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  1. Thanks so much @Ittaku and @Al.M , No wonder why the Marantz receiver had problem driving these speakers before even in bi-amp. I think I'll go with the tube preamp. I like the sound of the Quad driving these speakers alone, but I also listen to some of music recording coming from my country as well. As with most mordern recording, they are highly compressed and with tube, it's easier to listen to. Now I read more about it, the tube preamp choices seem to get more difficult.
  2. It's hard. I cannot find any places have both product to do A-B comparison. But in term of tube integrated amp vs tube preamp + Quad power amp, could anyone give me an insight?
  3. Hi all, I'm starting to build a budget hifi system and I'd be grateful for your advices. My system right now consist of: Marantz SR5008 AV receiver > Quad Elite Stereo power amp > Kef q900 speakers. Now I want to separate my hifi from my home theatre system, and I've always fond of the sound of a tube amp. I've already ordered a Project Pre Box S2 as digital source. My question is should I buy a tube integrated amplifier or a tube preamp, I'm torn between 2 choices: Project Pre Box S2 > Schiit Freya preamp > Quad power amp > speakers Project Pre Box S2 > PrimaLuna Prologue Classic Integrated amp > speakers The reason for the Schiit Freya and PrimaLuna choices is I can get them at a similar price. The PrimaLuna is second-hand and I will need to change some tubes soon according to the owner. Which one should I go for and reasons please?
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