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  1. Happy to buy too but having the same problem messaging you!
  2. Very nice indeed! The ribbons on these are gorgeous. Do these come with their custom stands or are you using them on the TD-1.2's?
  3. Another take on the legendary BBC LS3/5a's - done well! Are you selling them with the stands?
  4. Nice gear but I’m struggling to see them in all their glory... Any chance you could upload some close ups of each item? 🧐
  5. Thanks mate, the design hasn’t changed in nearly 14 years since their release. And they sound as good as they look too.
  6. I think the price is fair for a pair of Cardas in very good condition. I understand your using these with the Wilsons which are internally wired with Cardas too. If only they were a little longer.... GLWTS.
  7. Further information: Re-listing my Linn Klimax DS streamer. This was purchased ex-demo from audioconnection in 2013 as the heart of a complete Linn system (I have upgraded to the DSM). It is an original DS/1 (not previously upgraded) which has the Linn Dynamik power supply and built in room correction (Space Optimisation). This essentially allows you to place the speakers where you want and it will make them sound as if they are in a more ideal position. As LInn’s top-of-the-line streamer (still in production but with the newer Katalyst DAC architecture) this unit performs at
  8. Nice to see how it actually looks as I have been considering doing the same (if and when I upgrade to the latest Katalyst) :)
  9. Essentially a Linn Klimax DS outfitted with a new case (by the manufacturer Linn themselves).
  10. Were the cables inside the box when it got water whilst stored in the shed?!
  11. Further information: Selling as a system with the headphones as these are wired up with dedicated Cardas cables and phono termination plugs. Headroom is a US company that used to manufacture high quality headphone amplifiers but I don’t believe they operate anymore. I bought these from a friend who used this as part of his work as a DJ. The built in DACs are pretty amazing. It has dedicated filters for the headphone output stage and can operate as a preamp with both balanced and unbalanced outputs. Happy to consider selling separately if required. Message me for fu
  12. Further information: Time for me to part ways with my tried and trusted Lexicon receiver. I’ve owned it since new (RRP $13k) and it has served as the heart of my media room for many years without fail. The build quality is exceptional and so are the built power amplifiers (7 x 140Wpc solid state) which can be used for bi-amping if you so choose. I have been using it latterly as such and the results are quite superb driving my Gryphon speakers. In its time, the RV-8 was regarded as the best receiver on the market, made by the same manufacturers as Mark Levinson. It has 8 chann
  13. A nice, fully featured device with the trademark Linn sound. The phono stage is a bonus and decent. Well priced too! GLWTS
  14. Nice cables, very neutral and transparent. I have 4TC’s which have been my stock cable since the turn of the century (really)!
  15. FYI, the DS/0 was upgraded to the DS/1 in 2011 with a new circuit board and updated Dynamik power supply.
  16. I’m going to stick with Linn👌 Their sound engineering is second to none and as you can see from the internals the build quality is exceptional.
  17. Further information: Purchased from audioconnection ex-demo in 2013 (new was over 25K). Much lauded streamer from the famous Scottish brand. Built like a tank (and feels it too). I note there’s a couple of DS units on sale at present that have been upgraded to the latest Katalyst version so I thought this would be worth throwing into the mix for those who can’t quite stretch that far (myself included) but want that signature sound from Linn, which this original version still has in spades (hence my lack of desire to fork out the 8k for the upgrade). And you can always upgrad
  18. I have the Klimax DS/0 which sounds very good as it stands but I believe the Katalyst is in a different league. Was it outfitted by your local dealer or sent back to Linn in the UK for this to be done? Interested to hear your experience with this.
  19. Sure guys! Nice cartridges, all the same (sic). Shame you’re selling all your hifi. GLWTS.
  20. This looks like a cartridge I used to own! Did you get it second hand by any chance?
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