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  1. Price drop to $3000. Keen to move it. 🙂
  2. Further information: Really great piece of audio gear up for sale. Ethernet, MicroSD, USB, I2S, Optical, Coax in. Both SE and Balanced for headphones on the front and line-outs on the back. Amazingly clean sound and operation. Dead silent black background. Sabre DAC chips doing up to massive DSD and MQA. Roon ready endpoint. Comes with everything in original box (including original box). Remote, wifi antenna, cables. Selling as i've consolidated study HP setup into one setup in the Lounge and the centre of it is a TT Chord stack. Photos:
  3. Hey Mitch, sorry. Hope you find something though.
  4. Further information: Immaculate condition n6ii with the amazing E01 module. Now 1 of 4 modules to choose from. E01 gives an A and an AB amp mode which both sound really good. My preference the A mode. Bought only in January this year from A1 Future Shop in Sydney. Comes in original box with black leather case pictured and all other original inclusions. Photos:
  5. Price dropped again. Keen to move the sub on for next purchase.
  6. Further information: As new Bifrost 2 bought directly from Schiit in CA. I was using balanced outs which left the RCAs for a sub. Amazing quality DAC at this price. Home or work desktop (once back there). NLR as i've gone to a Hugo 2 with 2go for full streaming and potable goodness. I honestly prefer the Bifrost 2 on pure DAC capabilities. Perfect harmony and non fatiguing. Hugo 2 can be a bit fatiguing after a while. But gotta apportion budget as needed. Pretty fixed on price as it's fair value. Cheap if anything. Photos:
  7. I'd say a little warm. Not too much. Quite smooth for a portable.
  8. Further information: Great little DAC/Amp. Used this at work mostly with a desktop amp in the mix too. Nothing wrong with it's amp, i just prefer tubes. I ended up even having an ISOregen between my laptop and the Oppo and it was a killer setup. I have the original box but may not find it before sale. In the sale is the HA-2 SE, charger, charge cable. Photos:
  9. Further information: Great converter but NLR. As new but priced to sell. Comes in original box too. Photos:
  10. Further information: As new condition. Had it shipped over from States with a friend who was moving back so no local warranty. 230v native though. so no issue there. Included: - sub and power cord (no original box) - official SVS rubber feet "SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System, 4-Pack". Aftermarket add-on. - 12m SVS RCA cable. Single cable to allow proper placement of sub (could be 15m, forgot which) - front, detachable grill Photos:
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