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  1. Totally endorse this tip too. Some fine cbales right there. Just don't get him started on D'Angelo.
  2. @M.R @BlueOceanBoy has given some pretty good options. @peppy currently pairs a ZMF Eikon with his Arche and may have some insight. I’m biased but very strong on the vocals and staging to my mind.
  3. So no rabbit holes yet over A/B’ing different masterings of the same albums? And when they’re different, is the new one even better? Some songs yes some no. Occasionally none at all but new one is a higher format so better looking for sure. Fall in a heap.
  4. Hey Alex, thanks for the note - brand new forum for Indie! Was great to make it down and see more people face to face. Totally worth it to see everyone's reaction to the Echo II. Such a winner. And a massive thansk to @peppy for organising the event. Very well done again - and he has big plans for the next one!
  5. Hey @Jman456, ZMF get decent volume with most devices, even mobiles. So the Xcan will do the job but Atticus will still scale with more power. Shoot for >100mW at 300ohm for absolute best results.
  6. @Ray H great that you got a result! I’ll have to get one to try out. Sorry been on the road so a delay but i’ve done up some notes if you ever want to explore a less interventionist approach. Definitely a system matching thing and tube amps are notorious for showing up any slight grounding issue. https://indiehifi.com.au/pages/fix-tube-amp-hum-buzz-and-hiss As mentioned above the ifi grounghog+ is great and my general suggestion - as it fixes most issues and is non-interventionist.
  7. Sounds like the start of a new epoch. And that means we’re in the B.O. times (before Odyssey times)?. Very keen to see it though.
  8. Looks very interesting. Thanks Marc!
  9. Unfortunately not for Neil. I totally forgot to add it in. It's got the Lundhal upgrade. I've just put in some Sophia Electric 300B and 12AX7. Very early hours for the tubes but sounds amazing. Different presnetation from the Auris. So much commandment of my speakers too. I would sell it but Bridget won't have it as we bought it while in Japan on her first trip so lots of nostalgia. Plus she loves the sound! I'll give you here number haha. I think the only thing to do is book some flights to Brisbane @Odyssey... Book for 2 weeks from now and i'll have the full Feliks lineup too!
  10. Neil and I both agreed that the quality overall was TOTL and just that each had a different flavour. So unless my tastes in sonics matches yours then a grain of salt is needed, or a demo! Objectively, Bigger Ben is for sure more nuanced and dynamic than Mogwai SE. No surprises there. Mogwai SE is still very amazing and only by A/B tests do you know there is something more to be had above it. Yes I do lean to EL34s as I love midrange and, on headphones, a concise image which the EL's excel at. For folk and rock (bulk of my listening) on headphones I would go to the Nirv
  11. Yep gotta convert to digital for best quality from vinyl
  12. Actually i buy vinyl but have no table. I know once i do it’ll go deep. But also waiting for just a couple months more for the dedicated space. A 2 channel and headphone room that will be very fun to demo in.
  13. Oh don't get me wrong. Good source + MS + HTT2 is even better! What's his system now?
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