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  1. Thanks Chris, If u do divide, I'de take 500 and just keep being vinyl.
  2. Mate, Can I please take Santana - Santana’s greatest hits Sealed Mint Condition Delta Goodrem - innocent eyes EX/EX Rammstein - Paris Sealed mint condition Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day Sealed mint condition Delta Goodrem - innocent eyes EX/EX Thanks
  3. Hi agentorange2, Mate, hang onto that kidney, it might be useful later on I procrastinated about this last time round, (another amp I probably don't need) but life is to short to die wondering! Will send PM
  4. Thank you, your are correct in both points, still lusting after an au717, just cant find one where the asking price matches the condition. Currently got my eye on 250Watts of magic Cheers
  5. Hi Everyone, joined SNA last year to enjoy the eye candy in the classifieds and great info available in the forums. So, time step out and introduce myself. Sold the Sansui gear in the eighties (Labrador had chomped his way through most of my vinyl anyway) and moved to the UK for work Returned in the late eighties, then family, kids etc. Now nearing retirement and re engaging my love of great audio in all forms. Cheers Mark
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