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  1. Gorgeous, especially in Bugatti blue. Have always found the Sasha's endearing and musically illuminating. But, those dents... ouch! I know a good panel beater
  2. I've owned the REF5's and they were top notch. Now they seem to get better and better (in looks as well as sound)!
  3. These look like stock images. Do you have photos of the actual speaker for sale?
  4. I auditioned these when they were released in Australia and while the aesthetics are certainly challenging the sound is actually pretty amazing. Only issue is that you do need to use them with a dedicated Goldmund front end ie preamp with digital outputs.
  5. What a beautiful refurbishment of one my old faves. Very nice indeed!
  6. Very nice looking cables. Do you know where I can find further info or reviews?
  7. Mate, just a suggestion to correct the name of this Rolex: it's a DateJust (as clearly stated on the watch face). Rolex do make a Day Date as well, so incorrectly naming it may confuse potential buyers (and it might just help you with the sale). A little history of this particular item might be of interest to watch aficionados like myself too. These Rolex movements are almost indestructible. GLWTS.
  8. This is an awesome recording event. Is this truly on LP?
  9. Looks in immaculate condition. Should sound pretty awesome too! 😝
  10. There's some really nice stuff selling on SNA. Would love to audition these if I had chance, darn!!
  11. Likewise...that's a very innovative isolation platform that's as eye catching as the P9, which by the way is an outstanding TT. GLWTS
  12. Now this is nice! The point-to-point wiring is second to none too....please someone snap it up before I succumb!!
  13. The finish on these speakers are second to none as well. Sound is off the charts if my CR1’s have anything to go by...😝
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