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  1. Item: M17D - Groß DAC, 3 input model, plus M18PSU - Kraftwerk Silmic 12v 4A power supply (and original power supply) Location: NE Victoria Price: $1550 (This model was $2350 when purchased in December 2018, power supply was an extra $250, brought together as a package) Item Condition: Excellent, unmarked, 7 months old, original owner. Remote , manual and original shipping packaging included. Reason for selling: NLR, I've upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Well regarded DAC outperforms for it's price range. Well supported on stereo.net.au, plenty of reviews can be found. I've been very happy with this DAC, it has been in a revealing system and sounds wonderful. I'm only selling as I've recently purchased a 2nd hand DAC that was really an offer too good to refuse! M17D - Groß DAC serial number: 0032, Kraftwerk Silmic 12v 4A serial number: 0023 Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Hi Darren69, thank you for thinking of me, but I reckon I'm going to save and save and save and go Antipodes. And I dont really eat much toast.
  3. I do use the TP link products for some basic communication data transfer (solar hot water diverter that uses internet based weather forecasting as part of it decision making algorithms ), how do they go with streaming? Mine are on the same circuit that I take my Hifi power from and I still love my music!
  4. I’ve seen a couple of Ayon CD players in the classifieds here very recently, they look very interesting to me with a tube gain stage. If only my cash and the classifieds lined up!
  5. I reckon I’ll get away with something like the Antipodes, Innuos or Wyrd 4 Sound music server in our shared living space, but I might have trouble selling what Jason has got!
  6. I was thinking about Roon, I did see the Darko video with the Wyrd 4 Sound Music Server which he was using as a server/streamer running Roon core on it. I’m not currently doing anything multi room, I’m also challenged with the best way to get Ethernet set up into an old house where there is no practical way to retro fit a wired network. Should I start a separate topic for that? Thanks all, much to consider.
  7. I’m ripping to uncompressed flac, I’m using a Gieseler Groß dac, I’m very happy with that, it’s more about maybe addressing getting some streaming capabilities and deal with ripping with 1 device. I have thought about the Bluesound, maybe it would be okay using my dac? I have tried vinyl ripping, kudos to anyone with the time and patience for doing so, I just went back to playing it old school!
  8. Thank you davewantsmoore, might be "worse" I hadn't really considered. I think it might just be a case of "Godotwantsmore"!, I'm just drawn to the wyrd 4 sound ms for the cd ripping convenience and as a starting point to get streaming with some decent sq in one box. I can't see many comments about them here though, so I'm not sure how popular / accepted they are.
  9. I still have a lot of CD's and indeed still buy CD's (insert picture of favourite dinosaur) so I'm interested in opinions on whether I'll do much better in SQ terms than my current somewhat tedious method of using a PC and dbpoweramp to rip to HDD, which then get played back via a Cambridge Audio CXUHD to my Groß DAC etc. The alternatives look convenient, to me it would be a big $ spend to make it worth while, so products like a Wyrd 4 Sound MS, Innous, Antipodes CX plus their ripper, so that I end up with a server/streamer as well. Or, should I just suck up the tedium and stick with my current method?
  10. Well, dice rolled, we are powered up, survived that and sending a pulse to power amp so I will listen carefully with fingers crossed. Thanks for input received, much appreciated. (now I better read up on just how much you can spend on a fuse!)
  11. thanks Andy, I agree, I've done some more reading on the differences between slo blu & fast blo, my understanding is the slo blo is able to cope with the current surges on power up whereas the fast blo might not. I'm not to worried about other faults in the unit, I think I contributed to the fuse blowing when I changed its location, unplugged lots of stuff etc., I just didn't want to risk doing any damage for the sake of a $1 fuse.
  12. That is certainly the sensible way to go! I'll exercise some restraint and wait until I can get the correct fuse next week. Thank you for responding.
  13. For those that know these things, a question. I've just blown the fuse on my preamp (Macintosh C22). The specified fuse on the label at the fuse holder is : T250mAL, 250V Slo Blo. The only fuse I can lay my hands on in my small rural town this weekend is a F500mAL. Is this OK, or will I risk damage if I use this? Thanks in anticipation
  14. Best wishes to your wife for a speedy recovery. I used to do some out there hiking in the Flinders and Gammon Ranges areas where I knew a woman who used a rock for the same purpose! Any suggestions for some music that would best take my mind away or maybe I'll just go for a ride!
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