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  1. Hi Everyone Im thinking of building a new house with a home theatre just after some tips. Should I build it completely square as my current one isnt. My current one also has a glass sliding door on one wall im thinking this would be a no no in a new design. Whats everyones opinions on soundproof gyprock. If I sheeted it in soundproof gyprock walls and ceiling plus had a solid core timber door on it would this give me the ability to absolutely jam it on max volume without hearing much noise outside of the room? Im assuming also I should insulate every single wall with the thickest insualtion batts I can find. Please throw me some tips everyone as Im happyish with my crrent room but this time I really want to hit it out of the ball park. Also what would one suggest for flooring timber flooring or carpet or something else. Thanks
  2. This might be the go pretty cheap and look unintrusive. Anyone else got any suggestions???
  3. Skirting is white. I wouldnt paint cable its silicon cable it will just end up peeling and cracking. I wouldnt probably go that option looking for perhaps a neatish trim. Ive watched the carpet knee kick board thing I just doubt I will get the carpet back on the tak board properly and have it pulled nice and straight so am avoiding this option at least until I need to replace the carpet then perhaps I would give it a go then
  4. HI Everyone Wondering whats a good product to use to hid speaker cables. Ideally If I wanted to pull up my carpet I could shove it under there but I dont really want to pull up my carpet at least until its ready for replacement. Whats the best option to hide speaker cables. I want something not to expensive and non intrusive/obvious. Ive seen some cable management items at bunnings just not sure what out there and what others could recommend. At the moment its running along the skirting board so I want to keep it down low, Thanks
  5. I mainly use it for movies but also music.... just not as much
  6. HI Everyone Wondering if there is any benefit to purchasing a stand alone amp instead of using my onkyo txnr616 av receiver. Could I gain better sound quality using a stand alone amplifier hooked into my av receiver. What are some good brand amps to go for? I remeber my father had a rotel amp back in the 90's that apparently was the ducks guts it had awesome sound quality and I couldnt fault it. I find the onkyo I have at the moment is fairly ok but I think it struggles with output at volume 60 its still pretty quiet 70 is kinda lound but not heaps, is it worth spending the money getting a stand alone amp to run the speakers off.
  7. I have some Jamo s602 speakers which I have hung onto my gyprock wall in my room as side surrounds. They are bass reflex speakers ie port at the back of them. I have them only a few millimetres off the wall. I was just wondering what effect this would have on them. I must say very impressed with the colume and bass output on these speakers they punch pretty hard for the size.
  8. To many options. I just sat it in the rear of the room behind the couch cleaning looking and less cord run. Its probably less bassy but anyway near enough is good enough. Sonds good to me
  9. Its the klipsch one that comes with the synergy seaker set its downward firing i think it 10 or maybe 12 inch. At the moment is firing into carpet. Would I be better of fputting it on a wood base I have apane of glass Im guessing the glass wouldnt be the best.
  10. Ok I think i may have found another location my problem is my home theatre room contains a glass sliding back door which enters into our alfresoc area. I could place the sub in the corner at the front but along one wall runs the glass sliding door could this cause a problem. It sprobably the best looking spot for it and it cleans the room up making it less cluttered.
  11. Midway along a wall its the best spot for it now is it going to be comprimised.....
  12. HI Everyone. what do you think about a sub in the middle of the room. I can choose one corner but for my layout and for room asthetic im thinking in the middle of the room. What are the advantages/disadvantages. Its a downward firing klipsch sub.
  13. Good points does anyone else think in the corner could be bad dont want to damage my gear due to bass.
  14. I think your right it looks squashed my only reason for parking it there is alot of my speaker wire comes out of the wall there. I dont Im thinking of putting it in the right hand corner now and moving the chairs back a bit they recling so I need some kind of gap between then and the back wall. Thansk for your input sometimes I just need a kick in the right direction and I think your right it will look bette rin the corner of the room, the remotes will work better and everything will be at my fingertips better. Cheers for your input
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