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  1. I have the same, it’s my keeper Worth in all de way . 👍
  2. Hi I am planning to improvise my source. My CD Player is Marantz CD-6006. Buying An external DAC, is it a good idea to improve sound quality? I prefer Clarity, Warmth clean sound. Please help me to decide. Schiit Gungnir MB is in mind. Please share your thoughts. Is it worth? regards PG
  3. Also... will you please clarify is it Gen-2 or Gen-5 ? I believe Voltage is 220-240.. Thanks pradeep
  4. Yes. I am interested to buy, if the supplier is willing to ship to Kuwait by Fedex
  5. Thanks Asedillo. Defenitely I will make a visit. terminator May be too costly, anyhow will go for a audition regards pg
  6. Hi Greetings.. Denafrips R2R or Schiit Gungnir MB Anybody tried these two DACs and how is the experience. I know that’s in different price range. Which one is better performer in your opinion. My Amp is Accuphase E-470 Regards PG
  7. Hi Alurka.. I have the Same Amp E-470, very happy with that. I am interested in Dac 50 only. how much you can offer me Dac 50. thanks and regards PG
  8. Hi Anyone Experienced Accuphase Dac 50 ? Or External Dac is more better? Planning a Dac for my Accuphase E-470. But no idea how it’s performance. please share your experience, thank U regards PG
  9. That means... few people ( owner of ST-300) found its effective.. ST is providing depth and airy sound, that’s interesting.
  10. Hi not believing in full range. but expecting, sound clarity and more detail. Turnberry GR is 10” duel concentric , that may be ok for me. thank u
  11. Hi Thanks to all of you, shared your thoughts. It was very much informative. Well noted. Turnberry GR is 10” duel concentric and heard more open. Reasonable treble we can expect from this box, I believe. Good super tweeter is always expensive, why should I spent if it’s not necessary. I am 45, always look forward for perfection. That’s the reason for my thread. Anyways, I am moving forward to buy Turnberry GR for my SS Amp Accuphase E-470. That step is OK I believe. Regards PG
  12. Hi all I heard that, super tweeter is necessary for all models of Tannoy speakers. I don’t think like that. After a long Research I just decided to buy a pair of Turnberry GR. If I go for a additional super tweeter my cost will be double and not affordable to me. Dear Turnberry owners, please share your thoughts... is there any real facts in this opinion. regards PG
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