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  1. I think what you say FD is what I was expecting from my amp experience. They may not have the warm sound of consumer speakers and definitely not the looks. Have been thinking for a while about having a trial listen. The other option is a DIY.
  2. Hello there Just wondering are there any people here using professional speakers in their home setup. Quite a few including myself have used pro amps for various reasons and uses. Would be interested if any comparisons have been done. It may be a bit of an overkill. When we go to see live bands we are listening to pro speakers and lots of times they are not huge speakers. They always sound good in those situations. We all like big sound but detail is important too. Have read threads about the amps and lots of comments about bang for your bucks as far as watts are concerned. Probably has been covered before I am sure but have not seen any posts come up here in the last twelve months or so. Be interested in any experiences and comments from the wealth of knowledge that exists here. Cheers Jon
  3. Don't want to hijack the thread but its along the same lines. Can you upgrade the 105D. I would imagine whoever does the 203 would do a 105. Surely someone in Australia does this or knows how to do it. if there is a download for them a local guy might be able to handle it.
  4. I have a Xindak 600e that I use as a power amp on the end of a Musical Fidelity M6pre. So far it seems to be good. It looks well made on the outside and I believe they are meant to be well made on the inside with quality parts. Makes my music sound good so that is the main thing. Only good things to say about it so far after 8 or so months. Be interested in others thoughts about their gear.
  5. I assume you are connecting the source through the equaliser and into the amp if you don't have a tape loop. The 901s do need some power to get the best from them but 70 watts will be ample to run them. They tend to suck a bit of power in heavy bass tracks due to the boost. If it still does it without the Eq as you say I think it elsewhere. Another amp as suggested will narrow the problem down. The Eq will be 30 years old so it will need a recap which is not expensive.
  6. Good to hear you got the improvement you were after. Always nice to hear more in the music you listen to with an upgrade. Makes it worth while. With the gear you have the new cables would quite possibly have aided that improvement.
  7. I will be interested to see your thoughts once it is all set up. Perhaps you could set the amp up with the old cables and then put the cables in after to see if they make an improvement. If they do it will remove the buyers remorse. Have always been a fan of MF amps. Have one of there pre amps in my system at present.
  8. Item: Yamaha PX10 pro power amp Location:Bundaberg Price: 600 Item Condition:9 out of 10 Reason for selling:No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:Yamaha pro amp 12 months old. !000 watts into 8 ohm. Has software to setup for sub bypass. D class amp. Can pack and freight at owners request and cost Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. Thanks Andrew Nice finish. Will have a look around do some research. How big is the room you have them in. My room is 4 X 5 so may be a bit small for them.
  10. Very impressive and well done. Nothing like making something. Gives a little more enjoyment each time you use it. I am interested in having a go at doing something like this but don't really have a point to start from. Is there somewhere that supplies plans for stuff like this and the speakers. What are the costs involved. I guess google will know. Would like to see some photos of the finished item if possible.
  11. I would think that there would be some in the Classies section that would have the tape loop. The other option is to get a pre power setup. If you only have one source such as a cd player it can be put between the cd and the amp. I recommend that you can never have to much power with the 901s. They do thrive on a good amp particularly in the bass section. It also may be worth having the equaliser recapped. It is quite cheap to do. There is a chap on eBay that specialises in them. Around 100 bucks or so for a total make over.
  12. Item: Yamaha PX 10 pro amp Location:Bundaberg Price: $650 Item Condition:Good condition about 12 months old Reason for selling:No longer required Payment MethodCash, Paypal, COD Only Can ship at purchaser expense Extra Info:Nice sounding amp for a pro series amp. 1000 watts into 8 ohms. Be suitable for a sub. Has various menus which allow for a sub setup. Class D and always ran cool. with a very quiet fan. I am sure the fan could be disconnected but for me it was never an issue even at low levels. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  13. Sandy there a lot of second hand amps in the classifieds that have the tape loop or you can go a pre and power amp and put the equaliser between. I have the Yamaha power amp I intend to sell and it made the 901s sound good with the power it has. They still sound fine with amps that only have 50 watts or so but seem to clip the amps a bit under some heavy bass tracks.
  14. Sandy if you search Ebay for DHS speaker repair and Vintage Bose 800 802 901 Equalizer Repair & Upgrade Service Dave may have a Series 6 equaliser there. He repairs and recaps them very reasonably. I would follow the above advice as he is correct in what he says. Other equalisers don't seem to give the proper base and treble boost. If you do find one do send it off to Dave as his upgrade does make an improvement. The caps are likley to be of an age that need replacing. Also get an amp with some grunt. I used a Yamaha pro amp that was 1000 watts into 8 ohms for a while and now have a big Class A amp. Base heavy tracks suck the power. I think Dave does the upgrade for roughly a 100 dollars. Good luck be interested in how you get on. They are worth saving. The foam surrounds should still be okay.
  15. I see your post in general under Sandy I will reply there
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