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  1. Have been listening to combination of tidal and cd for about 6 hrs today, ( day off ). Various volumes and no problem with heat. Warm to touch but not really hot. I am running Magnat AR6, 100-150w rated. Looking at upgrading them at some stage as well. The moon has made an appreciable difference to the Magnat's though.
  2. Auditioned a few amps when looking to upgrade, including plinius. liked it a lot but ended up with a moon neo ace. Only 50w but plenty for my speakers in a room of similar size.
  3. Imho yes, spotify 320kbps, tidal 1411kbps flac/alac 44.1khz, so full cd quality I am streaming direct to my moon neo ace and am happy with the results.
  4. Tidal onto a laptop, cd quality direct into the dac using the usb is the easiest way to stream reasonable quality.
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