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  1. It really is a stunning looking speaker and that wood grain finish just takes it to another level. GLWTS
  2. I don't know that it will, was hoping someone had some actual details.
  3. I think our opinions differ because I'm looking at it as a consumer. I've spent the last 6 months just choosing my fronts and surrounds. I've visited many of the stores available in my area. Spent way to much time researching online and am now currently more than double my initial budget. Now I am choosing a subwoofer or 2 to complete my system. I couldn't find anything that I was completely happy with and it seemed I was going to have to compromise (and may still have to). So as a consumer I really appreciate the heads up from SVS that one of their new products may be what I'm looking for. Unfortunately my "insider knowledge" was simply a reply to a message I sent through their facebook page. The only information I was given was the new line would be available in gloss black and was referred to as the 3000 series.
  4. Why do you think its a strange way to do business? Seems like normal practice for a company to promote the upcoming release of an new product line.
  5. Thank you jamiebosco for the reply. I received information from SVS of the new 3000 series being released in a few months. As you said it must be an update of the Plus line.
  6. Does anybody have any information on the newly announced 3000 series?
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