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  1. Thanks mr toggler, i've looked at them, they do look like a good thing. It is the making of other things redundant that i'm trying to avoid. I am hoping for something to plug into the 75BD in a " just add this to make it a streamer" kind of way and make use of its DACs. The Chromecast does this but just doesnt sound great. Something like the Primare NP5, that looks interesting, just a bit new to get hold of yet.
  2. I'm keen to hear ideas on solutions to improve my headphone setup for network / streaming. My main system is sorted, using an Antipodes Ex with Roon to manage combo of my ripped CDs and Tidal streaming. I'm looking to tidy up my headphone system and capitalise on the Roon / Antipodes platform. I have a nice LTA pre/headphone amp, it was my only preamp until a significant upgrade. I also have a Cambridge Audio 752BD which is a great device, until the Antipodes I used it with HDDs for all digital playback. So I would like to use both of these if I can. I have tried an old Chromecast plugged into the HDMI of the 752BD, it works with Roon, but isnt really the sound quality I'm after. I can also find all of the files stored on the Antipodes via network / wifi, but without the ability to stream via Roon using this method. Also this method is clumsier becasue I have to have a screen plugged into the 752BD to see and select files. So, to me, the easiest solution that allows me to use the 752BD DACs and LTA headphone amp is a similar to but better quality device like the Chromecast. Is there is a simple but good SQ Roon Ready streaming device with HDMI? Other options I have been looking at all make exisiting gear redundant. Lucky I'm not a cynic or I could think that was deliberate! All suggestions gratefully accepted, thank you.
  3. Hi TCG, just enjoying a coffee myself right now. If you after sound for home entertainment rather than critical music listening, have you considered a good AVR. I have a Marantz AVR which has a very capable DAC section, combined with the ability to run various streaming services plus a proprietary multi room system such as HEOS. 2 sub outs, pre out that would allow you to intergrate your existing amp if you want to or just use the outputs from the AVR. This would connect well with your Cambridge 751. (You could even buy my 752 if you like, I haven't listed it but would could consider selling it. It has excellent DACS). AVRs have so many features for the price and are often underrated I think. If you look for an end of model life deal she can get very good value. Enjoy the search!
  4. I'm listening now to Joe Jackson's Jumping Drive. I've had it since the early 80's and I havent listened to it for it years, I can't remember the last time. It sounds great on my SACD player, right now I'm listening to it via Roon / Antipodes EX combo, from a rip to the Antipodes, it sounds fantastic, really good recording. I've also dug out some other classics from Sade, Grace Jones, Miles Davis etc and they are very good. A bonus with Roon is being able to see the dynamic range and the level of compression. I think the most dissapointing in terms of SQ would have to be the CDs from The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I like the music but just can't listen to them, the flat compressed recordings are horrible. So yep, old CDs are generally great, as are many recent releases. I continue to buy them both new and 2nd hand. I might be wrong, but I presume the artist actually make more coin from me buying a CD than streaming, I'm all for that.
  5. Sorry to hear about this anewmission. Someone was definitely on a mission when it came to your gear. An awful feeling of violation to come home and find someone has been there. We had a break-in some years ago, some things taken including a friends play station that I was borrowing whilst recovering from some surgery. However none of my CDs were taken. The cop who came had a quick look at them and said "I can see why there are still here". Dissedded by the cop for my excellent taste in music!
  6. No regrets, I'm often away from home for 3 - 4 days at a time and it is enough time to be amazed by and totally enjoy what I have each time I get back and crank it. It has been fun getting here, I used to try and save for the future until realizing that the future is only an abstract concept, just enjoy now.
  7. 1994, rode our bikes from vancouver to San Francisco, saw a show with Rancid, Adam and the Ants, Frente and I can't remember who else. Then down to Costa Rica, Ace of Bass pumping out of everywhere. Between then and later travels in South America I've developed a deep contempt for pan pipe Beatles cover bands.
  8. It is quite awhile since I started this topic! Long enough to have saved and updated equipment to support a convienient solution that allows for excellent easy ripping, storage, backup, streaming and listening pleasure. For those that suggested trying options and reporting back, well after all the time that has passed: I tried the ethernet over powerlines adapters, but they injected a lot of noise, very audible, aweful, you could hear them as soon as they were turned on versus off. So I have now ended up with an Antipodes EX plus P1 ripper, straight from router to EX with ethernet Cat 6 cable, excellent SQ, easy to use, rips from internal storage on SSDs in EX sound great, also painless streaming of Tidal with Roon. Happy
  9. Item: M17D - Groß DAC, 3 input model, plus M18PSU - Kraftwerk Silmic 12v 4A power supply (and original power supply) Location: NE Victoria Price: $1550 (This model was $2350 when purchased in December 2018, power supply was an extra $250, brought together as a package) Item Condition: Excellent, unmarked, 7 months old, original owner. Remote , manual and original shipping packaging included. Reason for selling: NLR, I've upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Well regarded DAC outperforms for it's price range. Well supported on stereo.net.au, plenty of reviews can be found. I've been very happy with this DAC, it has been in a revealing system and sounds wonderful. I'm only selling as I've recently purchased a 2nd hand DAC that was really an offer too good to refuse! M17D - Groß DAC serial number: 0032, Kraftwerk Silmic 12v 4A serial number: 0023 Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. Hi Darren69, thank you for thinking of me, but I reckon I'm going to save and save and save and go Antipodes. And I dont really eat much toast.
  11. I do use the TP link products for some basic communication data transfer (solar hot water diverter that uses internet based weather forecasting as part of it decision making algorithms ), how do they go with streaming? Mine are on the same circuit that I take my Hifi power from and I still love my music!
  12. I’ve seen a couple of Ayon CD players in the classifieds here very recently, they look very interesting to me with a tube gain stage. If only my cash and the classifieds lined up!
  13. I reckon I’ll get away with something like the Antipodes, Innuos or Wyrd 4 Sound music server in our shared living space, but I might have trouble selling what Jason has got!
  14. I was thinking about Roon, I did see the Darko video with the Wyrd 4 Sound Music Server which he was using as a server/streamer running Roon core on it. I’m not currently doing anything multi room, I’m also challenged with the best way to get Ethernet set up into an old house where there is no practical way to retro fit a wired network. Should I start a separate topic for that? Thanks all, much to consider.
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