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  1. Watching TV wow hasn't it changed I am retired and in the morning I watch the Today show to get the news with in the show you get people selling insurance then in the add brake what do you know they are selling insurance then next comes the get fit gimmicks that say you will loos weight crap, a treadmill that is to short and you see American people selling it give them $10 they will say anything Just so I say this I have purchased some of the things battery life is not what they say no wonder they say buy one you vet another onn free Sometimes I can't sleep try and watch something after 2 am Home Shopping they go on and on about the same thing every night and don't forget the life insurance in-between You go on one chanel and they have Elen on that thinks she is funny then you turn to another aand she/he is on again then after that you get a cooking show so you change channel's and after that show you get another cooking show on another chanel you might get a American program pickers or something like that the funny thing is it could be a repeat and Real insurance can't miss that thats just morning How many times can they repeat the same show ,movie just like RBT police show I keep seeing the same show over and over again then Real life insurance or they may do someting difrent Pensioner insurance insted then a dating show Who ever makes up what they put on line is eather a woman or someone that thinks of the money co eing in and not the public Now I only have the TV on just for so ething in the background Once TV was for the family and you had a good laugh now it is so depressing
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