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  1. 12 inch Audio Nirvana Full Range Drivers 8 inch Tang Band Subwoofer Drivers I added the TB's a few weeks ago, they have filled in the bottom end nicely without sounding boomy.
  2. Yamaha RX-V3800 - Pre Amp (Bi Amp output) Line Magnetic LM210ia 300B - Power Amp driving Audio Nirvana Classic 12 drivers Dayton Audio APA150 - Power Amp driving tang band w8-2022 subwoofers DIY cables and interconnects Choseal Power cables My source is a Bluesound Node 2i (it's hidden behind the centre speaker). System is sounding good.
  3. DIY project finally finished. A special Saturday morning session!
  4. Cheers guys, I did think about the RCA splitter idea, but that limits me to only 1 source, not a big problem at this stage as I only use a Node 2i, but it limits me in the future if I wanted to add other sources. Running through the LM first allows me to select multiple sources. Do you think adding something like this in parallel with my speakers would cause any issue to the LM? https://www.jaycar.com.au/speaker-high-level-to-line-level-converter/p/AA0482
  5. Hi all, I recently upgraded my amplification from 2 X Dayton Audio APA150 run as Mono Blocks to a Line Magnetic LM210ia Integrated (which sounds fantastic!). My Floor standers are DIY cabinets with Full Range Audio Nirvana 12inch drivers. I'm looking to add a little more bottom end to my system and was hoping to utilise my 2 X APA150 amps to drive some passive subwoofer drivers I'll add to my DIY cabinets. The APA150 amps have built in Cross Over function and independent volume control so should be perfect for the job. This will allow me to turn off or adjust the subwoofer cross over if I want to (i.e. during late night listening). My issue is the LM210ia doesn't have any pre-out's I can use to send a Line level signal to the APA150 amps. What would be the best way of adding the APA150's to the system? I have read people have successfully used car audio Line Level converters (i.e. Jaycar) to do this, but is it safe to do so? Thanks in advance for your advice!
  6. Hi all, The website is legit and Yong Lee was very helpful! Was even happy to negotiate on price and was happy to throw in some bonus goodies. Product arrived as described and on time. My experience was great. Cheers
  7. Cheers Bali Bob, what did you buy off them?
  8. Hopefully they arrive all good, I am considering ordering a Line Magnetic Amp from them as they have them available for a lot less than anywhere else I can find online... Almost seems too good to be true! Please me know how you go?
  9. Cheers, How long was the shipping from when you ordered? Was communication good?
  10. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone has purchased off China-Hifi-Audio.com ? Were they reliable and did the products arrive as described? Cheers
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