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  1. Wow been on this site for a while and didn't know this thread existed. Better info here than half the BBQ threads. Have a few camp ovens a gasser and Kamado all built into an out door kitchen. Seems two of my passions are covered on one site. How good is that. The kamados are great for pizzas. You never stop learning.
  2. At present have a MF M6 preamp running into a Xindak A600 being used as a power amp. It is a 160 watt AB biased 30 watt class A. Wondering if I will get an improvement switching to a M6 PRX musical fidelity. The MF will probably have a bit more grunt. Realise that maybe not a lot have heard the Xindak so may be a tough call to make. Thanks
  3. Thanks so much guys. This is the help I was after. Glad I posted here for some good advice. My last MF amp lasted me 25 years so I know they make good gear.
  4. Oh okay will take under consideration then. The grey import puts a dark side into the deal.
  5. Okay Thanks Pete. Seems may be above board and with the advertised warrantees guaranteed then. They have PayPal so hopefully is safe.
  6. No pretty sure it is in Sydney. The map shows an area in Sydney and is an au website. Is UK bad
  7. Hi Has anyone bought MF amps on the website on gumtree. Full range of gear. Listed as in the Carlingford district Its got a high recommendation. They have a fairly good discount on them.
  8. Hi does anyone know if this problem with the power supply module goes across to the M6prx power amp. Being different out put they may have a different power supply. Has any one heard of or experienced problems. Thanks
  9. I used a Yamaha PX10 pro amp which is D class and rated at 1000 watts. I found it quite good but a bit harsh in the highs. Bass was good. Pro amps are great bang for bucks and wattage is cheap. Ran very cool and the fan was as quiet as a mouse. They are a cheap way to power subs.
  10. I always liked the forbidden planet. Great classic just a shame Leslie Nielsen didn't have his fart cushion with him back then. Is this really where the name of the Krell amps was taken from? Have often wondered.
  11. Would not be doing the turntable any favours up that close to the speakers. I have a pair of stands made from timber nicely spun up on a latheI don't use any more. If you hold the speaker terminal with a pair of vise grips you can tighten the nut but be careful not to strip the thread. I find in a small room where they are not in a corner they can sound better turned around. Tend to be smothered to much. Also the more power the better as gat474 mentioned. I even ran a 1000 watt Yamaha pro amp for a while before getting a big class A amp.
  12. Hi John it should work just connect the equaliser as marked. They sound very flat when not connected the right way. Check the speaker cones for any damage around the the outside as they decayed with age before you buy. Most will probably be reconditioned by now. Also the EQ may need recapping. There is a guy in the states that does it quite cheaply. Any electronics shop should be able to. Below is a link. They do require some power to drive them to their full potential. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Bose-800-802-901-Equalizer-Repair-Upgrade-Service-/330633737926
  13. If you use Exact Audio Copy which seems to be the most popular the default option is Flac. It seems to be the most popular file type so I assume that may make it the best but that is not always the case. Google has a lot on it and it seems to be a readable format on most devices except I think for apple. Just found tis on the net "WAV and other uncompressed formats are excellent for working on, so are used in editing tools, but FLAC uses LOSSLESS compression, meaning, by definition, there is no difference in the sound when it is played back, and is simply stored in a more efficient manner. This means you can store more music on a hard drive."
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