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    FS: Pair Bliesma T34A Tweeters

    Are these still available?
  2. So, would lamp life be the only downside? I could live with that as a tradeoff for the higher WAF of a concealed projector... Yep. It leads to some compromises (One wall is 70% glass doors 😐 ) But I'm confident it will work out fine. If I were buying now it'd definitely be a JVC. Will be interesting to see what happens next year... I reckon 5.1.4 would be more than good enough, but I figured seeings it's a scratch build I might as well max out the receiver if I can fit them all in 🤔 Thanks for the replies! 😎
  3. Building a new house next year and part of the plan is a 6.5 x 4.5 combined HT/Rumpus room. Ceilings will be 2.7m, plus vaulted at about 30deg. I've never had a HT before (I don't think 55" TV and 2ch audio cuts it around here) and would appreciate some guidance. The plan so far: 130" AT screen from Oz Theatre Projector in the $5-10K range (Something along the lines of X9900 or VW360. Whatever seems like a good thing in 2019) DIY in-wall/ceiling speakers all round (Atmos 7.1.6) Marantz AV8805 DIY Amps. Speaker wise, I'll be going DIY in-wall either with proven designs or roll-my-own. Nothing too crazy and probably based on "Hi-Fi" drivers rather than PA to keep the required volume down. Say, 6.5" MT for all surrounds and 6.5" MTM for LCR (Maybe step it up to WMTMW). Subwoofers TBD but will also be built in. So, some questions: 130" screen on a 4.5m wall? Bigger or smaller? Viewing distance will be around 4m. AT screen picture quality? I expect it can't be as good an a non-AT screen, but worth it for the speaker placement? I'd like to mount the projector in the rear wall. This would give a throw of around 20ft which according to "Web Projector Calculator" should be OK? (Using the VW360 and 130" as an example) Any advice is appreciated, particularly things to be considered before building. Thanks!