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  1. I can pick up a 2nd hand panasonic blu ray dmr-bwt850. Im having trouble finding specs on whether it has a tv tuner card. Can anyone confirm. Basically want to hook this into my av receiver so I can watch free tv on my projector the other benefits of blue ray etc will be good also
  2. Hi Everyone Im after a blu ray player with a tv tuner card so I can watch free to air tv on my projector. Im just wondering what are some good brands to go for... I would buy new if its not to pricey otherwise it would be 2nd hand. Also to are you able to splice into antenna cable? I have my lounge room tv setup with an antenna point in the wall and my home theatre wall is on the otherside. I was hoping to splic into the cable and share the access point. Am I able to do this or doI need to upgrade to a 4 way splitter and run another 25 metre cable down to the wall? Thanks
  3. bfhoon1

    mixing 6 ohm and 8 ohm speakers

    So it doesnt really matter about mixing 6 ohm and 8 ohn speakers? Couldnt there be a chance of blowing them is the amp is giving 165 watts and they are 80w/130w? How come they have 2 stated wattages on them. I had them up volume 60 with the rest of my speakers and they seem to go allright. Get really nice bass out of these speakers for their tiny tiny size
  4. I currently have a onkyo txnr616 av receiver and have a 5.1 channel klipsch synergy speaker system connected up to it all speakers 8 ohms. I just acquired 2 small jamo speakers which im going to use as surrounds on the back they state 6ohms and also have 80w / 130watt written on the back of them. I have heard people saying before be careful as you can lessen the life of your amp by doing this. Do I have anything to worry about?
  5. bfhoon1

    speaker wall brackets

    Yeah thats my speakers thanks for the info
  6. I have some Jamo s602 speakers with wall brackets already installed. I was just wondering do you just put a screw in the wall and hang them or do I need to buy a special bracket? Thanks
  7. Hi Everyone I just picked up apair of Jamo s602 speakers for $80 which I though was a pretty good buy. Im planning on using them for surround sound speakers in my setup. I currently have a 5.1 setup which now will be 7.1. I currently have the klipsch synergy series of speakers which are all 8 ohms these Jamos are 6 ohms. Will I run into any troubles at all. My amp is a onkyo. Any one rate these speakers also I hear Jamo gets alot of bad wraps. Cheers
  8. Hi Everyone Can someone hit me with a list of quality speaker brands. I currently run a 5.1 channel klipsh synergy system which Ive been told is top end however I want to go 7.1. Ive looked at som Kef speakers im pretty happy with the klipsch system I currently have. Ive also had some experience using Celestion speakers back in the 90's and they were the ducks guts hooked up to a rotel amps and yamaha cd player etc. Just wonderign what the current top brands are. Cheers
  9. HI Everyone Have a projector screen and would like to watch free to air tv on it. what would be a good cheap reliable decent brand unit to buy to acheive this in regards to a blu ray player. I couldnt see myslef buying to many blue rays my main reason would be able to watch free to air. Checked out jb hifi today amazed at how much blu ray players are still selling for. Thakns
  10. bfhoon1

    Help setting up Onkyo TXnr616

    I dont have the audessey mic so im setting it up blind at the moment in the future I may purchase one. I have set my distances up manually. Ill ry 90hz now on all.
  11. bfhoon1

    Help setting up Onkyo TXnr616

    Ok Will do so what is better 90 or 100hz? My sub is the standard klipsch one which rebounds into the floor has its own inbuilt amp. Its a klipsch SW450 10 inch downward facing driver. I feel like my large floorsounding speakers produce to much treble and not enough bass. Id rather my surrounds and centre speaker provide more of the treble.
  12. bfhoon1

    Help setting up Onkyo TXnr616

    I have the sub set to max which I think bypasses the amp... I just dropped the fronts to 40hz. Would this be ideal. First thing I noticed is the sound out of the fronts is now very high pitched trebel and loss of bass is this correct.
  13. bfhoon1

    Surround sound help 5.1

    Ive just actually set the 2 fronts to +5 db the centre to 7db the rear surrounds to 8Db. Ive only tested rock music and this is so much better I can hear the sound coming from the surrounds now.
  14. Hi Just after some help setting up the speaker crossover frequencies on my onkyo. I dont understand what I should set the values to. I have a klipsch speaker system My 2 front large speakers are 35hz -23khz Centre speake 82hz -23khz Surround Sound rear speakers 82hz-23khz Subwoofer 28hz-120khz I have checked out the manual from my av receiver which the link is below and read up page 54 but dont know what to set everything to at the moment I think everything is set at 80 HZ http://www.intl.onkyo.com/downloads/manuals/pdf/tx-nr616_manual_e.pdf
  15. bfhoon1

    Surround sound help 5.1

    Cant really tilt them anymore. When watchin a movie dont really notice them that much but when i stand up I have to be about 30 cm or closer directly to the speaker or I dont hear much. They are alot quieter than the fronts I might turn the fronts down and put the rears way up to compensate.