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  1. Yep there's some loss of black paint on the heatsinks. Left side more than right. See photos. Hadn't noticed. Black marker would resolve but I'll lease as is for (hopefully now) better transparency
  2. Hmm good point. I'm not home atm but will post some close ups tomorrow night.
  3. Item: Schiit Vidar Location: Brisbane Price: $900 + postage Item Condition: Excellent (incl. orig. boxes) - paint worn off a few heat sink blades, easily solved with marker Reason for selling: Swapping out for a multi-channel amp (to take both the Freya for 2ch & UDP-205 for 5.1ch) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Paypal (ideally pick-up but can arrange postage at buyers expense) Extra Info: Bought from a chap in Perth who bought it from Schiit directly in the US. Mint condition and with original boxes. Not sure what to say, Schiit is supreme value for money - no need for me to elaborate more. Any questions just ask. Auditions no problem but restricted to weekends. Pictures::
  4. Hi, the second picture, is that showing that the cable is no seated properly in the plug? Just looks like the cable is coming out at an angle other than 90 degrees? Could be an optical illusion though. Thanks Hugo
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