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  1. The legendary American virtuoso in his most iconic recording after winning the Tchaikovsky Piano Competition in 1958. Was this the one that reached platinum status?
  2. Ahh, my first audiophile speaker. These bring back memories indeed! GLWTS
  3. @PKay Gone are the days when artists (especially one as distinguished as this) would pose with a cigarette in hand!!
  4. A little bit of info about the speakers, its history, age and usage etc. is always helpful for the sale. That said, your photos are well taken and show off the fine finish sans grills. I'd be interested to know also what made you choose the Yamahas over the Harbeths?
  5. Very good indeed. I have the Max version and you can run separate leads into each channel for even better sound. GLWTS
  6. They sound amazing too! I have heard them with the Gryphon Evo (so near enough the same as this setup) and they are without question one of the most transparent speakers ever made. Someone please buy it, especially at this price!
  7. Wow, nice collection! The artwork on the vintage covers are a sight to behold (much nicer than todays') Nice to know also that I'm not the only absolute sound mag collector out there
  8. What! Ending audiophile life?? Sorry to break this to you but... once an audiophile, forever an audiophile!!
  9. Had a pair of these some years ago replacing my W/P 8’s and they were (and remain) superb transducers. Nothing will come close to it at this price! And, for those who knew him, one of the (sadly) late Josef Riediger’s favourite speakers when it was released by Flemming Rasmussen.
  10. An excellent turntable in exceptional condition. You are clearly very meticulous with it and I am sure it well find a new home to one lucky buyer. Any chance I could purchase the Dr Feickert protractor separately off you?
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