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  1. Awesome Thanks for confirming. Lemme see if I can get that sub on a deal Thanks Sk
  2. Hey Just wanted to confirm whether adding 2 subs to my system would be as easy as getting a sub out splitter for the cable? Found a good second sub for sale and thinking of going dual. Thanks for your help Sk
  3. I have one of these. It's awesome! I'm tempted to go dual
  4. Tried Laphroaig triple wood? Cheap and very good if you like mild peat.
  5. wow. just the advice i was looking for. i have a paradigm seismic (10") in my 3x5m bar. bass response is good, but rattling and shaking of the walls outside is nuts. the structure is 1 single layer of bricks with 'acoustic' plaster-boards lining the insides. there's an elevation in the flooring with timber supports, and the rest is just floor boards on concrete. do you think any of the above suggestions will work for this issue? i probably need to line the doors etc? (when playing j. cole = middle child (i will probably get some ๐Ÿ™„) - the house was moving along too... ๐Ÿ˜ฎ) thanks sk
  6. hi just saw this and thought i'd jump in with my $0.02. this is probably overkill for your needs, but you can go with SANUS. they offer corner mounting, flexible, and also fixed. bear in mind they are very expensive, but insane heavy duty quality. got one set up in my bar holding a 65" tv (pinned through some bricks). https://www.sanus.com/en_US/ very expensive, but you do pay for the quality. the mount i have weights 15kg or so on it's own. have a look on ebay, you can get some good deals there esp if you are ebayplus member good luck
  7. hi thanks for your input. i just pulled the trigger on 2 bottles. awaiting delivery this week. ps. if anyone has 15k lying around, yamazaki 25 up for sale on ebay, 'only' 10k for hakushu 25
  8. hi sorry, i'm late to the party. just wanted to know if anyone has any experience with www.smwhisky.com.au website? i'm kicking myself as i recently travelled from Fiji back to Australia and due to fear of what my wife would say, i didn't buy the trio of of the glenfiddich age of discovery.... so i've been looking around online and found 2 of the 3 at smwhiskey.com.au... now i'm not entirely sure the website is legit... any input would be greatly appreciated! thank you sk
  9. i can tell you're married too! (?), life lessons learnt through years marital bliss ... i'll ask her, let's see what the response is๐Ÿ™„
  10. @Lansche plasma guy thanks for sharing. i'm going to consider that or the sorbothane when i get the bar set-up. (off topic) right now i have another major headache - 75" vs 65" 4k tv for the bar - wife wants 65", i want 75 of course... ๐Ÿ˜“
  11. Mike13. i've seen that and other products from auralex, but i felt i was paying a premium for it (?). then again, most HIFI products are priced at premium - hence the bunnings solution. at any rate, my sub has 4 small circular feet, whereas the bookshelves are just flat. it made more sense to me, to add a anti-vibration material under the feet only, rather than the entire length - or is this logic off? thanks sk
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