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  1. I have recently built a HT. Few tips I may offer. My Hdmi Installed by builder could not run epson 9400. I bought ruipro later. Ducts of heating and cooling to be a little away from ceiling speakers to avoid issues with sound from speakers. How to locate cables left in ceiling and walls. I took lots of photos while in construction and showed to HT installer. I should have done this better. All the best. I went with yamaha avr .
  2. thanks everyone, bought Sony ubp x700. now the issue is my hdmi cable not compatible with 4k. Ordered for Ruipro fibre optic hdmi and waiting for arrival.
  3. Thanks betty boop. Apple 4k is good and can stread atmos. However, I may have to buy a separate Blue ray player if I want to play discs. What about the blue ray players that can stream netflix with atmos?
  4. Instead of opening a new thread using old one. Could you please recommend a device to get 4K with atmos of Netflix and amazon prime. I heard Apple TV , Xbox... blue ray player Sony x700 ...What are you using to get atmos...from Netflix. I have just got my home theatre installed. Epson 9400 and Yamaha 3070 with 4 in ceiling speakers...is setup in addition to normal speakers.
  5. Hi, Can someone recommend a HT installer in Melbourne please. Install include speakers, Proj, Speakers and calibration. thanks.
  6. Being a sliding door is a little better as it does not encroach into room where it may cause an issue in placement of front standing speakers. However, the second issue is whenever someone opens door light may straight hits the screen. The impact is lesser when the door is away from screen i guess.
  7. Did you realise your door is close to screen? Is that your preference? :I did a mistake having it close to screen. If you are going for a double door choose fixed door is pn screen side.
  8. I would suggest to have sound break insulation in the walls. Which wall you will have your screen on?
  9. What does No mean in your post please. .
  10. I am going with klipsch and yamaha 3070. Bought 280f fronts, 450c, 16rc and 115sw. Need to buy one more pair of in ceiling and surrounds.
  11. Thanks for inputs the room is a reasonable size 6m x 5m. the screen would be on 5m wall. The seats would be 4.5 to 5m from the screen. Thinking of a 140/150 screen. I painted the room in sort of dark grey including the ceiling. Recently bought the Epson 9400 proj and for the last one month we are projecting on dark wall. Happy with quality of proj and the image. Expecting to be still better when we have the real screen which I am planning to have in next couple of weeks.
  12. Is the setup recommended by Dolby still effective? I am looking for a 7.1.4 set up. Do you recommend any modifications to the recommended setup to be more effective. thanks in adv.
  13. What is the street price of epson9400? I heard $4K. I am looking to buy one.
  14. In fact, I cabled the room for 9.2.6 for future expansion just in case... My knowledge is zero in power amplifiers. The Yamaha 3070 can power up to 9. May be it is worth considering a 5 channel amp? Beyond $1k would put a pressure on my budget...
  15. I can't move door as it is too late. Decided to put the screen on window side.
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