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  1. Thanks for the help guys I will definitely go and do some demoing. There's some Richter Dragon IV on gumtree ($1000) that caught my eye, but I'll go to a shop to try a few out first. @AI.M thanks for all the suggestions. I couldn't find your 150W Vincent SV236Mk on the tree, but its a mighty fine looking piece of kit. P.s....My wife will be pleased that she needs to buy some more rugs
  2. Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice for a good budget stereo amp and floorstanding speakers combination? I'm definitely want used equipment but that means I wont necessarily be able to try them in combination before I buy. Budget is ~2500 Room: 3.5m x 7m, wooden floors. Music: Classic rock, Metal, Reggae, Electronic. Source: Spotify (probably using Chromecast audio, unless someone recommends an amp with Spotify Connect?) Any advice or experience people have would be greatly appreciated! Cheers
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