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  1. I think so need to burn in. Also I will do speaker placement in some other way. Ofcourse 12GA should bring good bass.
  2. Hi Matty thanks for your informative text. 3 days back my Duelund 12GA speaker cable arrived and I fixed on the same day. Overall very very good in sounding. More Refined, clarity, sound stage and all very good. only thing I noticed is lacking bass, not up to the level. May be it’s because of my Tannoy Turnberry spacing, or cable need to burn.. I hope it will come up.. any thoughts kind regards pradeep
  3. Hi Agentorange, Yes you are right. 18 was a typing error instead of 16, sorry. Well. Just now I have placed an order to Geoff for 12GA Duelund, as my amp Accuphase is high current. I am hopefully waiting to reach here as I strongly believe that my 93db Tannoys will give nice sounding thru 12GA kind regards pradeep
  4. Hi Agentorange, Thx for sharing your exp. Seems Duelund 12 is better. I love airy sound but realistic. How is the tonality while comparing with 18 guage.. Found enough fans for 18 Rgds
  5. Thanks Muon N and TDX. Usefull suggestions. My Amp is Accuphase E-470 Integrated, 180 watts per channel and Speakers are Tannoy Turnberry GR. I am located in Kuwait and therefore home demo will not work Going through the spec of both will be OK. Kind regards Pradeep
  6. Hi Mates Greetings.. My speakers are Tannoy Turnberry GR (93 dB ). I wish to buy a pair of good quality speaker cable for this speakers. Heard good enough about Dueland 16GA. Also Mogami 3103 or 2804. I would highly appreciate your valuable suggestions and thoughts. ThanQ. Kind regards Pradeep
  7. Hi Mates Greetings .. Till now I was using B&W speaker it’s sensitivity is 89db. Now I am going to upgrade to Tannoy s Turnberry GR it’s sensitivity is 93db. My speaker cable is good in quality and imported from UK. It is custom made not a branded one !! Same cable can I use with my Tannoy’s successfully? Please share your thoughts. kind regards pg
  8. PMC 25:26 are the great speakers, top end. In India it’s one of the favourite speakers of celebrities.. I know two Hindi film stars are using the same, know the dealer who supplied😉
  9. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Recently I purchased a Dedicated Dac for my Accuphase E 470. Which is Denafrips Ares II. Providing clean crispy sounding !! Overall it’s very good. Now I am saving for Tannoy Turnberry GR, Hope it will be a nice combo
  10. Hi Mates Greetings For my Denafrips Dac Ares II... right now I am using Chord Optical cable. I wish to change it to COAXIAL cable. Please advise a good brand and model. I believe that Coaxial can give better result. Thank U regards Pradeep George
  11. Mine is Floor Standing Turntable by HMV More than 100 years old.. no need of electricity, just winding only. Wish to know your comments.
  12. Greetings from Kuwait Yes PMC and ATC are very good. I had a demo in B’lore with PMC 25:26 . Quite Amazing... Me too looking for a floor stander for my Accuphase E470 amp. Tannoy Turnberry GR is my new craze. Any thoughts pradeepgt@hotmail.com regards pg
  13. Placed order for Denafrips Ares II Its on the way from Hong Kong I will update you on due course
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