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  1. Hi all Anybody tried MF NuVista 600 with B&W 683s2 towers? How is the combination. Any feedback? I heard that NuVista 600 is Reference series nuvistor technology and world class amp. I don’t know My B&W 683s2 is sufficient for that. I couldn’t find any videos in this combo. NuVista 600 is great in reviews. Any ideas to share. regards PG
  2. Hi all I don’t have a dedicated room for music, using my living room. My system is Vincent SV-237mk, B&W 683s2 Floor standers , custom made speaker cable and SVS 2000sub. while playing certain CDs I am facing the problem of vibration of cabinet and wooden door. Please advise me if you find some solution from your experience. thanks in adv Pradeep George
  3. Hi am Having 237 Mk new and wish to change tubes for betterment. which brand tube is better. can we feel big change in sound quality after changing the tubes. pls reply pradeep george
  4. Hi All, Anybody tried to upgrade the tubes of Vincent SV-237 MK. How is the result? Any big difference in sound? Which tubes are better? OEM is China tubes. Kind regards George
  5. Thanks Andrew. Your doubt is genuine. i agree 100 percent with u. actually no budjet to change speakers 😊
  6. Hi all I have floor standing speakers B&W 683 s2 and Integrated Amp Musical Fidelity MF M6si . This is my current set up and going well. I have a plan to upgrade MF with McIntosh Amp MA 5300 or any other Mac integrated models. But I don’t know how it’s sound in that combination. An upgrade with MF NuVista 600 also in mind. No plan to change B&W speakers. anybody experienced those combinations. Please share your suggestions and valuable advises. Thank u all. regards pradeep
  7. Anyhow, MF m6si integrated on the way as pair for my B&W 683 and very much excited to... Hope it will give good detail and bass.
  8. Thanks. I have placed an order for Integrated MF m6si and very much excited to receive and pair with my B&W683. Hope m6si will not disappoint me. Already tried Cambridge cxa80, but not satisfied
  9. Anybody tried this combo B&W + MF m6si. How is the performance? Sound clarity, detail in L ow volume and especially bass. Pls share. Thank u.
  10. Hi Cafad, thx. Well noted your suggestions. Cambridge Azur 851 was in my list before, later I removed Coz I heard minimum 150 wpc is needed for B&W floor standers, Azur is 120wpc Only. Also Rega Elicit R removed due to low wpc. Already I tried Cambridge CXA80 at home but no details in low volume level. Detail, musicality, warm, deep bass are my main concern. My budget is $2500-3000 max. We can think about other brands also if somebody experienced with 683.
  11. Hi all Wish to know the feedback from MF M6si And M5si owners. Is there any big difference in 5 and 6si. How is it warm or bright
  12. Hi all i wish to have some advise from u all. My Speakers are B&W 683 s2 Floor standers. Planning to buy integrated Amp to drive and bring out the full potential of these speakers. I prefer warm sound and my budjet is USD. 2500. Room size is 6x7 mtr. Pls share your experience with 683. I have no audition facility here with my choice brands. Thank u all. My preferences are: 1. Parasound Halo Integrated 2. Musical Fedility M6si 3. Rotel RA 1592 Thanks for your valuable time and efforts.
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