your issue gets resolved soon. 'Downloading' music from a web-site should be a no-brainer! wonder why some companies make it so complicated!
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